Is Tumblr Dead?

Is Tumblr Dead?

Hi there folks! Welcome to a pretty short video about
where Aye for Scotland all began – Tumblr So, tumblr’s been pretty good to me,
and essentially sparked me creating my own website, and having this YouTube channel
and all the other platforms I’m on. And a serious amount of time and effort’s gone into
writing, editing, and creating content since the beginning,
five years ago. So it’s safe to say that I’ve learned
quite a lot from tumblr. Tumblr’s the website where I have
the largest following And I’ve even managed to go
quote-unquote “viral” a few times, which is nice. I’ve even made a few friends,
which should warm your heart. It’s an ongoing joke in the tumblr community
that whenever something is deliberately changed by the staff,
it somewhat ruins the entire website, and the same sort of goes for today. Tumblr announced a change to policy –
I think it was yesterday actually – that’ll probably change
the course of the site forever. They’re banning all adult content from their website. And looking further into the policy,
they describe adult content as: Content primarily including photos, videos or GIFs
that show real life human genitals or “female-presenting” nipples? And any content
including photos, videos, GIFs and illustrations that depicts sex acts. Funnily enough, this doesn’t actually concern
a blog on Scottish independence. If I’m showing the horrors of a female-presenting nipple,
then I’m probably doing something wrong. However, for some reason they’ve decided to particularly shit on the entire community, and while there’s definitely sides of tumblr
that need to be addressed and even shut down, they’re using this sort of corporal punishment tactic
and it’s going to impact the rest of the site. I mean the fact that they’ve included illustrations being banned is really, really dumb. There is an unquantifiable amount of real life pornography online and illustrations are probably not going to doom us all. Now, could it be that this is more sinister
than it actually first appears? I’m going to get my tinfoil hat out for this one. So one of my top posts – Which got weirdly viral
after Americans assumed that British uniforms, the “No Deal” in the headline,
and the British newspaper it was written in was supposedly about America
rather than about Brexit – This got flagged as explicit content and my first thought was
“Oh, it might just be because of the guns” but I couldn’t find anything in their policy about it. It seems that their “adult content policy”
is only about sexual stuff, rather than about weaponry. So I suppose the question has to be asked: Is tumblr really trying to prevent explicit adult content on their site? I mean I don’t see any demon
“female presenting nipples” in this image. Although that might just be me. Or are they actually going to be using this
as an excuse to censor any content that they don’t like? Because I can’t think of any better way
to completely kill your social media platform. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see. But it would be a real shame if a blog was censored
because they can’t moderate their own website properly. What’s your thoughts? Is people’s exodus from tumblr justified,
or is it just hysteria? Fire a comment below,
and if you liked the video give me a thumbs up and a subscribe,
and I hope you have a great day. See you later, folks.

4 thoughts on “Is Tumblr Dead?

  1. Anything that gets flagged, I think a number of times, is marked as explicit without any moderation. I've seen extremely random posts marked already despite not having the slightest connection to 'Adult Content' I've definately seen posts that are completely child friendly such as literal pictures of buildings get marked. They might get around to fixing this but the staff's lack of hesitancy to remove years of content in an instant leaves me to believe we should abandon the site.

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