Is Blogging Still Worth it?

Is Blogging Still Worth it?

– There are over 1.94 billion
websites on the internet. There are over a billion
blogs on the internet. That’s roughly one blog for every seven people in this world. There are over four million blog posts that are being published
each and every single day. Hi, everyone, I’m Neil Patel. And today, I’m going to
answer the question of is blogging still worth it? (upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. If you’re on YouTube, click
the alert notification. This way, whenever I go live
whether it’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, you’ll get notified. Now, the short answer
to this question is no. The long answer to the question is yes. Now, don’t just shut off this video and stop blogging if you have a blog. In the traditional sense,
blogging is not worth it, of just creating text-based
content, cranking out a ton, and expecting it to do wonders for you. Here’s what you need to do
if you want to still thrive in the blogging world
today and in the future. Number one, don’t just
focus on text-based content. Traditionally, blogs were
just text-based content and that’s what people would publish. And they would just
say, here’s my website, here’s a blog post, and that’s it. And that’s great, but you know what? Now, text-based content isn’t everything. We all use something
called a mobile phone. This mobile phone, people
are using it to watch videos, listen to podcasts. So when you’re blogging, don’t
just blog text-based content. Create video-based content. Create audio-based content. Publish that on your blog. Also publish it on other channels as well. And that’s the second thing
that I wanted to get into. Blogging is no long about just
putting content on your site. That content should sit everywhere. You may be wondering, Neil, but Google penalizes
for duplicate content. No, that’s a myth. Google does not penalize
for duplicate content. They’ve stated it publicly, so you don’t have to worry about that. So take that blog text-based
content that you have, also repost it on Facebook. Also repost it on LinkedIn. Right? You want to put it wherever you can. Heck, I would even create
a account, and repost it on Medium as well. Take your videos, put it on YouTube, put it on LinkedIn, put it on Facebook, put it on Instagram TV. Have you noticed wherever
you’re watching this video, go to any other social
network, look me up, you’ll see the same video. Why? Because I post the same
content everywhere. Some people use YouTube,
some people use Facebook. People are spread on all
these social platforms. I want to capture them everywhere. The third thing that you need to know is blogging on how it used to be, in which you just create
text-based content, you rank, you drive that
traffic to a product or service, collect leads, you do well. Blogging doesn’t work that way anymore. Blogging is very expensive. And here’s what I mean. Let’s say you get these rankings. Then Google comes around,
they release a Google update. Have you noticed that the
people that get hit the most with these updates and don’t rank as high, are the sites that aren’t
updating their content? Look at Wikipedia. Whatever you search for, I bet you they’re probably on page one. Why, because Wikipedia
is constantly updating that same article over and over again. Yes, maybe they’re not doing
it, but the community is. The same will go with your website. If you update your content
over and over again, keep it fresh, up to date
with the latest and greatest, you’re going to do better. But if you don’t, you’ll notice that your rankings will
continually slip over time. Maybe not your main page
or the parent pages, but your pages that are going
after long-tail phrases, those are the ones
that’ll continually slip if you’re not updating your
content on a regular basis. To give you idea, currently, I have three people employed full time, all they do is update my
old text-based content. If you do all of that, you’ll
also find that blogging still doesn’t produce as
big of a ROI as it did four, five, six years ago. And why is this? It’s because no matter where people are and what they’re using,
it’s harder to convert them, especially on these mobile devices. Harder to convert them off of YouTube than it is from your own domain. Harder to convert them from
Facebook than your own domain, because Facebook wants
to keep people on there so they make more ad revenue. So this is the last tip,
and this will end up making blogging worth it
for you to continually do. You got to continually collect
emails and push subscribers. So you can use tools like or Hello Bar or Mailchimp. Use whatever you want. If you continually get these people to come back to your site, get them to subscribe. That’ll give you a shot at
selling those people over time. If you don’t sell them over time, it won’t do as well for you. If you expect people to
just watch a YouTube video or a Facebook video, and
buy from you right away, it’s not going to happen. That’s why it’s very important
to build that audience through email, push when
they come to your site, and get them to keep
continually come back, so that way you can
convert them over time. If you make those changes and you adapt, blogging is still worth it. If you don’t and you just
want to focus on writing a text-based content, never
update it, write me-too content, and the same stuff that everyone
else is going to write on, you’re not going to do that well. But when you change to
that fresh new perspective, that’s when you’ll notice you’re still going to
get a ROI from blogging. If you need help with
your content marketing, generating a better ROI
and getting more traffic, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital. And if you have any questions,
leave a comment below. If you enjoy the video, share it, like it, tell other people about it,
and subscribe to the channel. Thank you very much.

