Karate : Comment réussir vos Kihon ? [karate-blog.net]

Karate : Comment réussir vos Kihon ? [karate-blog.net]

Hello and welcome. I’m Bruno Bandelier, Professor of Karate of the net. And today I would like to make you a video: “How successful your grade crossings” or at least “how to succeed in Kihon level.” The “Kihon”: that is the basic work. How successful? So, of course, until you are free to download, precisely, my PDF on “how successful your grade crossings.” Where I give you plenty of advice on: “How to succeed his grade crossings.” So you simply click and then I send you the book in your mailbox. Here ! So how successful the “Kihon” grade crossings? So the Kihon part, it is often frightening, because we have to … we’ll talk to you in Japonnais. Reviewers in fact, will you speak Japonnais. Now, if I remember correctly, you are more than two to go together, so it’s still a lot of eyes on you, you have judges who are in front. Do not crash … You have a lot of tests: Kihon three steps, Kihon circle, rotating Kihon with a partner, with Kihon target So, all that, I will not detail here, all this, I redétaillerai to the limit in other videos. But he must know, the first thing you must already do is: go to the website of the federation. For us it is the French federation but if you are in another country, you go to the site, you download and settlement to find out what you must do. Okay ? So there … you have to know the words Japanese, but he must already know what is in the program. Its very important. It is not permissible is abnormal that people have to rank passages, and do not even know what they have to do. So will at least read the rules. Go look at what there is to do. Well, as … well, what there is to do as proof. Then, if things go watch videos to try to see a little how it is. I’ll make videos on the basic Kihon, Kihon rotating Kihon with target and all that, I will make you videos. What I wanted to tell you is against the basic Kihon where to speak Japanese, you must know the Japonnais. Do not worry with that. It simply must learn. It is sure that if you expect to be brown belt to start trying to retain some techniques, it will be very hard. Do not wait ! Make now. If you are already a brown belt, already starting to remember, to learn, to remember … Many in fact they know, but they do not retain by heart. Then I’ll explain, I’ll give you a technique, Japonnais to remember your words. So already, go download my lexicon. I made a video, and then I had you put a glossary in PDF. So go download it and then learn it. But above all, what is important is when you learn, you can write. As soon as you write, Automatically, you will remember much. But mostly, it is: “feel”. That is to say, if I say: “Gedan Barai” it should not just you look Gedan Barai, and you to remember: “lock down”. This is not what is important. Is that Gedan Barai, when I say “Gedan Barai,” you must feel it. You must feel … you feel the movement. When I tell you: “Mae Geri”, not just read: “Mae Geri”=front foot stroke. No ! This is not what is important. That is, when I say “Mae Geri” in your head, you see … “I put a Mae Geri”, okay? And that is important because Then when you are at the grade crossing, you are there, and the reviewer tell you: “You go!”, You are usually already in custody; and tell you, “Ayumi Ashi Gedan Barai.” It should be in your mind, you will not be there telling you: “Ayumi Ashi, it means” one step forward ” “Gedan Barai”=”lock down”. No ! You must visualize before moving. Since at departure, he tells you the technical. So, before you move, you have to see you doing Gedan Barai, we need you to feel it. For when he says, “Ayumi Ashi Barai Gedan”? “Gyaku Zuki Mae Geri”? In your mind you see yourself doing Gedan Barai, Gyaku Zuki Mae Geri. Only after you leave. So he told you that. OK, no problem, “Ayumi Ashi Gedan Barai, Gyaku Zuki, Mae Geri, I put behind, here. ” Above all, what is important is not to do that, not to …
Above all, what is important is not to do that, So, you heard the beginning, “Ayumi Ashi Barai Gedan” … after Gyaku Zuki … you do not know too much. You are there, you are … No ! It’s not that. Especially, do not hesitate. If you say, for example, you hear, I give you an example, you hear: “Ayumi Ashi Barai Gedan” “Gyaku Zuki Mae Geri”. And in fact, the examiner, instead of saying “Gyaku Zuki” he did not say that, he said: “Oi Zuki”. You do not notice. At the time, we see you wrong. But it is better you do, you’re here, you do … Okay ? Then, the examiner did not ask this, but asked … You are mistaken technique. Oh, yes, but it is not very serious because there actually in the judgment, the examiner, it will take you a little point because you did not do the technique that you asked. But by saying “it has perhaps not well