Karate – Heian Yodan Part1 [Karate-Blog.net]

Karate – Heian Yodan Part1 [Karate-Blog.net]

Hello and welcome to this new video on Karate-blog.net, the clear and net Karate. I’m Bruno BANDELIER Today I will talk about the kata “Heian Yodan” or “Heian Yondan”. I see it written both ways and I never really knew if it was “Yodan” or “Yondan”. I say: “Heian Yodan”. So the number four of Heians. We have already seen “Heian Shodan”, “Heian Nidan” and “Heian Sandan”. This time “Heian Yodan”. It is still quite complicated technically with many kicks. We will have two Jodan Yoko Geri, Three Mae Geri, many indirect techniques “Uraken” techniques we do not know at all on releases of execution or blocking, all depends, Kaki Wake Uke, Haiwan-Uke. Lot of different things. It is quite … fairly complete, we will say. It is a Kata which is fairly complete. There is everything from punches, kicks and blocks. What we’ll do, I’ll do as usual. I’ll do the face then I’ll back and then I will also do so in one direction or the other. That way if you download the video, you could see in all directions and then not detail the step. I try to give you tips, all I can to help you in achieving … of “Heian Yodan”. If you already know, you can do it at the same time as me. it will prevent me from being alone here Heian Yodan !!! So you see? Always the same basis. Our main line a little bit different when you get to the other end there, are made diagonal movements. But otherwise the same principle of Heians: small side; long straight, straight is back. Returning there, it is no small side, we just do a U-turn and two Shuto. Here. I will do … … back. I’m from there, it will be good. Heian Yodan !!! Yame So you saw It does not seem very complicated to make, but it is still quite technical. We must lift the legs, it is quite natural in made. I do it in the direction you then By cons, there I am going to get … I think that from here it must be good. Heian Yodan !!! Yame The last time there. I had a downtime. It is a mistake. When we shot the second Shuto. There are half a second, a second stop, but not as much as I did. I had a little head elsewhere. Sorry go ahead a little blown. Heian Yodan !!! So we will take it back. You will do the same with me. We will resume the kata butt. I’ll get closer. I budge. Do not worry too much angle of the scene at the moment, the diagram. There will be detailed one by one, then in the end we take the set. Come on! Hello Greet, we will work on the kata. So we will salute once. Heian Yodan. Yoi Now working on the kata. So here we go … … swing. I rotated the moment. My arms are still here as in Heian Nidan. In Heian Nidan, one makes … It rotates, hip rotation and … they send arms. Same, except we do it at idle. Is pivoted, arms with open hands and slowed it sends. Haiwan Uke, right. I have the arm that is … The right arm for now, we will post the other side. The right arm is at the front, left arm on the side like that. A knock like that “Haishu”. The other protective and ready to strike. that is… That is, a parade is a high guard Now I’m ready to strike. In the kata, there are no cons, there is nothing behind. Then, in BUNKAI, there may be … We can add a technique, there may be something or … Short. It’s blocking, but we can counter. We can counter. Okay. The hands As in Heian Yodan, hands do not touch. When we started, we tend to want to make a nice rectangle. So, we want to close. If you close your rectangle, it will never be beautiful. Okay ? It is necessary … Here. That it remains vertical. That it remains horizontal. That is vertical. That is horizontal … nearly. Do not take the spirit level, it is useless. Slowly, it rotates. Normally, the arms arrive at the same time that the position is stabilized. It’s not easy because as we slowly, you tend to be positioned before the arms … We really need when you arrive, it is shrinking and … is locked. There is a Kime after. Even if … Even if you go slowly, there is a Kime. We are ready to strike. Then, when one turns on the other side arm, they fall. The arms fall. The look turns there. The look turns. … And the arms go up I take that one to the forehead and that one like that. The arms come here. The arm out like that at 45 ° forward and there. This one, it goes like this turning. Okay ? From here, I see often that’s Beyond that, we will go Juji Uke. It has not yet seen the video, but I will soon video. I will make a video on Juji Uke. Juji Uke !!! In part there it directly. Beyond that, I have hips, leg goes there to zenkutsu-Dachi. So I have my position that goes there, but the hands are back. Both hands remain behind and find themselves here over the shoulder. We go down a bit since relaxes made. We go down a bit since relaxes, it falls directly. Directly But not as I see sometimes … It’s not that… It is … Is directly. From