Insurance Marketing | Why Your Agency Needs a Blog

Insurance Marketing | Why Your Agency Needs a Blog

Welcome to the Insurance Marketing Brain
Dump Podcast. My name is Keagan with where we help insurance
agents get found online. And here with me I have Chris Paradiso with Paradiso
Insurance and also Paradiso Presents where we are helping insurance agents
increase their digital presence online, and break through a lot of digital barriers.
– Barriers. Good morning everybody and welcome, from Dallas, Texas. – Good morning. Well,
we are ready to do a little brain dump here. We are in Dallas Texas, we’ve been
at the Germania Workshop, this is Day 3, and it’s been great. Honestly
it’s been long, and I think it’s been challenging for the insurance agents, – No
question – but it’s been really good and I think we’re already seeing the fruit
from it. – No question. We’re already seeing some actually implement some things,
which is pretty cool. You know, two full days and we asked yesterday, and
they have actually implemented a few things before they even left this two
and a half day workshop. – Yeah if you want to look at and see what they
implemented, one of the things we did for quite a while is worked on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn was a huge part but it’s amazing – How many weren’t on
LinkedIn, right? – Oh yeah, I mean from just resetting passwords, That was about the first 30 minutes but then going
forward we posted, we made videos, we talked about content. – I believe only one
person had created a video before and ever uploaded it to LinkedIn. And this is
not a knock on them. What it is is it’s really showing how open-minded they are
that they have to change. And you know, there’s a few people in here
they’re not young, and keep an open mind, and willing to change. How can
we not embrace this? – I’m always amazed you know, when I trick them into doing a
video and I’m always amazed. At first they look like ‘I’m not doing this’ but I’m always amazed of how willing
they are to get up, go hide in the closet if they need to, – Well that’s that’s your
little key. It’s like your nugget. If you’re out there and watching and you’re coming
to our our Paradiso Presents Event, I can assure you, your little niche is what
you’re gonna say ‘Hey, go hide in a corner and create a video.’ And then all these
videos pop up on LinkedIn right, and everybody’s in their little corner,
and they’re doing them. – Yeah and if you want to see those you can do
#paradisopresents19 You can also, some of them I don’t know if they
put 19, so you can look at #paradisopresents as well, but there’s
quite a bit and it’s pretty interesting to hear what they’ve learned.
It’s really encouraging to to hear them just kind of speak, speak their mind.
– Total transparency, you know? – Yeah, definitely. So why we’re here is we
want to talk a little bit about blogging. Yeah and you have had some
unique experiences. – Yes really the topic that’s most overlooked when we’re out I
think, because it’s kind of like a fax machine. You bring up a fax machine today
and people think like that’s like 20 year old technology. – Yeah I mean I will
tell you as (if we want to label myself as a millennial) I mean I am millennial but
yeah – And he acts like one. – I bring
all the positives from the millennial side. That’s what I believe. – All the positives – but
honestly, I don’t enjoy talking about blogs much. I mean I can talk about it,
but it’s not my favorite, and I think you’re exactly right. It’s kind of
like the fax machine. – I think it’s one of my favorites. I think because it
allows people to become who they are. So yesterday we had a very unique
experience, right? There’s a gentleman in our class who after we went to dinner. A
wonderful dinner by the way, in Shawville. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Shaw. Absolutely
amazing dinner, was it not last night? They brought in a chef. The chef was
unreal, the house was unreal, just great Texas hospitality, come on. So
the gentleman said to you for about ten minutes, did he
or did he not, that I am NOT writing a blog. – Yeah, I noticed in the back he
was talking to one of the Germania team members, and I could tell he seemed a
little disgruntled and so of course, myself I had to go see what was going on
and see if maybe we could help him. And he looked at me and said
‘I’m not writing a blog.’ I said okay, he goes ‘No. I’m not writing.’ I said, Okay, okay,
I mean if you’re not gonna write it, you’re not gonna write it, and he kept
talking, you know. ‘I don’t know how to do this, and I don’t know how to do that’ and