85 thoughts on “Is Blogging Still Worth it?

  1. Are you getting results in your business through blogging? If you are, leave a comment below with “yes”. If you’re not, leave a comment below with “no”.

  2. The new buzzword “omnipresence marketing”. Appreciate your content Neil. Yes / No ~ I agree with what you said. There there is still a ton of value in showing up in SERPS…the game continues to evolve for sure.

  3. Love your ubersuggest. It really help me in ranking… Love you neil. Please help me know a free WordPress plugin for list schema please

  4. Blogging can always be good if it can provide what consumer wants and have as much engaging content as possible..including videos, polls and infographics etc..?

  5. To be more productive it helps also to use transcripts from your videos and
    repurpose them for blog posts, instagram descriptions, fb-posts etc.
    (got this from peng joon)

  6. I agree on everything, that's the exact definition of blogging in 2019 and everyone should watch this 🙂

  7. by your advise I am taking content from my blog and will paste around the internet.hope will not get duplicate charge , Thank You

  8. I really like Neil Patel but I think he is wrong in this case. I launched an affiliate website back in March which has blog posts, links to social profiles and woocommerce affiliate products.

    Every single sale I have received since I launched the site has came from review blog posts. I do agree with Neil though when he says getting subscribers is important and that having duplicate copy doesn't really affect Google rankings (yet).

  9. It's true about updating blog content. I believe Google takes comments into consideration, so for anyone who has a very engaged comments section on their blog, this will be factored in.

    Thank you for clarifying about duplicate content. Whilst I pretty much knew this applied to videos, and that it was okay to post the same video to multiple platforms, there seems to be conflicting information out there about posting the same text post. In the past, I've experimented with posting the full text from my blog posts to Reddit, Tumblr, and a few other sites. I wasn't sure if it would be held against me by Google. It gets confusing, and there are so many myths.

  10. Would you share a YouTube video to the other platforms or reupload it as a new video native to that platform?

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  12. But Neil, Wikipedia is a text-based website they don't have any videos, or any catchy images, infographics, Why they are still doing extremely well even no multimedia, no repurposing, no email, newsletters even they get more than 5b+ traffic + having 2 minutes average dwell time, also people sharing the content of the Wikipedia even they don't have images, videos, and other related stuff.
    Why they are doing extremely well? I know to update the content but what are better images, videos, UX or updating the content ?
    I want to know the secret

  13. Hi Neil, how can I get my blog to be seen by more people on reader? We noticed that it takes some time for them to show the articles or some don't appear at all. Looking forward to your response. Cheers Neil!

  14. Absolutely in agreement with you. Exactly why I've started creating other types of content along with blogging. Previously, we always thought of 'content writing' when we came across the word 'content'. Now. content is all types of content. Video, Audio, Text, …even Voice Apps on Google Assistant & Alexa

  15. absolutely agree with your thoughts, Neil! That's why I made a youtube channel, blog and also we are creating short videos so we can post them on tiktok and likee and Instagram so more people will know us.

  16. Hey Neil, is it really safe to copy and paste my blog posts from the website to social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Quora… my blogger friends suggested me not to do that. But I want to do that, cause it will help me in getting more exposure for my blog post. please reply to this one!

  17. Hey Neil, great video. I'm a huge fan of your content. Quick question… has Google rolled out an update today? My traffic literally dropped by 50% out of nowhere.

  18. Sir I hope you will reply
    I used ubersuggests and found some low competition keywords , I will confident but when I go more in details I found top 20-30 pages belongs to the big companies who owns 20-30 seo experts who look after their website , and mostls in every keyword you can see that , so sir can i (being individual) can beat those companies and rank my page?

  19. Hi Neil, I noticed that a year or two ago you had content upgrades on each post. I believe they were little yellow boxes where people could get a cheat sheet of the post or some other lead magnet. I also noticed you don't have them anymore. Have you stopped the content upgrade/leadmagnets aligned with the posts? And why did you do that? That question has been on my mind for a few months actually. Thanks for everything. You've been a great inspiration to get my blog going and monetizing it.

