64 thoughts on “Italian newspaper: ISIS targeting Pope Francis

  1. In fact I want ISIS to try something like that (though I hope nothing happens to the pope as pope Francis is an awesome guy) just so they piss off every other country and get bombed from all directions. Enough of these terror groups!

  2. Apparently the Vatican doesn't control ISSI, 
    thus the Vatican sees it as a threat to its political power. 
    That's why the Vatican is telling Obama to go after ISIS

  3. best thing ive herd in a long time.
    ill now praise the lord cause he really works in mysterious ways.
    the pope is a loser i beat him in poker last week and he cried like a bitch.

  4. isn't the pope gods man?? if so why don't God take a stand and reveal himself to this idol worshiper , I mean dosent he have a direct line to the holy one so he dosent have to run hide in fear  I thought the  Catholic's proclaim this man as God on earth cant he wipe away this threat with the power of his word?? just go's to prove my point the catholics don't follow God they follow tradition you break God laws by saying homosexuality isn't a sin you lie to your children by telling them a priest can forgive sins and your greatest accomplishment is self deception and being a people pleaser not a God pleaser.  

  5. ISIS is all talk blah blah blah do it or shut the f*** up everybody everyday day is saying there going to blow up this and blow up that the boogieman is coming omg nothing big since 2001 LOL im going to play playstation now be back on if something goes down

  6. Western governments how to create the Frankensteins called Isisl
    Western governments needs to take responsibility and ultimately wipe them out!!!, corporations fuels this… take it out of the pockets of the elites!!!

  7. One crazy kills another crazy…. They both talk to invisible, all powerful entity …. That only they can hear….. And by the way: Isis method of terror is the same as the Catholic Church used in Europe and South America, conversion by force.

  8. I Astamrtm our country 100 years and now Taathmunna terrorists you kill Cherdtm our parents and grandparents and you killed our children Btaúratkm will take revenge from you and Astamarkm for our country if anyone American colonized the country and killed his children and Hrdo What will you shut up and cooperate with the killers of his children ye occupiers killers of hatred and killing a child of you or a journalist or soldiers terrorists This response to the killing Arhapeixm Bush Dirty million Iraqi families and the demolition of their homes on their heads Snbedkm ye of disease did not Naticm of your country you are from Wattana and kill us and Cherdna the right of our rights that we respond Kiedkm and Nati destroy your country is not safe for you and our dead under the soil Mndhu 100 years is not taken against them for your dear terrorists

  9. Propaganda by ISRAEL , as ISRAEL created this oppression on Islam to justify the bombings on innocent people, now that ISRAEL looks bad in the worlds eyes they want to take the U.S. Reputations down with them and create hate between the two largest religion

  10. I have always hated Christianity and pretty much every religion.

    But this pope is actually a decent guy. Killing him would just bring more wrath upon ISIS. 

  11. The Vatican can save him. Its just another way to reel us into serious war. I been reading up on this pope as well and his past has some serious skeletons in it. In the end 2 false prophets come to guide us. The pope is one, obama is the other

  12. Hmm… stupid Muslims! I'm not a Catholic conspiracy theorist or anything, but they'd do well to realize that this Pope is not just a Pope, he's a Jesuit. And the first Jesuit Pope ever! One only needs to read a bit of history to know that you do not fuck around with those guys! Like it or not, for better or worse, the Jesuit order has altered the corse of world events in the past and they're probably still influential enough to do it today. 

  13. So, the Chief Klown is going to beef up the security? Might need to think about getting the guards some uniforms instead of those Bright purple and yellow striped clown suits, Bozo might be taken seriously……Then fuck her right in the pussy!

  14. Oh they would never shoot their own, but maybe a seemingly fatal wound to the head, and a miracle that he still lives…  I could see that.

  15. who is this girl in the background OBVIOUSLY NOT WORKING and then sipping on her coffee …. obviously the camera man saw the same thing and switched cameras

  16. The Italian mafia runs the Vatican,(SEE BLACK POPE) the pope tried to kick them out, It's just a matter of time before they attempt to kill him! These same low lifes help fund and control Isis, Pray for the Pope, He needs all the help he can get. Nostradamus predicted 7 metors hitting the Vatican, could this be the sign of what is to come next, reformation of the catholic church

  17. Lately in church the father has been taking more about the terrorist and I been to 3 churches and they all have talked about how it's not right and how we need to defend our selfs and our religion

  18. Pope Francis I is actually a genuine good guy. It's been a long while since we actually had someone who was really benign for a long while. And I think everyone in the whole world knows that. If ISIS was smart about it, they'd have to realize that by killing him, they'd make a true martyr.

  19. This video is the reason why I don't fear these ducking terrorists. Our western christian culture and morality has strengthen our society and no savage will do anything other than generate fear. Western civilization is beyond plain violence and ignorance, that's why we hold so much power.

  20. I can't help but ask, but Muslims, why all the hate? Seriously, you guys are supposed to be a religion of love! Why are you hating on every other religion? I myself am a Catholic and I look at religion the way Ghandi did. There is no such thing as a "bad" religion, each one has their own set of rules, morals, a place to go when the good people die and a place of punishment for when the assholes die!

    Can't we all just hug? Please, for the sake of humanity???

  21. Isis come to India we will chops your head fuckers how dare you to targeting pope? Muslims you can't do that mother fuckers

  22. it's coming to America folks are you ready? Hillary and Obama will import 10 million more Muslims into America and they know Americans will die because of this policy, to Obama it's worth the price.

  23. is n't right but they finally have the right target, this political organization is the one responsible for the Inquisition,crusades and using false identity to avoid future revenge, they used the name of Christ to kill and this way turned the world against Christ; they been lead by the same serpent of the garden, Christ came to save people, no't kill. we know who they serve by the dids.

  24. Awwww, a pedophile Pope who murders children is a target for another murderous sect. Excuse me while I notice a significant shortage of pity for a murderous pope named Francis. Francis habitually murders anyone who is honest for he has a very delicate ego. There's nothing holy about murder or rape. Francis will be remembered as evil, a demon. Literally, that's his lasting legacy and that's his choice by his continuous actions to destroy people to protect his evil acts. Pope Francis has no remorse for murdering anyone, therefore, there's no faith in hope. Faces don't bring graces, and in the pope's list of murderous actions, his face is a disgrace upon spirituality itself. That's his choice, he chose to be evil, nobody forced him to be evil. Putting on fancy robes and a fancy hat won't cleanse the blood from his deeds. Pope Francis is the personification of satan. Dude is in serious denial of reality. Since when is child molestation a holy act. It's not, that's delusional. Wonder how many children's blood has seeped into the vatican, wonder how many screams pleading for mercy echoed off the vatican walls. Psychological warfare is seeded from greed.

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