92 thoughts on “Introducing the Blogger Template Designer

  1. It's about time! This is what we've been wanting! But we also must remeber that Google gives us this service for free so we can't get to upset that it took so long.

    Either way thanks Google!

  2. no creen que fue muy tarde esto??
    yo por ejemplo me fui de Blogger a Bligoo porque uno se tenía que partir el orto editando el template a gusto personal, en fin

  3. Wow! That's the stuff I've been waiting for a lonnnnnng time!!! Good job Google! You make me come back to you every day 🙂

  4. @adhesive16 Screw the people that would like to stay in the "100 B.C." and eat potato chips, while watching TV on their sofa thinking that doing nothing is better than enjoying the experience.

  5. Merci Mister Blogger Template Designer,c'est époustouflant,que d'heures passées à ce projet.
    j'ai mis cette video sur mon blog : associationtounkaranke
    Thank you Mister Blogger Template Designer is amazing, how many hours spent on this project.
    I put this video on my blog:associationtounkaranke

  6. Ellerinize sağlık arkadaşlar .
    Birde çok önemli KATEGORİ ile ilgili çalışmalar yapılsa Süpperr olacak. 3 aydır blogdayım ve bu blog sayesinde 2000 sayısını devirdim.

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