there, I spend zenkutsu. hip rotation. I’ll do it like this. Here. thence hip rotation. I push my hip there and I move my leg there. In fact, the hand movement of the hip. The movement from the hip and do not fall. Basically, that’s it. To avoid falling, I just lean on that leg. That’s it. I come The hand movement of the hip, one relies on the legs there. Rotation on the heel. I like that and I turn. The arms remain there. Come on, we’ll do it together a little because it is often a mistake. I reflected how? it bothers me to put it in reverse So you put arms in the air. We will do it in both directions. Like that, it will go well. Arms in the air, I rotated. Come on, you start with me. I … … turns It is from there. It starts there. First, it is believed the movement. The arms, we let them down. Movement, the arms fall. Movement, the arms fall. Hip rotates. Movement of the hips and arm. Movement of the hips and arm. When the movement of the hips, the head turns. I’m still a … You have surely seen in the videos, I really fault. I tended not to turn my head before. For me it is useless to return it before. Once again, I am almost late. I used to be there and I look that turns, but the head of the time, he a little late. This is a default. Yes and no because I can not know if I turn my head before. If I do, I hurt my neck, I do not see the point. So me, if I have an attack, I will not lose half a second to turn his head. It here for example, I see the camera. I head there, but here I see the camera. I see that the camera does not attack. But if it’s a kick that happens, I’ll see that it’s a kick. I do not need to watch it. I turn. If it was not a kick, I’ll do something else. when I see really what it is. I do not know if you understand what I mean, but be careful not to … People who … We are not chickens. These are chickens that are … Here we are, it is the body … it goes from there. Come on, I stop my parenthesis. Shifting. I come again. Shifting. I come again. I slightly lifts the front foot. I lift the front foot to rotate. In Kokutsu, I tend to be resting on the front. I will not make the other side not to confuse you because, in the kata, you’ll complain. Then, simple, I advance Morote Uke. Return to video. There the two arms simultaneously. I take arms here and arms there. This one forward, one too. A… I push forward. Then, I’ll … I lost the name of the position. In short, it does not matter. Here I come to the slightly bent leg, almost taut, well position. here is pressed. The arms come Kamae. I have the leg that is slightly raised Okay ? From there, I Jodan Uraken and simultaneously Jodan Yoko Geri. I know there are some who do not Jodan. Normally it is Jodan, but if you do not get to do Jodan, do not force yourself. It’s no use. You do it at Chudan. It is very good. The idea is: I take care or I have a punch attack. I just hit in the shoulder here or outside. I just remove the arms of my partner and at the same time, knock. I can hit at Chudan or at Jodan. For example here, I strike out or throat. So it is at the same time. At equilibrium, it is not easy. I’m here. I’ll hit there and I bring back. I knock, I bring. My arm is still there. I knock, I bring. The arm rest there. The hip has fallen. I do not let the hip in the air, I go back down. Once I’m here, I open as if I grabbed the face of my partner as if I grabbed his head. And there, hip rotation … Mae Empi. This is the one I told you about in the video Empi. I have not done the Mae Empi. Mae Empi, it looks a bit like Mawashi Empi except that here we try to have the elbow that made a movement as straight as possible. I turn the hips to send the arm, elbow in hand, but not hand in the elbow. Okay ? Do not do that. That is: I come with the elbow to hit in the hand. One imagines that grabs the face or hand was in the back of the partner (On the Empi is not a partner) … Go and knock. And there, hip rotation. What is very important is this: This is not to do that. What we often see: it and that. Okay ? I hit. My leg, I leave there and I fall. Or worse: that, but there I still like that. I just upper body spinning. This is not good at all. What is needed is both decompose. I hit with the hip comes up. I ride my hip there. I go back down and I turn. So hip it made: She is coming up. I hit. It descends and rotates. It turns a little like we did earlier on the heel. Completely like we did earlier on the heel and I just receive in zenkutsu Dachi on the leg there. Okay ? Kamae I’m on hold. I hit Yoko Geri Jodan Jodan and Uraken Mae then Empi … Empi Jodan Mae. Then Here, there are several versions. There is a version, it depends experts. Some will rotate directly on this leg to hit. I did not learn that way. I learned like that when we do Kankudai, but in this kata there is my leg before just get under my center of