Internet Famous Sweet Potato Pie (This recipe came from a tattoo!)

Internet Famous Sweet Potato Pie (This recipe came from a tattoo!)

Today on The Stay At Home Chef I’m showing
you how to make Internet Famous Sweet Potato Pie You see this recipe came from a photo on the
front page of Reddit where a man had had this recipe tattood on
his arm That’s right, he thought this sweet potato
pie was so good, he got a tattoo of it Now his tattoo is only a list of ingredients
so that’s where I come in. I am going to attempt to fill in the blanks
and make this into a sweet potato pie I have no idea if it will work, but it should…so
let’s try it and see what happens Now you will need an unbaked pie crust so
you’ll get that ready first Now his tattoo calls for 4 sweet potatoes,
but that doesn’t really make sense What you’ll want is some cooked mashed sweet
potato and you’ll need about 1 pound or 2 cups Or at least that’s what I’m guessing. I assume you aren’t just going to throw in
4 sweet potatoes Now the next two ingredients listed on the
tattoo are 1/2 cup of butter which I assume needs
to be softened and 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar Now my best guess is that you’d want to cream
this together using a hand mixer It makes sense to me that you’d cream the
butter with the sugar first otherwise, it would be hard to incorporate
the butter in with the mashed sweet potato and you’d probably end up with little flakes
of butter After about 90 seconds to 2 minutes of mixing
it should be nice and creamy and then we’re ready to add in our 2 cups
of mashed sweet potato and we’ll mix that in. Now next up on our tattoo is 4 eggs so we’ll
put those in It’s kind of a lot of eggs. I’m wondering about that. We’ll mix those in with our mixture here. Next up on our tattoo recipe is the spices I feel pretty solid about this, very typical
for a sweet potato pie and it does seem to be all in the right amounts
so I feel good about adding these in We have 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon of salt kind of a weird order to write your recipe
in, but it works uhh, let’s see, 1/2 teaspoon of ground nutmeg and 1/4 teaspoon of ground cloves and I’m going to mix this in before I add
in anything else so it doesn’t clump up You wouldn’t want to add in your spices with
a straight liquid like the eggs or the evaporated milk which
is next otherwise it could clump up and it wouldn’t be as easy to mix it in so I feel like that makes sense. So last it calls for 1 2/3 cup of evaporated
milk which is the standard amount in a standard size evaporated
milk can So I assume that’s right and then we will
just mix this in and see what happens Alright, I mean, it looks okay So I guess we’ll just pour this into our prepared
pie shell Should work right? So it looks like there’s a little too much
filling for a standard pie plate. Maybe this was for deep dish, but there’s
really not that much extra So I’m going to call it good, uh, just don’t
overfill your pie. Now when I bake this kind of pie, I like to
start it out in a 425 degree oven to blast it with heat for about 15 minutes And then after 15 minutes reduce the heat
to 350 degrees and then continue to cook until the filling
is set. My guess is that this is going to take somewhere
around 40 minutes. Alright, It’s time to take a look at our finished
pie I mean it looks good. The filling seems to be set This is still a little bit warm But this should be good! Let’s give it a taste. Let’s cut in and see what happens…. It cuts nicely I think. Maybe… Alright, hey, not bad! I mean, it looks good…. so I guess I’ll
just give it a try? This is definitely my first time eating a
tattoo recipe Possibly could have baked a little bit longer The flavor is actually really good! Who knew? It’s tattoo sweet potato pie It’s actually pretty good! I’d probably add another 10-15 minutes onto
the cooking time because you can see it’s not quite done in
the middle. Now to be fair, my pie is also still a little
bit warm and that may impact the texture that you’re
seeing here But I’d still recommend adding on another
10 minutes to the baking time but overall, this a pretty good recipe. Especially since it came from a tattoo on
Reddit. I mean, who gets their recipes from Reddit? Thanks for watching! You can get the full written recipe in the
video description. Be sure to subscribe, like, and follow and
check out the rest of my videos for more non-tattoo restaurant quality recipes
you can easily make at home. See you later!

48 thoughts on “Internet Famous Sweet Potato Pie (This recipe came from a tattoo!)

  1. Cool thanks a lot,love your Chanel I'm a try this for my kids love your recipes they allways come out so delicious my kids loves them

  2. Clove has no place in Southern Sweet potato pie. Not too much nutmeg or salt. I make this pie for my family year round here in North Carolina.

  3. The butter should be melted and just 2 eggs … otherwise looks good. Sweet potato pie is by memory bc everyone makes it different.

  4. I don't like a lot of spice in a sweet potato pie & I think if it said 4 sweet potatoes then it took four & they cooked to soften & mashed making it meant to be thicker. We have a store call price chopper & they made a 6 to 8in sweet potato pie that sold out to where couldn't keep in stock, got limited & finally stopped selling. This pie tasted just like butter & cream too the crust was heavenly. I haven't tasted a pie close to being as addictive as this one. It was simple & had that fresh baked sweet potato taste with cream & butter. Only ones I can say is close is mrs. Smith frozen sweet potato pie & patty labelle. But no pie could compare or out sell. I want try but with the four potatoes & sub the can milk with cream. Maybe it'll make two pies.

  5. I love this pie! It looks so delicious! I think that tatoo makes him want to eat this pie over and over again! 😁 Great video! 👍👏

  6. I always have more filling when making sweet potato or pumpkin pies. So this wasn't any different for me. I'm sure its delicious!

  7. I likes what you did here. I’ve been wondering if this pie would pop up from you.. and here it is🥳😋🥰 Thanks for sharing the Reddit tattoo recipe🍠🥧

  8. I make sweet potato pies just like my mama Carrie and the one thing you’re missing is vanilla.and a table spoon or two of flour to hold the filling together.

  9. Thank you for sharing the recipe and the finished product looked good! I commend you for making his list of ingredients work. I'mo sure if you made it again, you might end up tweaking things. I try to follow a recipe like this the first time and then, make changes next time. I'm hungry!!!!!

  10. ❤️thank you! 🥰this looks delish, my husband Lo❤️es sweet potatoes👍💕 I wanted to ask if you have an apple juice recipe that you could make a vid of?🤗 I've searched a few and they didn't appeal. Thank you for your delicious recipes and easy instructions🥰👍💕

  11. The tattoo belongs to Kai Davis to honor her mother.

  12. You did good with making a pie from tattoo ingredients lol. Never tried salt but I make sweet potatoe pie to keep my great grandmother alive in spirit. I seen someone said it's too watery which I agree but you only did what was off that tattoo. Some flour should help try lemon extract and some brown sugar if you experiment again. Also do you have any recipes on pecan pies?

  13. I think that recipe was for two non deep dish pie crust. I believe its 2 eggs to 1 pie, so 4 eggs for 2 pies. For the butter, you could melt it in a pan or let it get room temperature to mix into the pie filling.

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