JARRON HECHO DE PAPEL Easy flower vase making with Newspaper

JARRON  HECHO DE PAPEL   Easy flower vase making with Newspaper

Hello, today I show you how to form this
Vase, very easy and with few materials. on the globe we give five layers of paper and
glue let dry between a layer and other.
Press the bottom. We cut the disposable bottle. It is
a liter. where the label begins, where the tag ends and here for
This line. we hit and we accommodate this one. 4 centimeters around. We accommodate downtown. We tape. we cut a cardboard circle 10
centimeters and we paste in the base. we give two layers of paper and glue on
the whole piece. let dry between a layer and another. we glue pieces of paper napkin
in the whole piece. we fold paper napkins. it’s thin napkin,
We fold like that. The other side is the same. on this side we hit the napkin of
paper. we continue with another strip, of
paper napkin. we form another equal figure, between two
petals form another petal. We cut the leftover and continue. with this leftover, we form a circle in
center. on this side we form another flower just as
The same way. With the strip of paper napkin.
We fold in four parts. one part is going to form a petal like that. we hit like this
and we continue to form the flower with this measure. we continue the same way we form two petals
plus. So we continue with the next one, flower
how is it, the top we do what same. these napkins measures 28
centimeters long. We form the circle. in the middle. we continue with the napkin strips
of paper, already dried the paper napkin and the
glue we paint in brown. we paint in gold color, the figures of
Napkin we formed. Now we put the varnish. and here it is ready, I hope you like it and I
I can help share this work. Thank you very much for watching the video .lo
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11 thoughts on “JARRON HECHO DE PAPEL Easy flower vase making with Newspaper

  1. Està muy lindo, me gusta el estilo, y la forma, que tiene el jarroń. .Gracias, y saludos, desde New York. .☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  2. Hola Eli !!! Precioso el jarrón no parece de cartón muy real me gustó mucho como todo lo que haces quedó muy decorativo y elegante, gracias por compartir un abrazó y bendiciones y nos vemos en el próximo vídeo 🤗🤗🤗🤗🖒🖒🖒

  3. Mil gracias amiga preciosa que trabajo tan hermoso usted es muy ingeniosa hace trabajos preciosos exelentes Dios la bendiga y la cuide mucho bendiciones 💯😇🙌👌😇🍃

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