  20. Neil, the thing is, if you don't post weekly videos in social media, will your blog visitors be cut by 20 – 50% ? If yes then blogging is likely not a main driver these days ?

  21. I totally agree with you, I am starting my YouTube channel and I think your recommendations can be applied to a YouTube channel as well. Thanks Neil

  22. Hi community, can someone give me an advise, do you think if I have a YouTube channel this should have the exact same name as the facebook page?

  23. So, are you saying update older blogs with new content and don’t in any way repost them as “new”, or update the blog and then change the publish date so that it now shows up on the home page? Thanks Neil, love your vids 😀

  24. Hello Neil, I have a question, you talked about updating a content which I did about 2 weeks back. and guess what happened? my ranking on number one dropped down to 20 and from 20 to 70… the only major changes i made was rewrite my meta description, and up till now even after changing it back like u recommended in one of ur videos, my ranking didnt come back.

    Do you think changing a meta description can have that much negative impact on rankings?

  25. Hi Neil,
    I Have a tech blog which is around 5 months old and I'm getting around 100 views per day. Is this low or not bad? And I have 32 blog posts.

  26. hey Neil,
    thanks for sharing an amazing video with us.
    there is some hype in writers, one said an article must be in 1.8k words so others said at least 2k words. which one is correct and why?

  27. Hi Neil, I totally agree with you. I think the idea of engagement remains the same, but strategies evolve over time.

  28. Right from Ancient books to Digital text based content, it's still working. If the content is new and useful, there is a space for you.

  29. Where does it state that google is not penalising site for multiple content? Genuine qns. Tks in advance for answering!

  30. Blogging is dead
    Kidding- this year 70% of my income was from blogging but Neil is right it's really important to at the very least make sure you're building a list and if possible throw short email sub only podcasts on anchor or free YouTube video content

  31. I returned back here after your teaching in SEO and to be honest it worked for me and I am very happy bcoz a person appreciated for my work thanks a lot Neil.

  32. Another awesome video — thank you! Quick question: would it be viable to launch a blog focused on Elton John’s life & music in the 1970s? (I interviewed 100 musicians and friends of his for a 228,000-word definitive biography, which I can easily turn into a series of in-depth blog posts.) Then monetize through Amazon sales of albums/books/shirts/posters/etc., and give away a 15,000-word ebook Elton discography to build an email list, and sell my full Elton book on the site too? Or am I dreaming/40 years too late? THANK YOU, NEIL!!! ?

  33. Correcly stated Neil..was wondering since last many days about how to improve my blogs and came across this video..
    Thanks for the perspective.

  34. Hay Neil, I am really a big fan of your videos thank you very much. Those are informative and helpful. At some point, I feel motivated too. I am a struggling blogger myself. If it is possible could you make niche blogging related video. Thank you again.

  35. I've been creating a lot of video content but I am always confused on how to properly repost it on my blog. Say, a youtube video on best books for teenagers. Should I put the entire transcript on my blog or just a few words intro and the video? Entire transcript gets tough sometimes as I don't have the resources to caption all my videos but looking forward to your suggestions on this, Neil.

  36. Is this advice for someone who has multiple assistants or for one person. If it's just me creating the content then I would have to manage all those different platforms right? Would this still be a good idea for me?

  37. Hey Neil
    I really love your content and see you as a mentor. So I’ll like to know if you only had $300 about 30 hours per week to invest,no marketing or blogging experience what would you do/ invest in (now in 2019) to make money?
    Thx in advance for your answer and awesome contents.??

  38. hey Neil,
    i couldn't agree more.. your right.. i speak for myself and alot of people, creating video content can be very uncomfortable but its that uncomfort that will produce growth, so for me im personally going to start creating video content and working with videographers because i want to produce good content for my customers and address different paint points while providing value and entertainment.. yes i enjoy writing but i think video and audio adds more of a personable element which creates a brand.. the more your seen as a brand the more trust you have .. thanks Neil.

    blogging definately does work.. there many bloggers today making great money who do text based only content.. but my niche is music and style, and its best i add more visual content..

  39. Blogging is still a great platform. Definitely very competitive and I believe more people should get into podcasting. However when people think something is dead, that could sometimes be a great opportunity to re-enter and grow your audience

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