Is WordPress or Blogger better for SEO?

Is WordPress or Blogger better for SEO?

Today’s question comes
from vicki2810. Vicki asks, I’ve used Blogger
for three years, but now everyone tells me that WordPress
is superior for SEO. After scouring many sites, I’ve
been unable to find the SEO advantages to
using Blogger– are there any? Great question– comparing and contrasting. I work for a company that
provides Blogger. On my personal blog,
I use WordPress. So I can see the advantages
on both sides. On one hand, Blogger is very
simple to get started. It’s very easy, and
it’s in the cloud. You don’t need to download and
install any software yourself. And for better or for worse,
if you install software yourself, you’re usually not
patching it, so it’s easier to get hacked. So if you just want to do casual
blogging, if you’re just starting out, Blogger
is fantastic. WordPress has a lot
of flexibility. You can customize everything. In particular, you can say– I want my post to be having this
specific URL, and you can choose those words. At least back in the day with
Blogger, when you wrote your post, whatever you wrote would
determine what the URL would be, and you didn’t have the
ability to individually control that. So they both have
pros and cons. Both can work very well in
terms of ranking well for search engines. If you get good links and if you
have great content, it’s absolutely the case that you can
rank well on both Blogger and on WordPress. Blogger is probably a little
simpler to start out, and it’s good in the fact that, since
it’s in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about
getting hacked. WordPress is maybe a little more
effort, because you can configure it yourself. But ultimately, it gives you
more flexibility and maybe a little bit more power. So there’s a lot of good
pros and cons. Whichever one you feel most
comfortable with, I would give it a try. And if one has a better user
experience, or you just feel like one meshes with the way
that you like to write a little bit better, that’s the
one that I’d go with. And then eventually over
time, you can always– I think both have ways
where you can import and export your posts. So it’s not like you’re
necessarily locked in forever. But definitely try them both
out, because both can work very well in terms of SEO.

100 thoughts on “Is WordPress or Blogger better for SEO?

  1. Yes, WordPress makes it easier to configure your site the way you want it and I love that….but Google limits everything on Blogger. Thanks AJ for this piece

  2. You are really limited on both blogger and wp[dot]com. WP[dot]com you can't use any of the WP plugins available in WP[dot]org, and to monetize any portion of the site is against terms. Blogger, if memory serves me correctly, lets you access the html of the homepage (which allows you to do title, metas, OG, etc), but past that, besides CSS template, you're extremely limited. Not actually sure if there's anything else you can change besides the custom domain.

  3. Blogger is easier to use unless you want to customize your blog – then you need at least a basic understanding of how to use HTML or CSS to make your blog unique. WordPress is more complicated but tutorials are everywhere so it's not hard to learn, it just takes time.

  4. The correct answer is: the one you have more control over. I don't understand all this fuss about WP, anything what gives 100% control over the HT TP content output(everything what is after HT TP header, the HTML,CSS, etc.) and ability to control at least most HT TP response headers is the best. Nowadays, people do that through languages like PHP, Perl, ASP. Anything what is written on those languages has the potential. Now, can we stop this WP advertising?

  5. Hi Matt, Could you please sort out youtube safety issue? We are unable to turned off safety mode, while there is no such post in google help forum to sort out this problem.

  6. My advice: Don't bother start using Blogger at all. You'll probably look for a bigger experience later and go WordPress. Especially if you already been start thinking about SEO and so on!

  7. Wow, this vid didn't answer the question about SEO at all.

    The simple answer is WordPress (not, because you can control it.

  8. If the WordPress blog in the subfolder gets hacked then the main site on the root domain and the blog in the sub folder both get adversely affected and lose the search presence.

    But, if you have the blog on a sub domain which is not hosted on your server as in case of Blogger then both the entities remain separate and even if the blog gets hacked then atleast the main site continues to do well on the search engines.

  9. There is little to 0 SEO "advantage", and he seems to allude to this by saying that it is instead dependent upon your CONTENT and LINKS.

  10. Round and round, question not answered. WordPress can be configured to be better for SEO, Blogger can't. WordPress wins..

  11. Translation: I love my job at Google so I will pretend this is actually a good question and that Blogger is competitive even though we all know it's not even remotely close

  12. I really started to wonder why I'm still subscribing this channel. Did I watched this video because I did not have anything else to do? Is this what you expect from Matt ?

  13. WordPress is horrible and slow, don't know why Google likes it so much. Horrible page speed too. Custom sites are simply the best.

  14. WordPress is the king of blogging platforms you must try it to its full extent then only you people know how powerful it is.

  15. Matt is a big idiot. His videos and blog posts never help bloggers and never provide any concrete info… He is a Google employee and he don't even know that Blogger provides the facility of having custom links since last many months.

  16. I have used both Blogger and WordPress. Blogger is free. WordPress is crap unless you pay for upgrade.

  17. He basically said WordPress without saying WordPress. There are so many SEO and marketing plugins for wordpress that it's obviously superior. You can set up things like a facebook fan 'like gate'. So you can offer content only if someone likes your facebook page etc. I personally use Drupal which has even greater flexibility than wordpress, just not as much support and is even harder to use.

  18. I believe you mean wordpress(dot)com not the self-hosted one.which is wordpress(dot)org. There's a HUGE difference between those two with it comes to capabilities. try self-hosted. it will cost you a bit but its all worth it.

