January 2018 Bullet Journal Setup – How to Bullet Journal – Minimalist Bullet Journal –

January 2018 Bullet Journal Setup – How to Bullet Journal –  Minimalist Bullet Journal –

hey guys it’s Tasha from one big happy
and welcome to my January 2018 bullet journal setup if you haven’t checked out
my overall 2018 collection setup video check that out I will drop a link in the
description box and in the card up above but in this video I’m gonna be focused
on my monthly spread my bullet journal it starts off with my word of the year
which is bold but we’ll go ahead and just flip straight through straight to
my January setup alright so here is my January spread so I just want to pause
for a moment and just compare it really quick to my December spread and you can
see in my December spread it took the calendar took up most of the two pages
and then I had a to-do list and that was it whereas here I made the calendar
smaller because I found that I wasn’t filling in the calendar that much and so
and I wanted more space for my goals which will coincide with my goal
workbook and then also appointments and to do’s I may in the future make the
appointments section a little bit smaller because these aren’t just for
regular meetings they’re actually for very important like doctor’s
appointments and things like that that I want to make sure that I don’t miss and
I tend not to have that many whereas I may have a whole bunch of to do’s that
I want to get done in the entire month so we’ll see how this month goes and how
I feel about it and so the proportions might change somewhat but again I have
another quote here kindness is like the snow it beautifies everything it touches
and the reason why I put this quote in here is because a couple of things have
happened recently that just reinforced in my mind the importance of being kind
it’s something that I it personally that I value and so it’s just me reminding
myself how important it is to be kind and spread kindness whenever and
wherever possible so I transferred here the dates from the future log so I have
an MLK Joseph’s mom visiting that’s all that’s going on in January and then up
here is a little doodle that I did of pine branches and I didn’t fill it in
because I wanted to show you guys the pencil version of things and I’m
actually just going to go ahead and do it
right now all you guys watching this is the point five okay so that is it for January you know
it’s just a fun little doodle to make it a little bit more interesting and fun
and you can see you don’t have to be super duper artsy to do something really
simple like this alright so let’s look at the rest of the spreads for the month
so here I have my health and fitness tracker and another awesome funny punny
quote do not fear failure but rather fear not TRIng and the reason why there
is an I there is because I have set a goal to do a triathlon this year and so
I will be doing a sprint length triathlon I haven’t found the exact one
yet because I want to do a pool swim because I am a novice swimmer and I’m
not interested in doing open water swims so I have my workouts planned for the
month where I swim twice twice a week biked twice a week run twice a week and
also I say gym but this is actually free weights weight training do a full body
weight training workout twice a week and that is my goal so that I can make sure
that I’ll be ready for a triathlon later this year now I have my habit and sleep
tracker it’s basically a vertical even though I have the words you know where
these are easier to read this way but I combined my habit and my sleep tracker
into one last year my habit tracker was underneath the calendar and then the
sleep log was its own thing but here I’ve been able to combine it and I
really like this because it’ll be I think really functional for me because I
want to track my sleep and my habits all at the same time and again I have a
sleep tracker because I do not sleep enough and I don’t sleep according to my
ideal schedule as you can see I have a really bad habit of staying up late even
though I have to wake up really early in the morning on non on work days so I’m
trying to fix that and stick to my ideal sleep schedule which is 8:00 p.m. to
4:00 a.m. and then for my habit trackers when I’m
tracking so far I want to drink half a gallon of water every day Joseph just
gave me some wine my morning pages I want to meditate write 500 words a day
get seven hours of sleep make sure that I spend is some daily couple time with
Joseph and I have some daily couple time and that we that I work out for almost
every day because I do actually have a rest day built-in every week it is
Wednesday next up is my meal plan and grocery list so here I have our
breakfast lunches dinners and snacks planned out I need to finish planning
out the rest of the month ideally I will do this all at the beginning of the
month and then have my grocery list ready so week to week I don’t have to
wonder what am I cooking any given day any given night I don’t have to
worry about what I need to get from the grocery store when the grocery store
time comes because it will already be done and then lastly here is my weekly
spread and I really I think this one is good to work really well because I have
space to do like 18 to 20 to do’s on any given day these dividers are just to
split the two dues into the to do section into two sections so that I can
make a running list for each day and so I think this will work really well last
year I had these daily pages that I really really really liked but the truth
is that I just wasn’t able to keep up with them it was a little much so you
can see here I have it I was using it as a daily planner and while visually I did
like to look at this sometimes I would forget so then there would be empty days
like this and this and this and so realistically the only thing that I did
really do were the to do’s so what I’m going to do is have a digital calendar
where I plan my day out and plot in my to do’s but in terms of just remembering
what I need to do on any given day in and especially as I’m planning out my
week it’s going to be these weeklies that is my entire a bullet journal set
up for the month of January this bullet journal should last me the entire year
with an extra 50 pages to spare for things like brainstorming and ideas and
things like that so let me know if you guys have any questions and I will see
you guys in a few days or a week or so when I do the goals section of the
bullet journal alright guys see you next time bye

15 thoughts on “January 2018 Bullet Journal Setup – How to Bullet Journal – Minimalist Bullet Journal –

  1. I love your vlogs! I'm an older subscriber trying to embrace newer technology. Can some of this be done within an app? Fit bit tracks, sleep,work outs etc. Is the goal of the bullet journal to have everything in on place? I like the goal setting, motivational quotes,etc.

  2. Girl, I'm impressed! Has anyone ever told you are doing too much? Seems like so much for one week including a full time professional job.

  3. You are awesome! Your previous bullet journal video inspired me to finally start my own. I appreciate that you made the process seem much more doable and less complex than other tutorials/videos I've seen. Keep sharing these!

  4. I honestly love all of your videos. I am young an appreciate your budgeting videos and your raw honesty about debt and how to tackle it. you guys deserve way more subs, but i am sure with how awesome you are it will come with time!

  5. Something I've been wondering about the Bullet Journal is: do you take it out with you to the shops and when you are running errands or do you write down another to-do list and shopping list in a more accessible format for when you are out and about?

  6. I love this set up. I also turned in more “concentrated “ spreads instead of wasting space and valuable paper! For example, I did my monthly log (vertical) with appointments on the first half page and tracking on the second half (Just a few, the one I want to focus more on in a specific period, until they becomes solid habits). Thank you for sharing I will implement it into my BuJo for sure!

  7. Thank you so much for this video. I was looking for ideas for my own first bullet journal and now I find them, find you. 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  8. Hi one big happy family. I just wanted to say that I have been enjoying your videos. I have been binge watching them this past week. I would like to ask if you could please do an update on your bullet journal Tasha. Thanks. Keep the great content coming the whole channel is full of videos I love to watch!

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