Is Blogging Still Worth It In 2020? or Is Blogging Dead?

Is blogging still worth it always blogging? Despite, there have been so many videos and podcast flooded every day
every second on social media platforms and on youtube. Today
in this video – we’ll be talking about Does blogging really exist or not. So stay
tuned with us ! Tip No. 1. Don’t just create create text-based content traditionally,
the blogging was all about creating text-based content. But today the mobile
technology has taken the world over people users much want to watch videos
or to listen to podcast. If you are into blogging don’t just create text-based
content but also create video or audio content. And, repost that on social media
platform like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook so that you get more and more traffic to
your website. Here’s tip no. 2. Updating of your content on regular basis. If you are blogging and
your content gets ranked on Google but if you will not update your content on
regular basis you might lose your ranking. Look at Wikipedia, why they are ranked
on top always number one position because they update their content
regularly. Same as with website if you will update your content
over and over again, keep it fresh and up-to-date, you will see your rank will
remain the same. Tip no. 3 Putting content everywhere Blogging is no longer about
putting blogs on a website but that content should sit everywhere
so take the text-based or video based content and put it on LinkedIn or
Twitter you can also share the same constant on blogging site like or Quora. Some people use
Facebook some people use YouTube. People are
spread on all platforms and you should capture them from everywhere. Tip No. 4 Collect
emails and push subscribe. To make blogging still worth it, you got to continually
collect emails and push subscribe. You can add buttons of subscribe or email on
your website. If you continually get these people come to your site get them
to subscribe. It is important to build audience through emails so that you can
generate more and more traffic coming to your site. If you make those changes and
you adapt, blogging is still worth it and if you update your content on regular
basis you will notice that you are still going to get ROI from blogging. Blogging
is very essential to rank on search engine result pages that is why most of
the companies do blogging on regular basis and share content everywhere. Hope,
you find out video worth-sharing, do like it and don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel. Thank You.

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