Japanese Anime You Won’t Believe Exists (GAME)

Japanese Anime You Won’t Believe Exists (GAME)

– There’s weird. And then there’s anime. – Let’s talk about that. (cheerful music) (explosion) Good Mythical Morning. – As you know I’ve always
wanted to visit Japan and my interest in visiting
Japan has increased tenfold while researching this episode. Because I have learned that with Japanese anime anything goes. You want to put wings on a guinea pig? – Well yeah.
(audience laughs) – You want that flying guinea pig to talk? – Well if it can fly, it should be able to ask for directions. So yes. – You want that flying
guinea pig who can talk to be the CEO of a independent
space flight company that is seeking to colonize the moon? – Is this Japanese anime? – Ha! That is the premise of this game. You’re goin’ have to find out. Not that one but other ones. It’s time to play, Watch Me Guess, Watch Me Anime-me. – (laughs) That’s the new one, the Anime-me. – Yeah. – All right, true or false, 50% chance of me being wrong every time. – I’m going to describe an anime to you and it’s either anime or ani-made up. And then, if it’s real we’ll
show you a little piece of it. – Okay.
– So you gotta get four right and Link you win an
anime-themed body pillow. Sittin’ right over there, I
don’t wanna show it to you yet. Don’t look!
– I can’t see it. – It’s so special.
(audience laughs) – I’m in need of a new
special body pillow. – You get four right and that
anime body pillow is yours. – Okay
– If you don’t it’s mine. Anime or animade up? This series follow Dandy, a fashionable alien hunter
who surfs the space waves for rare and undiscovered aliens. In one episode, he travels
to the Planet Grease and engages in a dance off with the alien king of
greased lighting himself: Ton Jravolta. – Ton Jravolta? – Ton Jravolta.
– Jravolta. (audience laughs)
– Anime or animade up? – Boy that’s, that’s catchy. It references um, Grease.
– Yeah. (audience laughs) – So I have insight into this. And therefore it’s fake. I mean have you seen
Grease? (Rhett laughs) It need not be animade. – Link–
– I’m sorry, fans. – You’re wrong.
– Ooh. – It’s real, it’s called Space Dandy. Here’s Space Dandy and
Ton Jravolta in action. – Really? ♫ Dancing, we’re dancing. ♫ You’re not the greatest
cause I am the greatest. ♫ No we’re both great. ♫ Okay wow! ♫ Ooh! ♫ Fever! – Isn’t that great? You’re not the greatest Cause I am the greatest!
– Cause I am the greatest! No! We’re both great!
– We are both great! – That should be our,hey, listen, – I love it! It’s very magnanimous. – Whenever we’re trying
– Of time. – To like one up each other from now on, – I’m the greatest! – No I’m, No, I’m the greatest! Cause you’re not the greatest! – What? I thought it was supposed
to be, I’m the greatest! – You’re not the greatest
cause I am the greatest! Whoa, we’re both great!
– Whoa, we’re both greatest! – We’re both great, no, we’re both great. We’re both great.
– We’re both great. – Let’s just leave it at that
and fly into the whiteness. – Yeah and say, “Fever!” – All right, hmm. And that was in English. – Yeah, that was the only one in English. – Good. – This series follows a team
of anthropomorphic furniture who work on a factory
assembly line in Okinawa. Their job is to assemble
the perfect man, every time. In one episode,
– Role reversal. – In one episode, six ottomans
are let go from the factory and discover that their only
way to pay their child support is to put on a one-night-only strip show where they expose everything,
wooden legs and all. – Ooh wee! I see that ottoman’s stuffing. Risque! Who knows what’s inside an ottoman? – Who. Knows.
(audience laughs) – No one because this is
not anything you can watch. False. – You’re right, Link. This one is animade up but if it was real, it would
be called The Full Monty because that’s just the
plot of The Full Monty. (audience laughs) I mean,
– With furniture? – With men. You know,
– Oh. – And factory workers and they get naked. I’m sure you haven’t seen it.
(audience laughs) – I think you means The Full Ottomonty. – Ohh! Woo woo woo woo woo! – Fifty-fifty. – You’re not the greatest
cause I am the greatest! – I’m the greatest!
– No! – We’re both great!
– We’re both great! – Yeah, that’s. It’s “No, we’re both great.” – Okay let’s get it right.
– We’ll get it right, yeah. – No we’re both great.
– No we’re both great. – In this series, Jesus and Buddha aren’t just supreme beings, they’re also roommates going
about their daily lives in, what is the largest city in Japan? – Tokyo? – Whaaat!
(bell ringing) In one episode, Jesus tells Buddha that he was recently
mistaken for Johnny Depp. – I’m afraid to say anything. about that issue. – Anime or animade up, brah? – There’s people who
care a lot about that. Johnny Depp I mean.
