Jim Rohn – Keeping a Journal Can Change Your Life (Jim Rohn Personal Development)

Jim Rohn – Keeping a Journal Can Change Your Life (Jim Rohn Personal Development)

first of all become a good storyteller
it’s one of the best ways to persuade is to use stories Jesus master teacher was
the great storyteller of all time said the kingdom of heaven
is like a man it’s like a woman that’s like this that’s like this always
telling a story Hulan stories to illustrate what you’re
trying to get across so become a good JIM ROHN ► storyteller now to be a good storyteller
you got to collect stories it’s one of the reasons for your journal okay one of
the reasons for your journal is to collect stories just don’t miss any of
the stories that can help you shall so said Mr. Rohn not only be a student but
the good ideas that you develop from the books keep a separate journal write all
this stuff down here’s what he said don’t drop your memory if you’re serious
about becoming wealthy and powerful sophisticated healthy influential
cultured unique keep a journal don’t trust your memory if you listen to
something valuable write it down you come across something important write it
down write it down now I used to take notes on pieces of paper and torn off
corners and backs of old envelopes and restaurant placemats and long sheets and
narrow sheets and little cheeks and pieces thrown in a drawer found out best
way keep a journal I’ve been keeping these journals now
since age 25 it makes up a valuable part of my own learning and it’s a valuable
part of my library my own journals now form a good portion of my own library
the stuff I’m trying to get kids to do like I do
be a buyer of empty books kids find it interesting I’d buy an empty book
especially if my status in life what that paper this $26 gives me $26 for an
empty book why would you do that well the reason I paid $26 is to press me to
see if I can’t find something worth $26 foot in here and I’m telling you all my
journals are private but if you got a hold of one of my journals you wouldn’t
have to look very far until you would say this is worth more than $26
I must admit if you got a glimpse of mr. Owens journals you’d have to say he is a
serious not just committed to his craft but committed to life committed to
skills committed to learning to see what I can do with seed and soil and sunshine
and rain and miracle and possibilities and turn it into equities of life and
treasure family relationships enterprise sales management gifts galore everything
you want all available especially in America I’m asking you keep a journal I
call it to one of the three treasures to leave behind let me give you that one of
the three treasures to leave behind number one is your pictures take a lot
of pictures camera look back right to three generations just a handful of
photographs way back there wouldn’t it be something that there was album after
album thousands of pictures to help tell the story a picture’s worth a thousand
words don’t be lazy in capturing the event how long does it take to capture
the event a fraction of a second how long does it take to miss the event a
fraction of a second errors in judgment or discipline take lots of pictures help
tell the story click click quick I go to Taiwan to lecture Taipei Taiwan
Grand Hotel need place to do a weekend seminar I got a thousand students guess
how many cameras 1000 cameras they all bring their cameras they wouldn’t miss
the event take pictures takes me more time to take pictures and it does to do
the lectures here’s the new American friend here’s the new American friend
click click save it got it thousand words each one what a scenario
don’t miss the pictures when you’re gone one of the things to leave behind the
treasure in picture as well as in words next
your library the library that you gathered that taught to you that
instructed you that helps you to defend your ideal that helps you to develop a
philosophy that helps you to become wealthy and powerful and healthy and
sophisticated and you need the library that helps you conquer some disease the
library that helps you to conquer poverty the library that caused you to
walk away from the ghetto the library the books that instructed you fed your
mind and fed your soul leave your library behind one of the greatest gifts
you can leave behind is your library stepping stones out of the darkness into
the light the library to leave your books behind your books will be more
valuable than your couch look look look and third is your journal the idea is
that you picked up the notes you took at seminars like this wherever you found an
occasion to gather something valuable and put it in here so you could go back
over and go back over it repetition is the mother of skill read
it one more time learn it one more time see if you can suggest it one more time
let it poach you one more time let it teach you one more time let it inspire
you one more time words are inspirational the lyrics of a song and
not just read it once that’s why we put our stuff on cassettes so you can go
through it again and again and again if you hear a beautiful song that does
something to you don’t say oh that’s enough don’t need to hear that again no
wouldn’t you want to hear it again hear it again hear it again let it instruct
you let it feed you let it teach you take you on wings of emotional journeys
wouldn’t you want to do that again the answer is yes that’s what’s so important
and here’s what’s important one of the things to leave behind
that’s your journal all the stuff you took the meticulous time to gather one
of the greatest proofs that you’re a serious student taking pictures that’s
pretty easy buying a book at a bookstore that’s pretty easy here’s one that’s a
little more challenging be student enough of your own life in your own
future and your own destiny be student enough to take the time to
keep the notes and keep the journal will be so glad you did what a treasure to
leave behind when you go your journal I wouldn’t be without mine now I’m in
Carmel California one of my favorite places it’s where I wrote my first book
called seasons of life I went to the fiddle church one Sunday morning first
time I’ve been there little small church I don’t know 150
people classic sermon that morning classic sermon one of the best I’ve ever
heard and all of my life I happen to be there and I had my journal while the
sermon is going on I can’t believe it was so precise it was so unique it was
so powerful and I’ve got my journal and I’m taking notes I can notice of this
classic sermon now guess how many other people were taking those approximately
gifts how many do you suppose it looked like
best as I could tell I’m the only one taking notes of this class now since I’m
a stranger there and it’s the first time I’ve been there and I’m taking these
notes people started looking who is he and what’s he doing I start feeling just
a little bit uncomfortable I’m still right now I’m feeling kind of like a spy
right I could hear some of them say he’s going
to get out of here with them and discover and I did it is I’m the guy
that walked away with the stop I’m asking you to be no less sincere and be
no less committed to the advancement of your philosophies instead of the sale

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  1. "I'm the guy that walked away with the stuff.". His brilliance is often found in the simple remarks. That one will stay with me.

  2. His works are mindblowing and challenging me to direct my lifestyle in a way that will have an impact in the upcoming generation….

    I mean by that…
    My children and my children's children because of the legacy that I'm creating now!!!!!!

    Thank you for your generosity.

  3. This is something that i created for my personal use but the benefits made me share this with people. Do check it out

  4. Coldblooded I never really knew my capabilities and my infinite and creative possibilties to learn grow and be closer every day to who i really am .

  5. Journal where all going to die man burn it all Hahahahah no body taking something with him no body will remember you these days they just waiting to die to take your money

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