Journal page ideas

Journal page ideas

Hello and G’day today’s video is about
journal page ideas i’m Donna, and I’ve come up with this way to fold notepad
paper into a journal page. what’s unique about this method is that the pocket on
both sides of this page are made from the page, confused yet? I thought so
it’s paper trickery, these pockets are not a separate piece of paper, they’re
not glued on top, like what your used to doing…keep watching because it can be
done, and I’ll show you how. now I’ve used it here in a traveler’s notebook I’ve
also made a page to show you that you can put in a junk journal. so it can be
used for either a traveler’s notebook or a junk journal if you’ve got a really
BIG book and you haven’t been able to use it for anything else because it’s
just too big. I’ll show you how to use up a page, to
make it small enough to fit… aww look at it against my hands,but I’ll show you
how to make up a page for your journal or your traveler’s notebook out of a
really large page, it’s actually good for this type of folded book page. well
anyway, let’s get stuck into it… so if you’ve got some old exercise books the
older the better so this one here the pages are a little bit white so if you
use the whiter pages so if you go buy a new book that’s fine just tea dye them, they’ll that’ll work perfectly if it was tea dyed. it’ll come out good but, if
you’ve got some really old pages, look at the yummy color of that, and that’s the
one I’ve put in here it’s got the lovely color and it’s got its got some really
old aged marks on it you know that’s that’s just
the natural age and look at the color of the staples that has also come through
that so the older the better but if you haven’t got it just make it look old
this is my mum’s old exercise book and my mum passed away she had notes for
everything when I go through her stuff I’m still finding a book this was hers
she’d have a book for one thing she then would lose it and she couldn’t find it
so she’d start a new book then she’d lose that and she couldn’t find it so
she’d start a new book I found tons of these little books and there’s tons of
messages in it and I found this one and I’m going to use this today to make a
page and I’m going to put it in my own journal and keep it she wrote a message
on how to send a fax and she’s even got my name on it
so I find that very sweet, so I’ve only just found that with my name on it today.
I’m going to use it and show you how to make this sweet little pocket page
up for your journal. firstly you’ve got to figure out how wide you want your page
to be if your cover is that wide you’ve got to decide whether you want it
peeking out or staying inside the cover so I can make a pattern for this if you
like but I’m not sure that you really need one so we’ll see so we’ll go and
we’ll fold this back page first which is this one here alright so you find the
center depending on how wide your book is so you work out where you want your
fold and you just fold that there that’s your first page almost done if I was going to use it for this it is
still be too big it still can pass my cover so no matter what I do I’ve got to
lose a little bit of this so I’ve got to cut it down so I’m going to square it
across and I’m gonna bring it down and see how short I can get it which is a
bit of a shame because there’s some lovely coloring on that and I’m gonna
bring it down here as shorter so I can get it and that’s short enough I can use
that in my book now I can go ahead and I’m going to
round those two corners top and bottom there and there
so I’ve rounded those so that’s one page done I don’t have to do anything else
with that I’m just going to keep that and I can journal on that side and I can
journal on that side so I’ve got a good memory there now see how the pocket here
is a bit narrower the page size is narrower and it’s entirely up to how wide your
your paper is the wider your paper you can have that come right out to the edge
but if it’s not wide enough you pretty much have to work out where it’s going
to be and if you bring it all the way back into there you’re going to have a
pretty skinny pocket on that side so again it’s entirely up to you as to
where you put it I’ll make it a skinny pocket and I’m gonna actually fold it back the
wrong way first just so that I know it’s the right width and then I’m gonna fold
it back on itself so that it forms a pocket this way it’s not square at the
bottom so I’ll just fix that up and make it square so just tidy any bits up that right now
to make it come on an angle like that all we need to do is cut down this line
here so have the wide this is here I’m going to put a mark up there so I’m
going to measure across here and it’s just 3 inches and 1/8 so I’m going to
put a mark there three inches and 1/8 to there and I’m going to open that up and
I’m just going to put a cut line right on that crease I’m going to put my knife
blade right on that crease and my ruler on the crease as well and I’m going to
cut straight down that crease oh that that page there and that page
there so all it is is flapping in the wind now I’m going to make a triangle
out of it so I’m gonna put my finger right on the bottom of the page and I’m
going to form a triangle right there got me so far I hope I haven’t lost you
and so what I mean if you if you if the paper was a lot wider we could have
taken it all the way over there but this paper is just not wide enough to do that
so then we’ll fold it over I’ll get rid of that pencil mark because I don’t want
that to show through my paper I’ll fold that back over then I’m going to just
fold that over to the back and crease it down this here it’s up to you whether
you once you find the center of your page there because that’s all they’re
going to go into your elastic there or be stitched into your journal so it’s up
to you whether you come back in now and fold that extra piece under or whether
you cut it off when I’m using the note paper or like to just fold it and it
just gives that a little bit more support just gives a little bit more
support but I’m not going to keep all of that paper I’m going to trim a little
bit of it off so it’s not so wide you don’t have to if you feel that you want
to leave it on there you can you can even you know if you want to take away
some of the corners you can trim them back so they don’t show up I’m using art
glitter glue I find it’s pretty good it doesn’t
make my paper bubble I’m just gonna fold that back on itself and the only reason
I trim those those corners down was so that when I do fold it there like that
you can’t see them on the top of the bottom now all that’s left to do is glue
that down across the bottom that gives me a pocket there and glue that down
across the bottom and on the side and I’ve got a pocket there
so I shall do that didn’t really want to cover up too much of my mum’s
handwriting but I’ve still got a fair bit of it there on the right hand side
and you glue that down there that is pretty easy to make I think you might
agree then all that’s left to do is find your elastic if you’re using it in a
traveler’s notebook and pop it in if you’re sewing it into
your journal same thing just put it in between your signatures and you’ve got
something pretty pretty different, pretty unique all right now I’ll show you the
book page 1 what I’ve done here is I’ve got this really big book and look how
Big that is, it’s a lot bigger than a 12-inch ruler so it’s probably about 14
inches and the pages are huge so I’ve got these pages out and I’ve done
exactly the same method as what I showed you with the note paper with this so
I’ve folded it you know what it’s got I’ve used two standard fold of the page
and then I’ve worked out using the width of that’s my page size so I’ve just
worked out how wide it needed to be to fit inside my book
yeah it’s too long but I’ll fix that shortly and then I folded it there so I
know it’s going to fit inside my book color so that’s going to be my first
journaling page then on this side it’s exactly the same I’ve cut down there and
I folded it over to form my triangle pocket there but you’ve got more paper
to work with so you can make your triangle fold this way a lot wider bring
it in to almost the center don’t take it right to the center of your page fold
because you need to be able to close that page so measure across here then
put a marker there and then cut that line down to there and that allows you
to fold that triangle over which will fall in exactly the right place there
fold it over and then glue it down there and there if you did want this to be
shorter you need to make this shorter so then it will come across to here
I’ve glued that part on because I didn’t want to waste it I thought it looked
pretty good and there was another part of a bird coming the wrong way so I
covered that over the top and that is a pretty cool-looking page I could sew
that into this book easily if if the pages weren’t already sewn in that’s
what I would use this page for you could glue that down but I find that
when that sewn in there and you’ve got other signatures in there and you’ve
fixed that down it is harder to use that pocket when it’s you know sort of fixed
to the center of your book like that so that’s why I like to leave it open as a
flap so just bear in mind when you start gluing pockets down that are facing the
center of your book where it’s stitched in or fixed this one here is fine
because it’s easy to get to and then you’ve got this pocket here as well it’s
a great big pocket that one and it looks really good so that’s using a very large
book page so if you’ve got these really really giant books and they’re too big
to do too much with they’re perfect to make into this style page I think you’ll
find that once you make your first one it’s like anything make a second one and
you’ll remember it then and actually just keep one put put one aside in your
ideas book if you’ve got somewhere that you’ve got an idea don’t glue these
pieces down and just put it aside and keep it so that you remember how to do
it or even better still subscribe to my channel, and you know you’ll be able
to come back and watch the video whenever you like
well there’s my journal page idea in a exercise or a notebook page style or a
book page style I’m Donna thanks for watching and bye
for now

