Introducing Google Gnome

Introducing Google Gnome

Ok Google Stream Stranger Things from Netflix to my TV Ok Stranger Things from Netflix playing on TV From the people that brought you Google Home comes the next evolution of the smart home. And it’s just outside your window, meet Google Gnome. Hi, how can I help? Ok Gnome, what’s the weather like outside? The weather outside is sunny and 76 degrees. He’s right. Ok Gnome turn on the hose I’m holding. Sure. Ok Gnome, can I eat this lemon tree leaf. Yes. What about this daisy? Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Ok but I could eat it? Ok Gnome add milk to my shopping list. I’m sorry that sounds like an indoor request. I keep doing that sorry. You do keep doing that. Ok Gnome, is this compost? Really we’re all compost if you think about it. Pretty much everything is made up of organic matter and will return to organic matter. So just regular trash then? Off. On. Off. On. On. Ah. Ok Gnome which way is the wind blowing? The wind is blowing three miles an hour from the southwest. Now the wind is blowing two miles an hour from the south. From the Southwest, South, Southeast. Ha ha ha that tickles. …the wind is…ha ha ha. Ok Gnome play some cool music. Playing cool music [Heavy metal music Plays] Ah, play something else. Faster. Faster. Gnome.

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