gravity. So I hit there. The front leg is placed on it. You see, made, I do not move. My body stays here. Here there I have my pool is there. The pelvis rotates on site turns in place and I just put my leg there. The leg rises. Me, I tend to not to raise it. I admit, it’s a fault. I tend to do that. In fact in the waiting time, that’s it: I get up and knock. Of the … It Then once you are there you raise your leg. Not too much. I tell you, I lift the leg … You know what I think, go see the sunrise knee. For me, this is the time when I swing the hip, as soon as the leg rises, she leaves But hey, we’re not going back to that. go ahead From there I slightly leg lifts. The same. Same principle, I rock my hip, I Yoko Geri Uraken. Yoko Geri Uraken. Jodan Yoko if possible. here The hand rest there, it opens. There by cons, I slowly, then it will not. This is turn on the heel. A two We continue. There I am always in the right line. We just made the short sides there. But right now, I keep on the straight. In fact in this kata there, the short sides are in the middle in the right line. They are not end. For cons, I’m here. I just hit Mae Empi. Remember Empi, hand like this and not like that. For maintenance history of the shoulder. It takes the hand that way. I hit. Return to the “Empi” video. My arm falls Gedan Barai, open hand Shuto Gedan Barai. The other arm up above in Kamae ready to strike protection. And there I will rotate my hips. It’s my hips that swivel and … My hips are rotated I Shuto Jodan mawashi. Until then, or cheekbone. From there, I take care when I block a kick. I just hit the face in protecting me. There, it gets complicated, but done, it’s not that complicated. It will do it again many times. I go back because I think I’ll be out of camera range. From there, I’m hip well underway there. It’s really like to Gyaku Zuki. Hip … The phase hip, see Gyaku Hanmi. Front Shomen or even Gyaku Hanmi. That is to say in the opposite direction. Hanmi, right Shomen, Gyaku Hanmi. I will do. Thus, the hip is forward. She asks only that, pull the leg from the ground. I Rock hips. I Mae Geri Jodan I hit Mae Geri Jodan, but my arm did not move. I bring back. I do not do it. And I fall. I hit and I bring my hip. I hit and I bring my hip. Here, I’ll push on the leg. Go forward Tate and I Uraken, Tate Uraken but version Otoshi. That is to say falling. But at the same time during the movement, I just hang here. I’ll block. At the same time, I hit and I block. I hit and I block. At the same time, the arm that has just hit there, it goes over the head and strikes Otoshi Tate … … Uraken So I’m like that. A two I finished in position Kosa Dachi face. My hips are facing. My foot looks ahead and the other foot comes just land behind. You see. Like that. So none. A defect often seen, is this: a two three There is not just that. In the kata there, we are not on the side, it is facing. Do not turn your hip. You will hit Mae Geri. Now before you go, and before that front. There, it is rather hip rises. She comes down. She climbs on Mae Geri and she comes crashing to the position. We descend by pressing Osae Uke and striking Otoshi. Go. We start again. a a lot of strength here and down. We just hit the ground and knock down. I’ll stop there. Video We’ll bisect because otherwise the video will be a little long. We’ll cut the kata in two. I remake a video of the end of the kata. What we’ll do, we’ll do it together. I’ll put myself through because if I do like that, you’ll see my back. I’ll put myself in the sense there. You put whatever you want on camera or … So we will take up half of the kata. I think there, it should be good. I’ll get here. Heian Yodan !!! Yoi Ichi or Ichi or Ichi nor … Ichi nor … Ichi, ni, san So there you remember the Kiai. Okay ? I did not come out too because I was counting. Go. It begins again. I’m going back a bit because I feel that there I am a bit out of the field. I see myself more to the camera. Again, I am outside of the field. I’ll get there. Here, it should be good here. So we rebuilt it again. Heian Yodan !!! Yoi Ichi Or Ichi or Ichi nor … Ichi nor … Ichi, ni, san … with Kiai falling. OK ? Then we will return … But we’ll see in the next video. Thank you. Start reworking and reworking the entire first part of Heian Yodan and we will see the second part the next time very soon, I think. Thank you. Goodbye and see you soon.

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  1. merci pour la vidéo ça va me servir pour m'entrainer pour mon futur passage de grade! merci infiniment =D

  2. Merci immensément pour toutes les ressources que vous mettez à disposition !
    Grâce à votre blog, j'ai commencé le karaté, c'est dire s'il est inspirant 🙂 Il y a un travail de titan là-derrière, et personnellement j'admire.

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