45 thoughts on “Journal page ideas

  1. Very good idea, and no you didn’t loose me..You explain it very well..
    You lost your name when you were cutting it..”I said no don’t cut it there you will loose your name your Mum wrote”

  2. Great idea Donna..yes I have a few op shop bought books(mainly for the images), that are quite large and now I can put the other pages to use..tfs..💗👌😊

  3. I absolutely love this! I have several of the large books and this is perfect. That little extra part of the back pocket could also stick out the back and you could use a decorative scissors or edge punch to make it look like a piece of lace is in there.

  4. Love this one Donna, it looks so impressive. I’m just about to start putting a new TN together so I’m definitely going to have a go at these xx

  5. Donna! your a genius! i had to stop half way thru and try this. i just grabbed a coffee dyed double page from a composition notebook i previously deconstructed and started folding as you showed us and voila!! pockets using the same piece of paper-brilliant! i do have some larger books this will be perfect for. thank you SO much!! 👏❤👍

  6. Brilliant tutorial, Who wonderful to have these treasures from your mum. I have a huge Anne Geddes so this folded pages will be Fabulous edition. I to make an Idea book, or a project book. Thank you Donna.

  7. I'm so glad to have another idea for my large book pages. How nice to have all your Mom's old notebooks with her handwriting. I have all my mom's recipes with her handwriting. It's fun to look at!

  8. Wow… what a awesome ideal for larger book pages. Especially when you love the page & have to cut something off or turn the page to the side! Well that wouldn't happen anymore lol 🙂 Now I can save what I like about the page!!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful book page ideal. Just became a newbie to your channel

  9. Oh my goodness, this is awesome. I will use this for sure in my TN's. You are so clever. I bet Liz (Mrs. Cog) would love this for those huge books she makes and they are so cool. This would work beautiful for her and it will work just awesomely for my TN's. Thanks for another sweet idea Donna, Hugs to you.

  10. Hello Donna
    I’m off to make this, it’s brilliant, I couldn’t work out how you did this from one sheet, very clever. Thanks for sharing. My Mum used to write notes everywhere, as she has passed I love to look through them, I’ll put some in my personal journal like this 💜💜

  11. Although your idea is good, quit cutting off, start higher up on page and incorporate the excess that you would normally cut off into the pockets at the bottom

  12. New ssubbie here and this page is PHENOMENAL!!! I made a page with you and measured, it will fit in the TN I'm working in now perfectly! Can't wait to get started on a new journal, I have one page ready!!!!!! 🙂

  13. Donna… paper trickery is RIGHT! my eyes where playing tricks on me. Lol! I love this so much. And what a special way to use precious papers of your mums… I will definitely give this a go! Tfs sharing your awesome ideas! Hugs my sista ..😉 ~ Angie

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