  19. A 2:12 minute video, where the answer to "Is WordPress or Blogger better for SEO?" is found at the final 8 seconds or so. LOL. The rest of the talk is just WP vs SEO. Not highlight the difference between vs

  20. Fair comment but if in for the long haul, and particularly if a business, got to be self-hosted WordPress.

  21. Yes it is true that wordpress is much superior SEO, in todays world you ll see almost 75% of the webmaster are using a wordpress as their blogging or site making tools, if you are using Blogger switch to the wordpress right today, it is no har task.. to learn about wordpress tips visit
    hope this will help you all the best

  22. hmmm… Matt Cutts answer could be WordPress straight forward if he could not be a Google Person 🙂

    Follow all SEO updates at BloggerEmpire Com

  23. I guess Matts is talking about WordPress [com] and not self hosted WordPress [org], in that case Blogger rocks!

  24. WordPress is not only a good platform for a Blog, also you can create virtually, any online business model. WordPress solved by default the 50% (or more) of the problems most common of SEO. I work in SEO, a long time ago. And yes, I love WordPress LOL! @DigitalAnalyst_

  25. "Both" isn't an answer. I think we have to ask, statistically, how many websites with blogger and wordpress are on the SERP?

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  27. 550+ videos, many, many questions taken, and he has yet to reply to any of them with a decent answer.

    Here's a question- Who is the biggest waste of time for asking a question to on the web?

    Please make a video about that….

  28. I think this is good enough answer…
    It's pretty obvious that Matt could not say WordPress is absolutely better or Blogger is absolutely better, because it will fall into prejudice and else. So I think he had made clever answer that "both are good in term of SEO" and next is only you that should get yourself focus in term of contents and links, that's it, that your job to care about — clear enough.

  29. I was frustrated..
    (about ready to die actually LOL)
    chasing the "marketing method of the month"..
    Today's children might be looking at "holograms" of marketing messages from beams blasting out of their smart phones..
    While the methods of marketing and making money change..
    The principles are the same..
    Learn how to "reap the profits" of using "secret stealth" marketing methods..
    Combined with with timeless marketing wisdom that "inspires buyers to take action"..

  30. No ambitious blogger should use The main reason I believe it is inferior to WordPress for SEO is because other webmasters don't take them as seriously. I'm not interested in linking to and from Blogger blogs, and I know that many other bloggers feel the same. Also Google control your blog and they can if they wish remove you or start charging you in the future.

  31. Have to agree, WordPress is awesome. Far superior to blogger, but it does come down to what the user is capable of doing and understanding, which is where you trade off features for simplicity with Blogger.

  32. If you want to create a great website, I think WordPress can give to you much more power.
    Ok, Blooger can't be hacked, but WordPress is way too powerful.
    This is my opinion.

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  34. I believe he sidestepped the question like a professional except that he did mention you have more control over links with WP. Being with Google he surely could not cut Blogger to pieces and not expect the wrath of those in the big office now could he?

  35. I agree that this was not an answer at all…

    I think blogger is good for a hobby blog or fun. Self hosted WordPress is for serious websites and is no doubt got great features and plugins that make SEO easy. Every top website I know has a self hosted WordPress site.

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  37. for booth I recomend using Eaglestats online visitors analytics for example, to keep in touch in real-time with ur SEO work, BTW other analytics system INCLUDING Google Analytics are not really real-time!

  38. I work as a web developer and I recorded a bunch of video tutorials for wordpress. It really is the best wordpress package ever created. visit my channel and watch the video I posted..

  39. If he said wordpress he would be fired since Google owns Blogger.

    Do you like your employer or not??


  40. How to check and avoid plagiarism? Plagiarism Software is a free online plagerism checker for checking articles, essays and website content.

  41. blogspot domains carry a high domain authority which plays a role in se ranking so you will get a higher ranking if your site is hosted on blogger.

  42. It all goes down to what you do to better your SEO. Regardless if you're at blogger or WP, if your SEO efforts are crappy then it won't really make any difference. I have to say though… I've been a WordPress user for the longest of time.

  43. And yet I never see many blogger blogs ranking highly when I search for something, unless it is a Google or You Tube blog.

    Actually , I rarely see them in the search results at all.

  44. well duh because seos don't use them since if their site was to become successful they wouldn't actually own it or have much control thus making it almost worthless. That's why most sites hosted on blogspot are personal/spam related types. If you did a case study it will be a little bit easier to rank a blogger blog than say a fresh domain.

  45. Look dude, There is absolutely NO FACTUAL evidence that Google favors blogspot subdomains over any other. People have been passing around this bad information for years and it is simply NOT TRUE no matter how many excuses you come up with to try and support it.

  46. Did you even watch the video? Nothing you just said is supported by Google. You basically just made that up because that's what you want to believe.

  47. yeah whatever you win, I don't use blogspot anyways so its not my problem I don't see why anyone would want to either

  48. I @Saurabh Singh Chauhan used WordPress and the site was hacked a year ago. I still use WordPress, but with caution.

  49. There is a difference between, a blog web hosting service provider and, open source self hosted software. The .org software provides a ton of versatility but the .com option is a lot like Blogger.  For blog web hosting, I think Blogger is better than the option. Plus, Google owns Blooger so why would they not like to see you use it?

  50. This is an informative video but something was left out: WordPress also has a self-hosting version which, like Blogger, is in the cloud and FREE for anyone to use. The video  is informative and helpful but a little misleading as it does not mention about the self-hosting WordPress version.

  51. my most prominent question to Google Webmaster team is… WHEN BLOGGER IS GOING TO UPDATE … its template editing, post editing, its widgets… I think it should be updated to something new with fresh technology like Google is updating its other platforms including recent updates in Gmail, Gapps, and also Google console. …

  52. this was like asking a mcdonalds employee what the best fast food hamburger is and they tell you about how good the big mac is but when they are hungry they eat a whopper

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