Journey Journal: Full Review (2019)

Journey Journal: Full Review (2019)

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video it is Francesco here Welcome to the Keep Productive YouTube channel if you’re brand new, but if you’re a regular, welcome back So today’s video is going to be a little bit of a review on the journaling application called journey Now you guys know that I try in some extent to talk about productivity applications But I do like to delve into once that sort of catch my attention especially in the sort of a guess being productive sort of experience I guess is Making sure that you keep an eye on health and important things. So this this is an application It’s actually interested me. But something I want to talk about now. I eventually got it on iOS I’m not an active user. I just have an interest in sort of diving into the Mac version This is the set up version which is part of this description, but you can get it available on the Mac App Store So it is also available on Chrome Web Store as I might say and also They have a host of other application. That’s something I’ll to speak about at the end. So here we are with the application I’m gonna dive in sort of show you around This is the first time I’ve opened it on Mac, so it might be a good experience for you. So They sort of start you up with the experience letting you know that you can sync and backup by Google Drive I’m essentially journey is a diary or a journal For your application you can use it on web too and it allows you to basically capture the most important Journaling things of your day now, whether that’s you know, your thoughts and opinions or your emotions All of those things are at being able to capture inside of the application as well as location weather and your motion activity now it supports markdown and allows you to publish in HTML or Save as a PDF, which is great and you can also add images as well as Atlas for you and things like that. So The actual journey application provides you with Google logins so you can go through that I’m not sure whether there was a option to actually sign in using a fresh account But maybe that will be available through the web version. So this is the journey application as you can see it’s really dead simple the concept behind it is and journal entries and you have this sort of like Experience that you allow to see everything at a glance so you can see here that obviously on this left-hand panel you have everything Your actual journey view which actually sees all it sees actually has all of your journal entries You can see your photos you can see the date that you did it by and you can even go back in the past as well as an atlas of all of the activities that you Did and where they were so that is very helpful Now this is all stood through the cloud So it will sync between the devices and you can manually sync to which makes it a lot easier now You can lock the application which will allow you to get a bit more security on it And of course, you can view the settings as well here. Now, the settings are dead simple You can actually change the font because I guess that’s a portent part of the journaling experience You change the font size the units the actual night mode, which actually changes it into a different Background, which is great Auto adding location sound effects Which I’m actually gonna switch off because I’m sort of hear them tapping and not sure whether you can as well as a spell trap Function now, you’ve got sync and since with your Google Drive account So that will store quite nicely in there and also you can and able sort of password to the account make it a little bit stronger You can import other journey accounts as debt well as day one entries and evil remove the account from your computer But apart from that they’re these simple functions of settings. So I’m gonna add a nice journal entry sort of demonstrate what it looks like So all you do is you hit that plus button and to start obviously Adding the entry and it looks really simply like this. So it’s almost like a window or on Evernote For example, you have the ability to add location, which I won’t do in this case This also allows you to add the weather data as well as the weather what you’re actually doing like were you flying? Right because you could be entering while you’re on a long trip. I’m actually stick turning right now So I’m going to put that one there and you can also add tags as well Which is quite a nice function so I might say recording or YouTube And I’d Say, of course, you can have that. There we go. It’s already ticked Which makes it really easy to access as well as even changing the date and time which makes it a lot easier Now once you you’re happy and you’re ready to go you can start adding more details. So I’m going to do that right now Okay, so here we are and I read a little bit of an entry journal entry and I can I added all the right information I even added the Location as well so you can pick a place And in this case, I need to just choose this place So great I also added some photos on the right-hand side of the food and stuff and I’m pretty much ready to go So once you tick everything off, it’s it was pretty good what happens is it will pop up in your Journal feed with the photos on top which makes it look really nice as well as obviously your entry there Now the cool thing is it went the location the exact weather that’s happening right now. Of course, I could go back and Obviously modify that but it’s actually a nice addition Now the only thing that I think they could have added. Maybe I’m doing it completely Wrong is the ability to add a title to this one Let’s say I wanted to say little event or a whale something like that. That is possible now once you add a photo you can of course go to the photos view and actually see them which is quite nice or even Go to the select date view so for example I’m going to go to Sunday and actually see that there so it can actually jump to the specific date and Down here. I can actually see a map view of the location which is really really cool So it’s something really nice addition, especially once you’ve got a bunch added there So the concept of this application is really really simple. Um, it doesn’t really do hideous amounts I would say in terms of doing you know more than that, but that is the set up version of it so Of course Naturally there is going to be more on the other experiences because this is sort of like a a rolled up version of it But as you can imagine this application is pretty good So just to give you a bit of an outline on the experience the application is available on Windows Mac Android iOS Chrome as well as journey cloud as well now the application is meant to be very secure in terms of being able to keep I obviously love that good stuff safe and of course the application is free which is great which makes it a lot easier the application is developed by a company called – app studio and The applications on iOS and Android work really really well Now there is a journey premium upgrade which is available as an in-app purchase. It is priced at $29.99 and will allow you to access the journey dot cloud membership Now this allows you to have daily reminders as well as inspirations to your email inbox write and attach photos from email unlocking premium on any of the other devices as well as a couple of other services like Markdown removing PDF watermarks docx export night mode and a couple of other functions with backup But apart from that that’s the really sort of outlandish hooks into experiences I think that would be more specific for if you’re maybe writing this up as a diary or doing something a bit more Exporting with it maybe turning into a book or something like that. Anyway guys, hopefully this was a nice review of journey Let me know in the comments what you thought let me know what journal application you’re using on a daily basis Hope this wasn’t too far out of my remit, but I really am starting to look at doing a few more of these Anyway guys, thank you very much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this video make it a great week Keep it up. T’v and I’ll see you guys a very very soon Cheers

12 thoughts on “Journey Journal: Full Review (2019)

  1. Do you use a journalling application?! Whether it's physical or digital, we'd love to hear about it in the comments below. For me, I use a Baron Fig notebook to craft up thoughts, ideas and general worries of my day. Pop yours below!

  2. I think Journey is a nice tool, but prefer an Android app called "Journal it!" Better ways of organizing content is something that lacks on Journey, but it's a nice tool for sure, it was my go-to before. Great video!

  3. You shouldn't call this a review. You click into some menu's and settings. That's it. This doesn't say anything about the user experience. The terms "great" and "really really well" and "nice" are used frequently but to no avail.

  4. I believe journaling is an essential part of productivity. It might not directly contribute but helps in the long term.
    Keeping a gratitude journal, a daily or weekly review & Idea journal are one of the best ways of using Journey.
    I've been using journey for a long time now. They keep bringing in new features and their interface is something I love.

  5. Be careful with Journey. First, it is overrated and clunky to work with. Second, more importantly, the developer is a thief and a crook. I purchased the Windows version (which has no trial version). Within a couple of hours, I realized that the app didn’t suit my needs and politely asked for a refund. The developer refused. Subsequent appeals were in vain. Be aware that you will not see your money again if you want to try out the app and then change your mind. Try Diarium instead. It is much better app and its developer is courteous and professional. Check out the many negative reviews of others who have had bad experiences with the dishonest and greedy developer of Journey on

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