Hola amigos, welcome back to my channel. If you are watching this video, you are either
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notification. I will be releasing a few more Cuba videos after
this one. A few months, I visited Cuba. So I will be sharing with you my experience
on using the Wifi card and the Data Sim Card. I will also show you how to access to both
of them step by step. So let’s dive in. First, let’s talk about wifi card. Cuba is not like many other countries of the
world which you can use free wifi in cafe, hotel or even in transportation. If you want to go online, you need to purchase
a wifi card and use it at certain spots, mostly they are parks. But where you can get the card? You might think that, it’s easy, I can get
it from a convenient store. Cuba is a very different country. You won’t find convenient store like a
7-11 which give you convenience. Telephone company might have a tiny little
shop at some big parks and they sell wifi card there. The card is either for one hour or five hours. I only bought the one hour one because it
is more flexible. It is 1cuc per card for 30days
once you start using it. 1cuc is like $1. I suggest that you to go early to avoid long
queue. They did ask for my passport there. When I was doing my research, I heard that
locals will come to you and sell the card for 2cuc. It’s more expensive but you don’t waste your time for queuing up. But I have never seen any of them. There is a shop close to my airbnb, is
a combination of a post office and a computer center. It sells the same wifi card for 1cuc. So that’s fabulous. I found some small post office and private
vendors are selling wifi card. If they do so, you can find the image of the wifi
card at the shop. But for private vendors, they might charge
you double. Now let’s take a look how to use the card. You see at the back of the card, there are 2 group of numbers. The first one is user name. And the second one is your password which you
need to scratch it out. Be gentle, don’t scratch the numbers away. This is the park at my neighborhood. Let me get a seat first and show you guys
how to use the card. Now I am on my phone. I am using a Samsung. I click setting first, then connection. I click wifi to turn it on, then select my
provider, Etecsa. Now, I am at their page. I just type in the user name and password
at the back of the card. After I type the user name and password. I can be connected right away. Let’s test if the wifi is fast enough. I am going to upload an Instagram picture. Oh yes, I do have an Instagram, also named
as the running fish. The picture is uploaded instantly. If you are done, just click the wifi button
to turn it off. If you can’t find the wifi button,
just go back to setting, click connection and click the wifi again to turn off. You can then save the card for the next time. But it won’t show you, how much time you
have used and how much time you have left Next, I’m going to talk about the data sim
card. It was only started back in December, 2018 in Cuba So it is something new. I cannot speak for the whole world. But in Asia, you can get unlimited data sim
card easily. Sometimes you can even rent the phone. So it gives a great start of the trip. So how about Cuba? I needed to set up at a proper Etecsa store
with my passport. The lady there charged me 40cuc. 30cuc was to set up the card itself. 10cuc remained as my credit. She told me I had to wait for 5-6 hours
before using my 10cuc credit to purchase the data package. But at the end, I waited for around 10 hours. So how you do know if you are ready to purchase
a package? You will receive a SMS for that. Once I got the SMS, I typed *133#. In this page, I am able to see what is available
for me to purchase. I first choose 1 for data, then 3 for package. If it is not ready, you can’t see number
3. At last, you choose the package that you like. For pricing, you can do a screen shot here. 60MB for 7cuc
1GB for 10cuc 2.5 GB for 20cuc
4GB for 30cuc They are all valid for 30 days. If you want to see how much you have used,
you can go to setting, then connection, then data usage. You might need to amend the date of your billing
cycle. So you phone can calculate the data for you
correctly. From my observation, if I go on social media
and surf the internet for one hour, I will use 0.1 GB. For recharge, it is easier. You can find it everywhere. I got two 5cuc top up card. I first scratch both of the cards. Then, follow the instruction by typing a whole
bunch of numbers. I have to do it twice because I need 10cuc. Once it is done, it means I have 10cuc available. Then I have to use it to purchase the data
package again. When you set up your sim card at the phone
company, they will give you a pin number. Don’t lose it. When you turn off and turn on your phone again, your phone will be locked.
You need the pin number to unlock it. So which one is better? The wifi card or the data sim card? If you stay in Cuba for a longer time or you will
travel the whole cuba, I just find that it is easier to obtain information with the data
sim card. However, it is more expensive because there
is 30cuc set up free. And the reception is not very good all the
time. If you go together with a partner, I think
one person has the card is enough. When I visited Cuba, it rained a lot in the
afternoon to cool down the temperature. I found that reception at the time was usually
bad, no matter wifi or data. And usually when there are many people go
online at the park, it affects the wifi connection as well. A few things I want to add regarding internet. 1.
Update all your apps before going. The airbnb app is really crap. I was not able to see new messages before updating. 2. Settle all you bank related issues before
going. My experience is that I couldn’t access to internet
banking. 3. Book your first night in advance. I couldn’t book any accommodation
within Cuba by using Airbnb or while I was in Cuba. But I could use Airbnb to book my accommodation
for Mexico while I was in Cuba. 4. Download offline map in advance. So you don’t have to waste you data while
looking for your destination. I will talk about offline map in my next episode. And I will share my expenses as well. So remember to subscribe and hit the bell
for new video notification. If you like it, please give me a thumbs up. Until next time. Bye!

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