Jamerrill’s 4-Day Blogging Mastermind Retreat | Working Homeschool Mom

Jamerrill’s 4-Day Blogging Mastermind Retreat | Working Homeschool Mom

– Well good morning friends would you believe this? Jamerill alone in a car, yet again. I’m gonna sit here and
quickly put my face on. And just let you know what is going on. I have been invited to, I get invited to different little things, and I get invited to various conferences. Et cetera, et cetera. And I have to be really choosy as to what I say yes to. I’ve been to many events over the years but I have not been to
anything, I wanna say, in over a year as far as blogging and business related. I’m trying to think, even last year, maybe it’s been two years. I know I’ve been to various
blogging conferences and some of you have asked me for some conferences
that I would recommend and I’ll let you know
those here in a minute, but trying not to ramble too much. I am going to a very
small mastermind retreat for the next four days. Can you believe that? So Travis is here, he is going to be
running this house for me so I can go to this retreat. Now I always feel I have to say this ’cause I know not everyone
who watches my videos knows that I do other things online. I am a blogger, and I’m what’s called a pro blogger and that means that I
make a full time income from blogging. Now of course I have people who work for me, who I pay, and I have business expenses, and all that real life, you know, taxes, people say, oh do you have to pay taxes with money you make online? Yeah, yeah. It’s a real business. You pay taxes on everything. So just consider I have a
real XYZ business over here and it’s run just like a real business on the financial side. So along with that, I have to stay creative and I have to keep moving forward and I have to be open to new ideas and new things that the
Lord would want me to do. I know I wiped that on
my face quite a while, my glasses are off and I can’t really see what I’m doing. And if you guys notice that there’s not a lot of rattly car noises, I rented, I think it’s
Hyundai Elantra or something, but it’s a fancy vehicle to me. When I go on events that I can drive to I usually just rent a vehicle
as a business expense, or I fly. So this is actually about six hours away I contemplated flying, but you know, if you fly, even what would end up as
being a short distance, by the time you check in, check out and go with all the extra flying hassle, I could just rent a car and get there, and so this way, my friend
and I will have a car while we’re there. We can be more on our own time and not also juggle airplane hassles. And the cost of me renting a car, I ended up, I’ll have it for,
I believe, six days total between picking it up,
dropping it off and all that, me renting a car was less
than one of our plane tickets so it just gets down to basic economics. It’ll be, it’s just nice to not have to worry about
anything vehicle wise driving such a great distance. Good morning guys, I wanted to do a quick update
on what happened yesterday. My friend and I made it safely to the Asheville, North Carolina area. The house that we’re
staying at is beautiful. I will definitely give you
guys a peek at the view and some of the rooms. It’s just wonderful. And the main lady who set up this retreat found it on Airbnb. So apparently that’s a great
place to find retreat houses and vacation homes if you need one. We went to, let’s see, what was it called? Last night we went to I think it’s called Farm Burger, we went to some wonderful
grass fed beef restaurant and we talked a lot. If you get eight or nine women together on one universal topic of blogging and being successful online, we have a lot to share and chat about. The odd thing that happened, this is gonna sound so crazy, I almost updated yesterday but I just couldn’t. When we got to be about
an hour away from here, this eye actually started
to close on its own and it was so incredibly painful, I’ve never had anything like it before. People thought, when they
saw me, I had allergies or was having a reaction to something I don’t know what it was. But I know I had a lot of pain yesterday. This eye was red, hot and I just could think
of all the bad things it could’ve been. And I just really, I went
to bed early last night compared to everyone else. I just really prayed
that it would be better when I woke up this morning. I’ve done hot compresses on it and anyway, I’m up and so far it’s not hurting and it’s not red, on fire
and scratchy like it was. I’m praying that it was
just some weird fluke. So we will go through this day and we’ll see how far we
