Introducing Cards Skin: Instantly Upgrade Your Blog Design

Introducing Cards Skin: Instantly Upgrade Your Blog Design

– [Announcer] Today we’re excited to share a brand new way to display your posts. We call it Cards, and
it allows you to create beautiful card like blog
layouts in WordPress. Just drag the post widget into any page, choose the card skin, and start customizing all the
elements that make up the card including the avatar
image, featured imaged, badge, and more. The card’s layout has become a leading material design
trend, used by top brands like Pinterest and Dribble. Now, we are bringing cards to Elementor. Watch just how easy it
is to completely change your blog design. With Cards, you can design
exceptional blog posts, portfolio works, magazine articles, or any custom post type of your choosing. Cards is the first skin we
are introducing to Elementor, adding another layer
of design possibilities into an existing widget. In the future, we plan to add other skins, extending the designer
capabilities even further. Improve your blog design
with just a few clicks. Upgrade to pro today and start enjoying Cards in Elementor.

20 thoughts on “Introducing Cards Skin: Instantly Upgrade Your Blog Design

  1. You guys are doing an amazing job. I always told this to my friends that buying elementor pro was my best investment.

  2. I want to ask about meta date, could I change the format to human time diff such as( 2 hours ago or 12minutes ago ). It would be great if I could change the format. Btw such a great update, amazing job!

  3. It’s this widget affecting just the post grid or also can affect the post its self ( design)? It can be cool to have it , but when you click on this beautiffull designed grid , you arrive to a post with another design.
    Spanish: Debieran hacer un widget con plantillas para las entradas mismas.
    Elementor pro

  4. Ijust bought Elementor Pro. Could you make a Tutorial aour card skins, because this trailer goes sooooooooooo quick
    Thank you in advance

  5. Why can't I do this on pages? I'm having the hardest time simply trying to design a restaurant menu item card in Elementor pro and then saving it as a template.

    There is no 'content box' from which I can start adding things like a menu item, description, price, etc. The only thing that comes close is using the column as your container, but you can't save columns only sections.

    I made a few different types of columns saved each as its own section. But then when I try to add them using the template widget and try to edit each individual item I can't because it would change the whole template.

    If I try to load each menu card as a new template section I'm then able to edit each instance but now it's a pain in the but to line in up in 3 cards wide grid layout. Very frustrating, this should be easy! Thrive Architect lets you create simple content boxes.

    Somebody should design a very cool Restaurant Menu type plugin for Elementor there's plenty of people that need such functionality.

  6. Can this feature make the social intro card that linkedin has on its site(the one with the picture, profile views, and post views to the left of the screen)?

    Took me over an hour to figure out and it seemed like no one had the answer.

    1. In order to the set the image for the cards you need to go into the wordpress editor (Dashboard>All Posts > Find your post > Edit). DO NOT add the featured image with Elementor. [ ]
    2. Once you are editing your post, look to the right hand side and add your featured image to be displayed in the card [ ]
    3. Your featured image should now be displayed on the card ( )

    *After adding the featured image, sometimes that image is permanently stuck to the top of your post. Here is how to remove it*
    4. Download the plugin called "Conditionally display featured image on singular pages and posts" : ( )
    5. Once installed, go back to where you originally uploaded your featured image and on the right hand side, check the box that says "Display featured image in post lists only, hide on singular views." ( ). You must check the box for each post.
    5. Your image should be removed from the top of the page and still appear in the card.

  8. I have introduced a card feature on my blog website, I have selected "Show image" as Yes. But still it is not showing the Image on the card. What is the issue?

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