Internet Support Group 3

Internet Support Group 3

Hello, internet! Dan here. I woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to give back. And by that, I mean giving questionable advice to strangers on the internet to help me forget about my own problems. This is Internet Support Group. (music) love!!!! mum!!!! Our first email today comes from Catherine, aged 16, from Brighton. Dan something happened 1 month ago and I can’t tell my friends or parents.I’m pregnant. And it’s yours. Okay. Brenden, 15, from Kentucky writes. Hi Dan, I have this problem. I don’t know what queefing is and all my friends laugh at me. What is it? Urban Dictionary. Urban Dictionary! There is no excuse not to educate yourself on what these things mean and that is not what I am here to do. (sigh) Come on, come on, come on. Sabrina, 17, Canada. Oh, Sabrina. Thank you, Sabrina. Take it from someone who is actually very good at it, the best way to save money is to not have a life. I don’t spend anything on “going out with friends”. I don’t have a car to pay for and I don’t have any expensive hobbies like smoking. My biggest monthly expense is my internet connection. If you spend 99% of your time inside with the blinds drawn, You will be surprised at how much you can save. Maggie, aged 12 from Cornwall asks.. Yes! okay, I’m just gonna.. *whistle* It’s just a little one, it doesn’t count. Right, here is one from Ashtyn, 13 from NA- Ashtyn, you’re going through something called the “oh my god, i’m sOOOO random” phase. But don’t worry, it’s fine, in two years you will be totally over it and you will really regret everything you did. Kayleigh, 14 from Utah Well, this email was from five days ago so she’s probably dead now. Taylor, 19, California Uh ohhh. A tough situation, that actually happens to quite a lot of people, the fact is, if you don’t feel the same way about her, that is just something that she’ll have to get over. It is awkward, and it will probably give her emotional heart cramps for a very long time, but if your friendship is special, there is no reason for it to end. Nicole, 15 from the UK wants to ask.. I know that feeling Nicole. In all seriousness as someone who mainly lives on the internet, I frequently despair at the general population of humanity and sometimes it can totally ruin my day. You are not grumpy or evil for thinking this. My actual advice is to try to stay away from the people in places that make you feel like this. It’s hard, because the things that ruin your life tend to stick out, but there are lots of people and places out there for every single one of us, And we just have to try our best to ignore everything else. until we find things that make us feel relaxed and happy Zach, 18, from London. Uhhhh…… Charlotte,16,Wales *giggle* Not funny. Yeah, well, I mean that’s over. Any chance you had at a connection has been annihilated by that typo forever. So, just delete your internet to be honest Now we go to Anna, age 16 from SHE DID NOT SAY! Why are you trying to put yourself in a box? You are in no rush to decide these things and stick a label on yourself. That doesn’t need to be any introducing. You just do whatever you feel like and at some point, After some experiences, you may know. And if not, it’s 2014 who cares? Alright Steph, 13, from Norwhich Ahahaha!….. My life For real though you’re having an existential crisis. And you’re only 13. I’m still having mine now! Fiction is one of the cruellest drugs in the universe because it makes us feel like the reality that we live is just crap. But what you have to realise is while we have got is actually pretty big and as long as you know this there is no reason why you can’t do whatever you want with your existences you can live your passions, you can save lives, you could change the world so whilst me all try desperately to make the lives that we have got as good as possible lets just enjoy the escapism we get from fiction for when the real world isn’t as good as we would like it to be Joseph, 20, from Reading dah oh god, oh god I hope you found that picture on Google because… if that’s yours…. oh man you need to get that checked *Tries to erase the picture from his memory*
Thank you to everybody that sent me their problems. I hope that we all learn something good and if you have any other different advise for any of the problems that I read then tell us all down in the comments If you enjoyed this video and you feel like this is a fraction of humanity that makes you feel better then click subscribe and come join us *sighs*
Ignore the ones about STI and rabbits. It’s mostly good, I promise Right, now I am off to buy an electric fence for my window
*nervous laugh* Bye!

100 thoughts on “Internet Support Group 3

  1. I finished reading the Harry Potter books when i was 9. After that it felt like my life had no purpose and i spent all of my time thinking about how much fun going to Hogwarts would be but it's fictional and i had my 1st existential crisis :3

  2. Dan I have a problem so I like this one guy and his close friend recently informed me that the guy I like hates me but I'm pretty sure the guy that told me that likes me. What do I do.

  3. I had my first existential crisis when I was either 9 or 10 and I’m 11 now and I still question my existence…

    What a great life

  4. You know what's easier to say than you have severe clinical depression that is slowly ruining your life, but you are so self-destructive that you don't even care?

    "I have been hanging around with Diana, and she's my best friend."

  5. Hey, I had my first existential crisis when I was eleven. And that's definitely not a good thing. I'm thirteen and finally am over my depression and these videos make me laugh so yeah 😂 Don't even know what I'm trying to say but you know

  6. This was actually really helpful. Dan is such a sweet soul. I'm 13 and I'm slowly losing interest in life in general. I'm feeling constantly bored but I act happy in front of others.

  7. It’s 2014! Who cares?

    Oh, Danny. It’s 2019. I’m in Tennessee. Donald Trump is president. My parents are very religious.

    People still care. I’m a lesbian stuck in the Bible Belt save me

  8. Me and my cousin were looking up names on urban dictionary (were weird and bored) and we looked up Dan… it said "you're like the dan to my phil"…

  9. Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg omfg, this hit very different Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg… Wowowowowowowowowowowow 2:40 "this happens to a lot of people….."

  10. this brought up a repressed memory of when i mistakenly said “queef” instead of “quiff” while describing some hair in front of a lot of people

  11. bc of what dan said at 5:30 i've realised i started to have mines since i was 8 or so

    and now im 15. and guess what: i have anxiety & probably clinical depression lmfao love my life

  12. 4:41 my heart…. that's really good advice. i took it when i first saw this video and it's wild to know he was taking his own advice as well

  13. So ashton/13/NA

    So I don’t know what NA is because I don’t really care, and my brain was like
    “Yeah, North Arizona! Totally a state”

  14. “you’re having an existential crisis, and your only 13!” dan sorry to tell ya i’m 13 and i have one every other day

  15. I've never had this problem before as I never cared before but I'm starting to do stupid child like things and am feeling guilty about it what now?

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