get with both eyes working. And actually before things get rolling too fast this morning, I’m going to show you, this is Jo and I’s room, this is just one of the nice, big rooms down in the basement. So here’s a picture of our room. And I have to go upstairs and actually get the wifi password, because you know that’s
important as a blogger. And I’ll give you guys a peek
of the view outside there. So priority number one,
I’ve got my coffee, and now I’m gonna show you guys this view and you know that I live in a rural area, we have lots of mountains, this is just very, very beautiful. Look out here at this. This is where we were talking last night. Down there’s the rest of the porch. And then look! Hopefully it turns out well on my camera, you can see there’s been some rain, there’s a valley down there. It’s just beautiful. And then this house goes on forever, forever, forever, forever,
there’s some beautiful stone. And it’s just very, very lovely even though I have my
wild hair, don’t care. I’m very excited to get
moving around here today. Now I’ll tiptoe and give you guys just a little house tour while most of the ladies are sleeping. Here is the beautiful kitchen. Isn’t that beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful? Beautiful. And then I think there’s like five or six or 10, who knows
how many bathrooms. There’s a laundry room, that’s always convenient when you travel. Let’s see if I can get
the light turned on. Laundry room. Yes, yes. Always nice. And in the corner, here’s a small, little living room. See if I can get a light on, yes. Small living room, another bathroom. And then there’s the bigger room where we’re gonna do all
of our meetings and chats. There’s a lot more, so I’ll show it as I can. So far friends, we have spent the morning, each blogger who is here has had about 30 minutes in the hot seat to talk about a couple
problems that they have and then we just brainstorm as a group to work through those issues and offer solutions to problems we’ve had over the years. Right now we’re breaking for lunch. Most of the ladies are inside. Here’s a quick, this is what I’m eating, my lovely salad. There’s the current view. (shooshing) We’re up quietly cleaning the kitchen before everybody else wakes up. I love this dishwasher. (dishes rattle) (cups clink) So it has been raining,
if you guys can see me, and I’m gonna try to tiptoe out here and get to a rocking chair. I’ve got this whole, look
at all this silly stuff I’m carrying. I’ve got my leftover
cheesecake from last night, a yogurt, my coffee and a bottle of water. Now I hear some snapping in the forest, I wonder if they have a bear up here. (crickets chirp) I’m not sure, it might be from the rain. Can’t see the mountains too well but we’ll probably see
a beautiful sunrise. I’m gonna mosey on over here. All my goodies on this little table. Now, way over there there’s a mountain that shows up. You should see the sunrise over there. (birds and crickets chirp) One thing that we’ve been doing is every morning everyone
makes their own breakfast and then we come together as a group and do more of a large
group salad for lunch. And then for dinner we’ve
been going out to eat every night somewhere in Asheville. Last night, boy, I don’t even remember the name of the restaurant, but it was very good. So I was gonna have this little bit of leftover cheesecake and yogurt, I think I’m just gonna
save that for later. And I got inspired to
make myself an omelet and some fruit. So here’s what breakfast
has become for me now. That’s how that view is shaping up. Right now I am working on
doing something with this hair. Little bit of personal drama right now is I’m almost out of hairspray and I thought last night after dinner I’d better run into Publix
or something and get some, but I thought maybe I
could squeeze enough out. I’m hoping that that works out for me or I’m gonna wear a hat. So what we’re gonna do this morning is in our first session is a couple of the moms, a couple of the bloggers
I should say, who are here who have some good systems set up that they wanna share, we’re gonna hear from them. That’ll probably take a few hours, then we’re gonna have our group lunch and then we’re gonna talk a lot about $10 task, $100 task, $1,000 task basically meaning where
we need to put our time, like I need to put my time
in the most valuable things and then hire out other things that are like $10 tasks and we’re gonna talk about building teams and time management, things that are just very, very relevant whenever you are trying