so I said, let me kind of tell you and Germania, a team member was you know
trying to help him understand, Hey you can write about this, this, and this, and he was like,
Well I don’t write. I want to pay someone else to do this. Okay great,
and one of my my biggest things was, Okay well why don’t you why don’t you
participate so you can understand what to expect from whoever you hire to do
this. The whole point why you’re here is whether you’re doing it
yourself or hiring someone else, it gives you an expectation. You understand what
you need to be doing, and then you can make the decision on if you
want to do it or not. And so leaving him I still did not have him convinced
he needed to do a blog, and then you know 5-10 minutes later as we’re talking
about it I see him typing, and he does show me something and he says (I didn’t
tell you this) he shows me something and he says, ‘This is all I’ve got. This is all
I’m doing.’ Okay, hey. Dude, I’m not pressuring you on this. – Well, we
are at Texas aren’t we? – Yeah and so then I walk out, and tell us what
happened. – Well so I asked, who was willing to read their blog so that we can
actually have constructive criticism. Let’s read, let’s talk about
the good, bad, and the ugly, right? So he raises his hand. This was not
known to me, the story that you had told me until we got in the car last
night, and we’re heading over to Shawville. And
so the gentleman reads his blog and he starts off: Our agency. A family-owned
operated agency. That was like the title didn’t hit me. He starts reading,
talks about our agency here in Texas has been open for X amount of years, it was
started by my father, my father passed away last year and let me tell you why
he started the agency… and then he gets really deep really deep you could hear a
pin drop. If he was speaking in New York City, you could hear a pin drop. The
emotion, the silence actually kicked me in the gut because
one girl off to the right says ‘Oh, boy.’ And you could sense she was
starting to cry. He talked about his father and his father’s impact, not only
on his life but on his community’s life. How he served the people of his
community, how he died loving his community. His people were his
community, and it was so passionate that he stopped at the end of it and people
literally started clapping. And it was an ‘ah-ha’ moment, and why I love blogging and
teaching blogging. He came up to me up then we went to lunch right right after
it, and he walked up to me and I usually let everybody else go so that I
can get in last so figure out seating, right? And he says to me, ‘can I can I talk
to you for a minute?’ and he says, ‘I just want to tell you that was therapeutic. So
very important part, what happened today a part of my healing process.
My dad has only been gone about four months.’ I said, ‘Trust me, I lost my mom
in December. I get it.’ and I said to him, ‘Do you not think everybody in
that room has a whole new respect for you?’ he says, ‘They do, and I think it’s
because I just literally spoke from the heart. I didn’t
write a blog. I literally took the words that rolled off my tongue.’ and he said. ‘that is a beautiful thing about blogging, why we talk about blogging, and blogging
has been around for 10 years and it’s old, but it’s still a necessity
that we have to do.’ I said, ‘If you can just be that that that passionate about
telling your story to the public.’ I don’t care how tough Texans are. It was
probably one of the most beautiful moments. I can’t even explain and it was
just so awesome to see that the audience and the other agents react to
him and literally walk up to him shake his hand after as they’re walking out,
and give him a hug. It was a moving moment. – You know whether they do
blogs after this or not, I think the exercise is really important
because it is forcing everyone to do something that they’re extremely
uncomfortable with. And after that, that’s before we do the LinkedIn
exercise which we’re creating video about ourselves and everything
else. There’s something about forcing yourself to do something that you’re
uncomfortable with and accomplishing it. And then you figure out it it’s not that
bad, you may not want to do it again but it’s not that bad and I know I could do
a lot of other things that are probably somewhat uncomfortable. And all the times
we use the excuse you know, ‘I’m a bad writer.’ Sure. Well, I think bad
writing is an excuse for being uncomfortable, right? And anybody that’s
following me on Twitter I challenge this year to be and become more. And by
doing that, this is the year of getting comfortable, being uncomfortable.
