Internet Support Group 2

Internet Support Group 2

‘sup, diggity dogs? And welcome back to the land of Dan. *sings jingle* I’m so alone. So, I woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to make a difference. To do something interactive that reaches out to todays youth and makes them feel good inside. Which makes me sound like a sex predator… Goddammit! It’s time for a new episode of… The Internet Support Group Where I look back on my lifetime of many, many horrific mistakes to help answer your teen problems. Not today. I don’t need you. *coughs* *music* Our first e-mail is from Jake, age 12, in Ohio, who writes *reads e-mail* *laughs* Oops. Susi, 16, UK asks “Dan, I’m in love with my best friend.” Here we go. *reads e-mail* Susi. Life is too short. Here we have one from Louise, aged 24, from Copenhagen. *reads e-mail* Not where I thought this would be going. *continues reading* You know what, I’ve spend a lot of time on the internet in my time and seen some pretty weird things and that is not that weird. So, you know what, I say, you do what makes you happy… in a designated area I don’t want you getting arrested walking past a nursery. *Australian accent* Christie, 17, from Sydney, Australia. Sorry that was just- uh, that was offensive. *reads e-mail* That- uhm- it looks like a vagina. I’m sorry. Well, if it’s not intentional maybe try to not include the- uhm. But, hey, you know, if it makes people think your ceramics are more symbolic keep it up! Make dick leaves! I don’t know, don’t do that. Great, this is from Stephen, 21, from Cambridge. *reads e-mail* Oh, man. Oh, dude. Uhm. Well, if she didn’t freak out then I’m sure your mum appreciates the facts of life. I mean as long as you are being safe, hey, just try to move on, I’d say. Forget about it and repress those memories deep down. Deep, deep down. Right, here is one from Sam, age 18, from Nottingham. *reads e-mail* I’m gonna be honest Sam, having a deep down need to help others isn’t the worst existential crisis I’ve encountered. But if I’ve learned anything from my law experience it’s that you should enjoy what you do. I mean medicine is a fantastic way to help others if that’s what you wanna do but just make sure that it makes you happy. *Asian accent* For to bring happiness to others, you must first bring happiness to yourself. *Zen music* Mary, 17, from France. *reads e-mail* Yeah, of course it is! Go for it! *continues reading* Oh. Günther, 55, Germany. *reads e-mail* Attached is a photo of a fat, naked guy on a computer. Thanks guys! Whichever one of you sent me that. And here is one from Aubrey, 12, USA in brackets: don’t stalk me. *reads e-mail* Okay, this sucks, but I have been there. I did not have a best friend for the first 18 years of my life. And my friends always liked other people more than they liked me and sometimes it was extremely lonely and depressing but that is just life. I say keep hold of the friendship you have with that girl cause if you’re always there for her, one day she might need you but there are always people looking for that person they can rely on so whether it’s that girl, a new friend or maybe even a boyfriend, one day you will find that companion. Helena, 18 from Brazil asks *reads e-mail* You’re coming to me for procrastination advice. That’s like asking a blind guy to pass the salt, Helena. Bit of a sensitive topic here. Okay, and Jenny, 16, from London. *reads e-mail* *music to Never gonna give you up by Rick Astley starts* Okay, I am so done. I- I- I’m done. That was a good amount. There were some good questions in there. So, quit while you’re ahead. That was fun. Thank you to all the people that kept randomly e-mailing me their problems. If you have any different advice or opinions than please, let’s have a beautiful shitstorm down in the comments. But remember, if you need help with something more serious, this is not the appropriate place for it. The most terrifying thing recently made by Dan’s followers award goes to this morph of me and Kim-Jon Un. God is sad that that exists. And the heart-crippling, emotional breakdown award goes to this drawing of me and Winnie the Pooh by Becca. *awww sounds* That literally reduced me to tears, you don’t understand. And on that note, I will see you guys next week. Iiiit’s the tasteful nebula screen. Please hit the like button if you have enjoyed this video and you can just click here if you want to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos. It’s free! But doesn’t come with a free toy. What’s that? You’re disappointed because you didn’t see me thrusting? Well, don’t worry I can show you something really naughty, I mean, something goddamn disgusting that will leave you feeling very bad about your behavior. You wanna see it? Okay, well, I warned you. Yeah. That’s right.

100 thoughts on “Internet Support Group 2

  1. “I’ve never had a best friend for the first 18 years of my life.” Aw bb. Didn’t dan. Meet Phil when he was 19.

  2. Wow if that drawing made him cry he is going to bawl his eyes out when the Christopher Robin movie comes out.

  3. Could somebody please tell me what a bukkake is bc my parents have restricted my iPad so I have no Idea what it means, thanks 🙂 😂😂

  4. i watched this video so i didn't have to take another test and on the first question burst into tears knowing im not be okay at all and need help…

  5. "where it's that boy a new friend or a boyfriend" (4:20) he said boy friend
    obviously this means phil
    because there is no other explanation

  6. my god i never realized that he looked like a genuine fetus and i still used to be attracted to him man i was emo

  7. It’s literally like 1am and almost everyone in my house is asleep and when dan got rick rolled I died laughing I need help

  8. Maybe Dan isn’t as dark as he pretends he is sense his face was glowing so bright in this video 👉😎👉

  9. internet support group 1: someone mentions mcr

    internet support group 2: someone is named Helena (mcr song)


  10. So I was reading the comments and everyone was talking about sample text??? Then I got there and I spit fucking soda out of my nose

  11. i’m 13 and already i’ve thought i had best friends… turns out they where using me or talking about me behind my back etc. i’m sure many, many of you can relate :/ be careful loves 🖤

  12. I've been doing stupid child like things and I never cared if random people online don't like it but here I am any advice on how to get over caring?

  13. Sorry but the guy who’s mum caught him piping his girlfriend said that it happened yesterday but he hasn’t spoken to her in two days

  14. 4:01 Dan I can totally relate like I've never had a best friend and I'm ten and I feel so left out all the time
    R.I.P if my friends find this

  15. 2:20

    YESTERDAY my mom walked in on me sexing my girlfriend on the living room carpet. I haven't made eye contact with her in TWO DAYS

    little mistake there, Stephen??

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