to run online businesses and work from home and all of that. Hopefully I’ll have more to share with you from those sessions. Okay, so I hear a lot of
women chatting upstairs. I know that means I have
to get rolling up there too and hear this first session. All of our minds are pretty tired now from that morning session, several hours of hitting
lots of topics hard and here’s lunch, we’re having Mexican for dinner, so gonna be healthy
with a salad for lunch. Nice little salad. There’s the afternoon views. So we are at this cute
little restaurant now called The Cantina, because that’s the most
important thing we do, is eat. Here’s a little quick, little quick view. See, super cute. And look, little monkeys. I think this fajitas is
what I’m gonna go with but I’m gonna try to
combine all the proteins, see how that goes. Here’s a quick look at my, we’ve got chicken, steak, shrimp and fajita stuff. I got a big old box of food
that I’m taking back later, I’ll probably eat it at midnight. Here’s a little look around where we were. We needed a few things
for the house tonight and of course I’m out of hairspray, so we’re actually in the Fresh Market, I’ve never been in one of these, it’s a cute little
store, look around here. (pleasant music) Of course I couldn’t
really grocery shop here for the family, that would not work. But for myself for a day, I can handle it. Oh that’s actually good. Two for a dollar blackberries. (pleasant music) Love these. Got some strawberries. (pleasant music) They were only $2.50. This lovely little produce section. Oh my goodness, the kids would love this, look, chocolate band aids, $3.99 how many do we get here? So eight chocolate band aids, or we have gummy flavored band aids. Because of course I have
to pick them up something since they didn’t get to come to this. We’re getting something. Oh, Nerds are always helpful. Okay I’m gonna get them
some chocolate band aids. Now the younger kids are gonna like these. So we got Gabriel, try to get different colors, Liam, Naomi, and then Amelia’s just gonna
have to have the same color. Get those for my big guys. So my friend Jo needs ginger ale I’ve gotta find her some
ginger ale in this store. (cart knocks) Hi there. Interesting ginger ale, expensive, $3.99. Priorities, yay. I have a mix of fruit
and candy for my kids and Brownie Brittle for myself. Going out the door. Of course, the joke is, of course Jamerill is going back with bags of groceries. Now we’re doing the sad
journey of loading the car with all the bags, all the goodies and gonna hit the road ’cause I think we have
about six hours or so. Shut the door. There was a garage door downstairs, we were gonna try to get that open, it just was not cooperating. At least it’s not raining,
that’s always a plus, car is super hot, though. Just realized I could get
the air conditioner on, that would be helpful. (car starts) Oh thank you little car. Air conditioning, air conditioning. Yes. I don’t know how hot it is, but it’s probably 100
degrees or so in here. Okay. Make sure the doors are unlocked. Just to show you guys where
I’ve been filming from, look at this beautiful
house, isn’t that beautiful? So beautiful, lots of stonework, views out there. Hey guys, so I made it home. I’m so glad to be back. It was a great trip. I’m tired now, I actually, I made it home about 1:00 A.M. this morning, slept a few hours, got up at 6:45 with Amelia and Daniel,
they were glad to see me and so I’m just, you know
how it is when you get back, been gone a few days, I’m tired. But the house ran well while I was gone. Of course everyone ate, and we had a lot of rain, so really they had a lot of
indoor time with their daddy making paper airplanes
and watching movies, doing Legos, just hanging out their selves the past few days. So today we return the rental car. I accidentally left my wallet
in the rental car (laughs) so we were able to go back and get it. And just real life carrying on that we had to deal with. Now it’s about 4:30, I am gonna hit the refrigerators to see this might be a time where
I use those freezer burritos to just kind of eek out a quick dinner ’cause I think I’m
gonna get a quick shower and actually get in my bed. I might actually do something real radical like watch a movie or something. And tomorrow, I believe,
we’re gonna go to the lake. So if this momma can
get a good night sleep, tomorrow is gonna be
a fully refreshed day. So I will chat with you
in those comments below. I’m so glad that you went
a little bit on my trip down to the North Carolina area with me, and I will see you next time friends with another brand new video, bye bye.

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