It sounds kind of like an oxymoron, right? But we have to find a way to get
comfortable being uncomfortable. Whatever you’re fearful of, or
afraid to do, do it and do it every day. After 21 days it becomes a habit. Get
comfortable being uncomfortable, and that gentleman was uncomfortable. But I can
tell you he felt and he said to me, ‘I felt like I had the weight of the world
off my shoulders after I did that.’ and he literally looked me in the eyes.
‘That was a healing moment for me. A very big part of
me moving on without my dad.’ And the gentleman was maybe 62, 63, 64, 65, in there
in the 60s range and it’s amazing on how he let it all hang out. And he was
vulnerable. Being vulnerable is one of the best ingredients you can do to
have a successful blog, right? Because people want to feel and understand who
you really are, and being vulnerable is just letting it
all hang out. – Well I think that’s a brain dump. – That is an absolute brain
dump. But before we go, can we just give a couple quick tips on blogging? – I would love to – How many words do you think Google really really wants for a blog in order
to be efficient? – Well it’s getting up there past the 500 mark. – Yeah we
recommend 700. I know it’s arguable. There’s a lot of
people out there they could be watching and listening and saying, ‘Hey maybe I’m
only doing 200, maybe I’m doing 400, maybe I’m doing 1000.’ Whatever it might
be, that’s okay. It’s always questionable when it’s
coming to Google and algorithms, but the highly recommended success we’ve had is
is you know, around that 700 800 word count, and I think the biggest thing, the
one biggest tip that that we need to express on blog and before and give you
a little brain dump here, is consistency, consistency, consistency. And what does
that mean? What does that mean? That means if you’re blogging Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday, don’t the following weeks get lazy into
a Tuesday and Thursday, or do it on Saturday. Be consistent. If you’re
blogging every Monday, keep it every Monday. Consistency is key. Last brain
dump I’m gonna give you on this episode is… – What is it?- Come on, help me out here.
What else is important to blogging? – Well I mean I’ve got some my own thoughts. One
of the things I think about is you know the generation of content. You know all
these everyone goes, ‘Oh my gosh, what am I going to write? What am I gonna write?’ And
there’s so many tools out there to know what you can write. Answer the
Public is one. Answer the Public is semi-free. It looks like they’re not
giving many free searches, but you can go to that and type in the subject
of what you’re really trying to write about. And you can see question after
question of what people are actually searching for on Google. And you know one
of the things I’m always recommending is make sure to do things and and search. Do
some research to see what people are actually searching for. What questions,
what phrases? That’s extremely helpful. – So brain dump number 3 tip. Content. Is content king? – So I guess I was in the right path – You are right. But content may not be king. That’s arguable. If you call a
king great, then visual content is queen, right? That’s debatable. Brain dump. – And and I think that you can, you know like for instance: as
Susan when we were at her house last night. She was reading her blog to us and
the whole time I was thinking, ‘Oh this needs to be a video. This has to be a
video. – Yeah because I think you wanted a video because it was very heartfelt. It
was like the gentleman who wrote his blog. I think especially with the older
generation, and I’m not saying they’re old, but the older generation, 45-50 and
up, I think they’re very transparent in the sense that they can speak from the heart.
They’re very comfortable in their skin, right? They’re not afraid of people
not liking them. That was pretty, that could have been pretty emotional
watching that, so video is is key for emotions, right? You write a blog, you can
get some emotion, but it’s not the same way, right? – Definitely. All right, well
before we end this you know I didn’t do my call to action at the first, and you
know we’re really working on call to action. – We are. – And so first off, we
want to encourage you to subscribe to this channel so that you can learn more,
and just get brainstorming tips, just get a little bit of inspiration for creating
content and digital marketing, and running your agency better honestly.
So, please subscribe. Also like this and also comment
in the section below. – Two thumbs up – tell us what you’re struggling with. Be
vulnerable for a moment. Tell us what you’re writing. Share your blogs. If you
want us to look at them, we’ll look at them, but share them with us. So that’s
a brain dump.- Brain dump. –

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  1. It is important to blog within your niche and for the blog to specifically show your brand and agency culture. The blog items then must be strategically posted to relevant sites of the niche. Posting to just your website, facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn is not enough.

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