12 thoughts on “Joe Russo: Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” | Talks at Google

  1. I always thought Endgame was rushed as the beginning half of it was a boring snoozefest followed up with the most eye-rolling deus ex machina ever in a movie. But it seems as though Joe Russo is happy how it turned out.

  2. Could this interviewer be any less interested in talking to Joe? Seems like she’s falling asleep in between questions

  3. Please stop repeating the lie that it's the biggest grossing movie of all time, it's still Gone With the Wind. Endgame is fifth.

  4. No, i'm here looking for anyone else wondering how the Russo's plan on feeding the half a universe of living creatures that instantly reappeared after 5yrs… Thanos's snap was a mercy compared to the hellish scenes that will now take place all around the universe as all living things begin to fight for the limited immediate resources available… All because Stark didn't want to loose his daughter…? That's not a sacrifice, that's the ultimate in selfishness!

  5. Интересно, почему же режиссер провалившегося в сценарном плане фильма "Мстители:Финал" похвалил создателей, завершивших игру престолов? Сарказм, я знаю ответ.

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