Is There An Actual FORTNITE Battle Royale DATING Website?

Is There An Actual FORTNITE Battle Royale DATING Website?

Okay, I got a little bit of a thing to show you guys I was mulling over last night What kind of video to do today and I was thinking okay Well, what sort of game would have a dating simulator or a dating aspect attached to it? But you wouldn’t expect right? you know these games like World of Warcraft you find love through that games like runescape you find love through that games like fortnight Hold up a second here. I realized that there are websites out there for very hyper specific dating such as FarmersOnly, right Okay, it makes sense, you know farmers pretty lonely. You got free dating websites Okay, a little more specific, right, but you know it if it’s Trump dating websites Follows the theme and so I thought there would have been a dating game at least based off a fortnight and through my research I actually found something that was kind of toyed around with not as a game But as a legit thing, I’m building a dating site for fans of fortnight thoughts Hey all I love this community and fortnight Battle Royale is a game changer for the world. Okay? Okay, not wrong. You know YouTube has been absolutely blasted with fortnight videos. We don’t have for today in the title Don’t upload it the video. It’s not gonna do that. Well based on the interested for both what? Based on the interest for Battle Royale from both girls and guys it got me thinking about meeting new people Over the common interest of for tonight specifically, okay? Okay not wrong not wrong There is actually legitimately a discord set up for this I’m not gonna link to them because I I don’t know the validity of it, okay? I have not gone to a discord to find a lovely fortnight female but rest assured that are out there. Oh Boy, I’m currently building a dating site for fortnight fans And if there’s enough interest, I’ll push it live. You can stay up to date with the progress here. Let me see How’s your progress going progress is going great I was thought like google his web site might not be safe to to visit probably got like 20 different viruses. I’m sorry Okay, I don’t know but maybe you can find your your fortnight females where your fortnight male it doesn’t work as well Okay. Okay your moisty man. So if you’re alone we Lodge God fortnight dating will help you find a moisty much Jesus Christ or a shifty shaft God try not to cringe challenge Holy hell is No, don’t don’t ever do that. It’s illegal now. I thought this was just isolated to this one reddit post this one random idea No, there are actual websites cropping up for fortnight dating now hear me out here. Okay? I realized that a lot of multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, right? We mentioned that earlier you are playing a game with a bunch of people But it’s not a shooter are they’re calling duty websites out there for it to hold up a second Oh dear. God, what the hell the Oh, what kind of viruses if I oh my good god. Oh I like the Call of Duty dating. The only thing you find is that dude dating the Mexican weather lady and then a website for call of duty dating which takes you to an ad for that Wasn’t dating that was the end part of dating. That was the good part the That the good good part. Holy hell either way. That’s what I was kind of talking about is like there are not websites for shooters For dating right massive multiplayer online stuff. Yes, but a game where you randomly meet up with one person To shoot and then the game ends. I don’t know if that demographic is out there because let’s be real fortnight You’re known for being a child’s game K. Don’t get me wrong I play a lot of fort and I myself I’m not very good. I’m not bad either Hey I’m not gonna tell you what I do and what I don’t do but the point is the whole Stigma run the game is it is a younger person game so why would there be a dating website for a game primarily known for people between the ages of 8 and like 15 come on cut. What what’s now the good way to go about it isn’t to find dates through fortnight It’s to get dates Through it Wait teens are using fortnight to ask out prom dates. Okay, a little more a little more Realistic approach to the whole thing. All right God thanks to Ford a the popular video game. That’s part hungry part minecraft That’s actually pretty accurate and part hunger games. Yeah. Yeah, I could see it many teens have found a new way to craft their Promposals, let’s be real here in Canada. We don’t even have a prom it’s called grad. It’s just dance. It’s a banquet Nobody goes to the dance cuz you have a square literally the size of my waist. Look at this This is what you’re allowed to dance on. This is it this is all you have Damn, don’t we all just do fires in other people’s houses and just go drink cuz drinking age is like 18 here But either way, okay not advocating for drinking. The thing that I’m talking about is promposals. We don’t do that here You just literally ask somebody. Hey you want to go to grad? There you go. If you have a girlfriend easy. Hey, we going together. What do you dumb? Of course we are. Okay good There we go. It’s done brawn puzzles I have never heard of until I went to the Internet on Twitter and it was like hey, yeah Americans don’t promposals That is a purely American thing. Very strange very weird. So my man here asked out his prom dates with-with-with fortnight with what don’t my guy This is before the hole which we caught the hope the playground. That’s what I’m thinking of the playground mode He did this in survival my dude. Okay that that’s dedication I I would date that I would he’ll a date that take me to prom good sir. Maybe it’s just not for me Okay, maybe it’s not targeted to worth me. That’s all good. You know everybody’s got their own strokes Totally fine makes a lot of sense and I don’t know if it’s a meme at this point But it’s just so many people doing prom in fortnight. It’s crazy. Absolutely crazy But again, maybe it’s just not for me, you know, people are probably doing this in Minecraft People are probably doing this in terraria. People were probably doing this in like Spider-man I don’t know about that one. Hopefully I don’t miss my shot But will you spend the fortnight? What with me at prom? Oh Okay. Okay, I get it. I get it. I get it. That’s a little more clever. Jesus cry Al if you were my date for the night prom a little Try try it again, I feel old because I’m actually appreciating the door that’s either way Yeah, a little a little clunky, but you know what? It looks like. She said yes, you’re in the clear my man go to a boy, Steve So stupid but yeah anyways this is just a dumb little write off video I just wanted to explore the world see if I could find a fortnight dating simulator if you happen to find a game about Fortnight dating because the world absolutely needs this Absolutely needs it then Let me know in the comments down below, but go take it easy to go on Jade a girl wax Hit the subscribe button hit the bell hit the like do what you got to do. I am NOT your dad Okay. I saw your comments. I say Instagram posts I’m not your dad, but go take it easy. Go in Judaea girl axe is probably a video here a subscribe button here I don’t it’s it’s somewhere around here ish. Oh take it easy. Go enjoy a tag relax, and I’ll see tuned everyone of you Later, take it easy guys gals later. I hope I didn’t have that stupid piece of hair there I don’t know add that bothered me. Later

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  1. I am just a lowly Default Skin, in need of a Johnathan Wick. He must have at least 100+ wins in solo and be a good teammate. If you know anyone like this, PLEASE do not send me any information. Thank you for your cooperation, have a nice day.

  2. โคโคโคโค๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‚ ungg fortnite is just taking over

  3. If you're that lonely then stop playing fortnite, get some balls and ask someone out in real life ๐Ÿ˜– go to conventions or something

  4. I don't know about other schools but I went to homecoming (similar to prom) and it was teens grinding on each other, acting drunk because a rumor spread that someone spiked the punch, and then someone pulled a fire alarm as a prank. Never went to another dance again.

  5. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve ever cringed so hard like I did at the shifty shaft joke, but besides that, great vid hoods! Good to see you well and back in action ๐Ÿ˜‡

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