Introducing Academy for Ads

Introducing Academy for Ads

SPEAKER: If you’re looking to
build your digital advertising skills or grow your
Google product knowledge but aren’t sure where to start,
Academy for Ads can help. Academy for Ads offers
free bite-size courses to help you understand Google’s
ad products and platforms. So you can learn for
yourself, grow your business, and achieve your
marketing goals. Whether you want to learn
about Google AdWords, brush up on your programmatic
or video knowledge, or dive into DoubleClick, you
can learn at your own pace and on any device. You can take any course
or learning path. Then, keep coming back for more. Watch videos, go through
interactive challenges, and test your skills
with short assessments. When you pass, you’ll
earn an achievement. It’s all a way to help
create better results for you, your business,
and your clients. Sign up today at
Academy for Ads.

5 thoughts on “Introducing Academy for Ads

  1. No possibility of publicly sharing your certifications is a big step backwards in terms of credibility as there's absolutely no way for clients/employers to verify your skills without the public URL from Google. Quite a shocker. Definitely downgrades the value of these certifications now.

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