Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush’s Memories Inspired Sisters First Kids Book

Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush’s Memories Inspired Sisters First Kids Book

-Jenna, I haven’t seen you since you went on maternity leave.
-I know. I went on maternity leave,
and there is nowhere we’d rather be
than with all of y’all here tonight
with these veterans. -Oh, please.
Absolutely, welcome back. -Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you for having us.
-Was today your first show? -Today was my first show. So, we started a show called
“The Hoda and Jenna Show,” and we’ve done
six shows together. -That’s it?
-Six. -Yeah, because after that,
you had a baby. -Hoda had a baby,
and then I had a baby. -That’s right. So, you’ve only
done six shows together. -Six shows. So we’re gonna
give it a shot. -Over seven months.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, it’s been on the air
for eight months. [ Laughter ] -You’ve only done
six together, yeah. -Six, and, in fact,
you were on one of the six. -I was on your second show.
-Yes. -That was a great show.
-Yes, you were really good. -Thank you. Out of
the six shows you’ve done, that was one of the best.
-One of the best. -Thank you.
I’m glad you said it. She wasn’t saying it, yeah.
-Well, I mean, you were 20% of what we’ve done,
so, yeah. -Yeah.
What’s the name of the baby? -Henry, named after my husband,
and Harold after a grandpa y’all don’t know but we loved. And we call him Hal.
-Hal. -Hal pal.
-Little Hal. -Triple H.
-Hal pal, I love that. Congratulations on the baby.
-Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] -We just — Actually,
you went to U.T., right? -I went to U.T.
That was excellent. -It was. Okay?
-It was so spot-on. -You represented what it was?
-We went to Austin High School. -You did?
-We were Austin High Maroons. Proud.
-What a fun — What a fun place. -Yes.
-It was wonderful. -Austin, Texas, is unbelievable.
-It really is. -We were like, “Oh, my gosh.”
We were there for the — I lost my voice the first day. -Sissy, he was at the
Hole in the Wall. We used to go to live music…
-We know the Hole in the Wall. -…with our mother
at the Hole in the Wall. -There is a bar called
Hole in the Wall, and it is literally
a hole in the wall. -It’s a hole in the wall.
-It really is one of the best — I mean, in a good way,
one of the best dive bars I’ve ever been to. In the women’s room — Because we were there
when they weren’t open. It was just — we were shooting,
filming stuff. And the guy was like,
“You got to check out the ladies room.”
There are two toilets next to each other
with no walls and no stalls. -Good for chatting.
[ Laughter ] -I guess it’s good for chatting. -Sisters first.
-Sisters first. Good segue, yeah.
Absolutely, yeah. You didn’t go to U.T., right? -I didn’t.
-Barbara went to Yale. -You’re going to Yale?
-She went to Yale. -Now you’re going to Harvard.
-I’m going to Harvard. -Now, what are you doing
at Harvard? -I’m getting my —
-Have you heard of Harvard, Jimmy? -They wouldn’t let me
apply to it. [ Laughter ] They said, “Mr. Fallon,
we’re gonna save you money on the stamp.
Do not apply here.” -Actually, my dad wouldn’t let
me apply to any of the schools that Barbara applied to
because he didn’t want me to ruin her chances.
-That is totally true. [ Laughter ]
That’s true. -That’s hilarious.
-That’s not true. -It’s true.
But I am going to Harvard. [ Laughter ] -Congratulations.
-Thank you. -What are you going for?
-I’m studying — I’m getting my master’s
in public policy. -That’s fantastic.
Good for you for doing that. -Very fun. Thank you.
-By the way, she called me day two, and she’s like, “I made
a 100 on my Economics test.” -Yeah.
[ Cheers ] -She did. She’s smart.
-Thank you! -Yeah, you’re very, very —
Of course, yeah. [ Applause ] -I hope none of my new school
friends are watching this. I’m embarrassed.
-Oh, my God. -Well, you don’t
need to be embarrassed. -I need to play it cool. -I want to talk about
“Sisters First,” ’cause I have two daughters,
and they love being sisters. And they’re best friends
as well as sisters. So I mean,
is that where this came from? Where did this come from?
-Well, we talked about writing a children’s book
for several years. And Jenna was pregnant with her
second daughter, Poppy. -Yeah.
-And so, we were talking to Mila, who’s older,
trying to get her excited about being a new big sister. And we told her
all these fun stories and imagination stories
that we used to do. And we got excited thinking
about making a children’s book about the fact that having
a sister has made us braver than
we ever thought possible, and it’s made our lives
so much bigger and better to have a partner
to go through life with. -And, by the way, it doesn’t
have to be a blood sister. Our mom is an only child.
But sisterhood, whether it’s friends
or colleagues, it’s pretty cool. -Yeah, just stick together,
yeah. And you support each other. I mean, because I think of my —
my kids are only 6 and 4 1/2 now, but I’m like,
“Please just be best friends.” -They will.
-They will? -Yeah.
-For life. I think the best thing about
a kids book is, seriously, it’s when you get to see a kid
reading your book, it’s game-changing.
‘Cause I luckily got to write a children’s book, and
it’s like, to see some kid — -You’ve written
three children’s books. By the way,
we put ours out later so we didn’t have
to go against you. We didn’t want to compete.
[ Laughter ] -Because you know him —
he always wins. -No, I don’t win.
No, no, no! -And, y’all,
he won a People’s Choice award! -Last night, right?
-Come on. Oh, stop.
[ Cheers and applause ] -We almost brought you
a honey-baked ham to celebrate. -You did?
-Yeah. -I love you guys.
I just think it’s a good story, and, honestly,
we need more books for kids. We have to get kids
out there reading. -Yes.
-Because, honestly, that is what it’s all about. Once, my — Winnie’s 6,
and she’s reading now. -And it’s so fun to watch
your child learn to read. -The whole world changes.
Now the world is her oyster. She can do — I don’t know
if she likes oysters, but she can do —
[ Laughter ] She can do anything
she wants to do. And I think this
is going to go in our library. Jenna Bush Hager
and Barbara Pierce Bush. “Sisters First”
is available tomorrow. Let’s make this number 1!
Come on! That’s what I’m talking about. “Sisters First,”
available tomorrow.

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  1. The bush sisters can't make fact , just ask their father , and the grand father , weapons of mass destruction big lie , that have claimed millions of lives including American lives .

  2. None of these three people need the income from their book sales. They could donate the income to charity, but a quick Google search makes no mention of that. Too bad.

  3. The Bush crime family…
    Prescott Bush tried overthrowing FDR in 1933 in a fascist coup. George HW Bush was in on the JFK assassination. George W Bush was president during 9/11. Hmm.
    I wonder what they'll have in store for us…

  4. Woow we are still celebrating the daughters and granddaughters of a two war criminals too bad other fathers in Middle East didn’t didn’t get the chance to see their daughters grow up and other girls didn’t get the chance to be grown women thanks to the Bush’s and the inhuman shit civilians witnesses by US troops.

    You’ll need to go to hell.

  5. So Fallon invites a warmongers daughters to show up on Veterans Day, of all days. Smh. Does anyone else find this messed up?

    Nothing against the sisters, just their father who committed war crimes and is responsible for the deaths and displacement of millions of people with his war that he got us into on false pretenses.

  6. The epitome of white privilege. Living off of the blood of dead civilians and soldiers, thanks to their war criminal of a father!

  7. She's 37 years old and still in college. Maybe she's going to be a doctor, oh, what's that? Public relations degree? W…T…F

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