Journal 64 – Officiel trailer

Journal 64 – Officiel trailer

Carl, I read the reference
you wrote me. Too much? “Assad has been on my staff
in Department Q since 2013.” “He has performed his duties
as expected.” Five years, Carl!
Is that the best you could do? Are you okay with me leaving? Yes. We’re colleagues at a police station. Colleagues at a police station? Is that what we are? Yes. BASED ON THE NOVEL

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  1. Finally, a decent trailer. This looks awesome!

    Jussi Adler-Olsen is an old man who writes like an old man. He wants Carl Mørck to look and act just like himself but that kind of old-fashioned character won't make a successful movie. The Department Q movies with Nikolaj Lie Kass were changed a lot by the screenwriters and Carl's age, personality and life circumstances were changed, too. They reflect a more modern view of life in Denmark. Fares Fares' character, Assad, is also different from the stereotypical way he is portrayed as a Muslim immigrant in the books. Rose and other women characters are not insulted and demeaned the way they were in the books. I don't think most of the movie audience is going to like the world of Carl Mørck (without the two charismatic leads we love!) that we'll see in the up coming movies after this one.

  2. Name 1 thing that happens in 1st hour of the film and is worth your attention. I have 1 – crime scene, and that is it, ty for your attention now go watch some girls kissing…

  3. Filmen var helt ved siden af i forhånden til bogen ofrene eller mumierne blev først fundet til sidst og hele dramaet foregår jo oppe i lejlighed og der skylle være fem mumier og ikke 3 og Nete blev myrdet af Gitte Charles efter hun havde slået de andre ihjel og hende nour er slet ikke med i bogen så filmen er helt ved siden af i forhånden til bogen

  4. Just watched this. ..what a movie! Totally immersed in the whole plot, the relationships between all in department Q , and the horror of what happened to the victims. Brilliant!

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