(Rhett and audience laugh) Hmm. Man this is bizarre. I’d love to see it, true. – You’re right Link! It’s called Saint Young
Men and here’s that clip. – Saint Young Men? (Japanese dialogue) A high school girl is glancing at me. Isn’t that Johnny Depp? Wow he’s famous. She said I look just like Johnny Depp. – Excuse me? (Japanese dialogue) – Seriously?
– Dead serious. – Johnny Depp, no way, Jesus. – I don’t think that this would
play very well in America. – No. – I think we keep this one in Japan. How about that?
– Beep, beep, beep. – Back that one up.
– But you did get it right. Anime or animade up? This series follows a
renegade police officer whose head is just a fiery
skull with no flesh on it, as he seeks revenge for
the murder of his family. In the first episode, he
saves a pregnant woman from a hoard of evil-doers and accidentally induces her labor! (audience laughs) – As long as the water doesn’t
break on his flaming head, he’ll be okay.
– (laughs) That’s right. – “You put my head out!” It’s a flaming head right? – Yeah. – True. – Link you’re on a roll! You’re on fire.
– Yeah. – It’s called Inferno
Cop, here’s the clip. (Japanese dialogue) – Inferno Cop! Oh bad words! Asterisks.
– Look at those guys. – Whoa.
– Not very resilient. – Whoa.
– Whoa. (Japanese dialogue) – Here’s the best part
Link, you predicted it. – Oh no! Oh, what! – I was just making a joke,
I didn’t want to see it! – Hey but his flame is still burning. – What the crap! – Listen I was present for
both of my childs’ births and that did not happen. – It is not like that. – I don’t happen like that.
– Woo. – But it sure is entertaining
when you draw it like that. – All that matters is I got it right. – Link
– And it scarred me. – You’ve gotten three right. – Mm-hmm.
– Wow. – I’m the greatest. – No, you’re not the greatest cause I am the greatest. – We’re both great! – No, we’re both great!
– No, we’re both great! – Yeah, we’ll get it right before the end. Link, you just gotta get one more right. – And is it I’m the greatest or I’m great? – I’m the greatest. – No I’m the greatest. – You’re not the greatest
cause I am the greatest! No, we’re both great!
– No, we’re both great! – This short lived series
follows a ragtag bunch of cats who are also professional curlers. – I love it already – As they fight to achieve their dream of qualifying for the Olympics. In one episode, they
misplace their curling stone and decide to use a human baby instead, only to discover that
babies can be a handful! (audience laughs) Anime or animade up? – Do not curl a baby. I hope there’s a warning
on the front of this but it is true. – Wrong Link!
– Oh! – It’s not! It’s animade up. But if it was real it would be
called Three Cats and a Baby and also they’re curlers.
(audience laughs) Come on Link, you got another chance here. In this post-apocalyptic series, humanity is on the brink of extinction and their only hope is a young girl who acts as a mediator
between humans and fairies. In one episode,
– Fairies! – The girl visits a fairy factory and encounters an
anthropomorphic loaf of bread who spews bread blood all over her. Anime or animade up? – Any then what happens? Because it makes so much
sense, I’m tracking it. (Rhett pants)
(audience laughs) I don’t really want to see an anthropomorphic loaf
of bread spew blood. Yes! There’s a market for it. – You’re right Link it’s real! It’s called Humanity Has Declined and this is my favorite clip of all time. (Japanese dialogue) – Yes. – Uh-oh, hold onto your hats. (Japanese dialogue) Listen closely here these
are important details. That was my question. Here’s the kicker. – Carrot juice bread! – I knew it! Hold on. (laughs) – Those guys have comedic timing, man. – Yeah, “please help yourself.” – They are the greatest! They are the greatest!
– No, they’re not the greatest cause we are the greatest!
– We are the greatest! We’re both great!
– We’re both great! – Yes we got it. – Link, you know what, you were great and you win a body pillow of yourself. (audience laughs) I’m glad you won because I didn’t want to
sleep with that tonight. – What is this area? – That’s your midriff man. I’m just trying to be true to life. (audience laughs)
– Me and my chain! (laughs) – Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Nera. – And I’m Lark and we’re at Mad Fest 2017. And it’s time to spin
– And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.
– the Wheel of Mythicality. – We’ve got new GMM merch
you won’t believe exists. Link’s wearing that hoodie. I’m holding this hoodie. It’s got GMM logo on the front, whoa, and the back. – There it is. – Mythical.store, get it while it’s hot. It’ll warm you up. – And click through to Good Mythical More, we’re gonna do some Popping Cooking. It’s crazy Bento Box Candy. – QTMBA, that’s a question
that must be answered. Are bird good or evil? – (laughs) With noses that
pointy, they gotta be evil. (audience laughs)
– Post your answer to this question with hashtag QTMBA. You must, you must! You must!
– You must! – Answer this question.
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