understood.” But at least you made a real technical, rather than: you are there and then to … .. “is Gyaku or Oi Zuki? I do not know …” “Gyaku” No ! There, that’s not good at all. Because here not only, it is not the right technique, but in addition, you do it wrong. What is required is that once you understand the technique that the examiner gave you to do, you go full blast. You ask more questions, you go full blast. You decided that was it. Do not bother with the one beside it is not exactly the same. If you realize you made a mistake. If when you Gyaku Zuki, you say, “thin is Oi Zuki”, it does not matter! In the next move, since you’ll do it again two or three times, you are correct! Okay ? But if you do not see an error if you do not remember, you keep doing what you have started doing. Okay ? For your technique you showed karate that you can do. Okay ? It does not matter if you made a mistake. Finally, okay … but if you do it on every shot, it is sure that it will not be too good, but it can happen to deceive you. What is not normal is that a black belt, Finally, someone who just pretend to first dan, do things like that … … after it’s Mae Geri … Non ! There you have it all wrong. Okay ? Three steps, it’s really simple. Remember that you have to spend the first dan: first grade. It is still not nothing, even though I always say that we should not make an astronomical trick. It’s still the first dan, it’s still a black belt in three steps. So good … it’s relatively simple. With work, you can achieve it. Train yourself to … It’s three simple techniques. I remind you: “first dan”=”first grade”. So we do not ask you hypersophistiqués stuff. We do not ask you to do, to be like that and make … I’m not asking you web! No, it is “a technique, two techniques, three technical” well separated. Okay ? Do not make things super fast and all that … No, what examiners want is that each technique … here, there is the Kime, there Zanshin, there is everything in it and we feel that if taken, we feel that … it hurts! Okay ? This is what we must understand. So do not try to do more, I will say it again. Finally, you will see the book on the advice of grade crossings. I say: “Do not try to do more than what you can do.” Just what can you do and above all, imagine that. Kihon is that it is a basic work. We ask you the basic work. Okay ? So basic work, not complicated. Do not try to do more. I said, “to learn, you need to learn … … Feel them! ” That is to say that you take the book, you take the Mae Geri, you feel, you feel you make a Mae Geri. But do not do it once! Every day you learn your vocabulary every day and you feel, you feel! It’s only after, when you get to the review, and the examiner says, “Mae Geri” you feel you put a Mae Geri. Okay ? And you see yourself putting a Mae Geri. So you know later, when you are there, you have chosen: Mae Geri, Oi Zuki, … I do not know me … I’m going to say something stupid … Mae Geri, Oi Zuki Soto Uke in Kiba Dachi. So you see a kick … So you translate that! You see and you can even translate in your head: “A kick, a punch, I advance into Kiba Dachi and I hang”. You advance “a kick, a punch … OK ? So do you see in your head. It really is… But practice your to do, I mean the club. Made with a pal … “Tell me three techniques in a row!” And then … you make three consecutive technical … So you go to the club with your teacher. But train yourself, even with your teacher, when he gives you the techniques, visualize before looking at others. Okay ? to try to do it yourself before looking at how others are doing. Because the day of the exam, there is a guy who is with you, trying to make you like that galley like you. So you can count on you. You really have to think about that. So in training, only count on you! Here ! So I come back in other videos on Kihon multidirectional, on target with Kihon and all that … I remake additional videos. If you subscribe to 3G Karate, I also make you videos with examples of Kihon three steps, specific examples of Kihon multidirectional … Here ! I’ll give you some examples. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you like it, feel free to subscribe to my channel, and click on “Like”. If she did not like you, you click “I do not like.” Here ! So, click “Like”, let me comment. Do not hesitate ! We discuss, we discuss … And I tell you: “very soon” for a new video karate-blog.net and Karate 3G. Bye !

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  1. Merci Bruno, je vous regarde de temps en temps pour m'y remettre progressivement! Ayant dépassé 40 ans et souffrant de mal de dos depuis plusieurs années, je constate que mon corps manque juste d'entrainements de karaté.. je vais donc me trouver un club à la rentrée!

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