Karate – Jodan Age Uke [Karate-Blog.net]

Karate – Jodan Age Uke [Karate-Blog.net]

Hello. I welcome you once again karate-blog.net, clear and net Karate. Today, we will work on a new defense technology. The last time we had seen Gedan Barai: blocking down. Now we will see Jodan Age Uke: blocking up. So as I told you, “Jodan”: this is upward. We had seen Jodan, Chudan and Gedan everything down. So Jodan is over. “Age” means:
ascend, Up. So Jodan Age Uke: it is a upward blocking. We can also say: Age Uke. Since that Jodan and age, it’s a little redundant because they say the same thing: going up. So it’s Jodan Age Uke or Age Uke. I have always learned Jodan Age Uke, but I know that some say just: Age Uke. So Jodan Age Uke: Upward blockage. So we will detail the blockage. I’ll back me for you to see well my arms. When I’m over. We’re going from the position … So there, you can work, you do it in front of me. We start from the position Hachiji Dachi. The arms here. You will have the arms forward in front and which is cross ahead. Cross front. No matter the order. I’ll tell you, with Jodan Age Uke, there are passing by, there are passing behind … whatever. The arms cross front. The arms cross in front and there is a rising. Initially, we will not take care of the first arm, we will take that which Jodan Age Uke. The principle: you mount your hand the hand is turned towards the sky, towards you. I turn as possible to the sky. To the sky and when the hand reaches almost to the chest, you will start to mount the arm turning at the same time. We start again. I come, and there only, I rotate the wrist and I ride together elevation of the arm and rotation of the arms arrive at the same time. The arms above should not be here. This is not your fist stops, this is the forearm. It is with the forearm we stop. At the distance, you should not be too high as this, you do not need the arm away. You ride up and it’s as if it flows over you. You break but you have an angle about 45 °. And in the direction where the arm is moved away from the equivalent of two to three fists. Not too far, not too close, We will resume. The arms one after the other. So you resume mirroring, and you start with your left arm. I ride. I start again. I bring back. Then we will both arms simultaneously. I bring back. I bring back…. You did see ? This is very important: we need your forearm scans all part here. Often when we begin, I have seen beginners who do that … There, if you have an attack to the face you see, I do not hang at all. I do not remove it. We need your arm sweeps there. Must evacuate your arm up everything that happens here. Everything that happens here, it wicks up. We will now do both arms at the same time. So, I’m having the pre-blocking. I have the first arm comes up. The second, the arms cross at about the height of the neck. The arms are crossed, I have my first arm which Jodan Age Uke as we saw earlier and the other just pull Ikite. There, now we’ll move on. The arms cross at the neck. There is a rising and that always looks to me, and only then, I pivoted and I fall. I pivoted and I fall. Ichi Ni San Shi Go Ichi Ni San Shi Go Then a small important detail, Finally, big important detail : what I told you earlier, must arm looks as much as possible up when you are here, and it is only there that it pivots. Often I see it : there, the arm is already shot, and that. not hard to see who does that with Jodan Age Uke, they do that. And then when you do that, you have only the deltoids working. So when you are here, if you put your hand on the shoulder, you will feel at the moment when you do that, you have the rotators that work simultaneously. And when I’m here, I turn it up the wrist and my elbow. As also do like this … I then lifted the elbow, turning the wrist thanks to the rotator cuff. This will enable to accentuate, to come and help, to add to the arm of the lifting force. rotation we will add it. And besides, when you get to the end, the shoulder is completely locked down. So it’s very important not to do this and that. When you do that, you lose a lot of energy and more, what you risk is to unlock your shoulder. In case of strong typing, you shoulder hurts because it is not locked into place. While, if you made the rotation at the same time, the shoulder is locked down. The shoulder is locked down. So that’s very important. We will resume. I do my pre-blocking. One two three four Ichi Ni San Shi Go Roku Ichi Ni San Shi Go Roku So we will try to study a little what happens at the hips. You should know that as in all technical, energy goes from here. The energy goes from the belly, the Hara. So there, that’s not my arm goes up first. What happens first is the same as for Choku Zuki: a vibration hip. Vibration of the hip, here. And it is this vibration that will take my arm upwards. This vibration will take the arms up. There, by cons, unlike Choku Zuki where it remained front, it will rotate to finish in position Hanmi With Jodan Age Uke, we do not stay front but is Hanmi position. That is to say that you will have a hip forward: one that hit, and hip to the rear that pulls in Nukite. We take back. So there, consider this: the energy is there, we are ready, we place a vibration. And this vibration will push my arms up, as if you were a “Uppercut”. We push the arms up as we saw the other time with Ura Zuki. I ride I ride like I’m making Ura Zuki and I turn. I rotated. Ichi Ni San Shi Go Roku Ichi Or San Shi Ichi Ni San Shi Yame So we will continue the exercises, starting from the position hachiji Dachi and we will move forward Jodan Age Uke. We will do blocking Jodan Age Uke forward. I ride the left arm, right arm starts to rise. I ride the left arm rises. Once the arms are crossed and I Jodan Age Uke. Crusaders and I make Jodan Age Uke. While there, I’ve broken down but when you do, you should never stop. It’s not that : one two It is a complete technique. My goal is to make Jodan Age Uke. I have the arm that mounts to pre-blocking, and the second that strikes Jodan Age Uke. We will try. The hips will move ahead. before we go forward to come good root forward. I rooted forward. Ichi for now, we do not go too fast. Ni San Shi The other side. Ichi Ni San Shi the first left side is taken for you. You did see ? I do not do that, I do not do: One. Two. I do everything together. When I move, the arm goes up, the other is already beginning to mount and arms begin to rise, and the arms intersect approximately in front of the face. I shoot well, I grow well on hip at the same time. I continue my hip thrust to impact and finish Hanmi. I pulled well back, the shoulder blades are close behind. So I get it back for good to come to the strength in the arm. Come on, start again. Ichi a little faster. Ni San Shi Go Roku The other side. Ichi Ni San Shi Go Roku Ya me Now we will do the same exercise, but we’ll do it in reverse. Jodan Age Uke is a defense technique, so you may make more often backwards. So backwards it is the same principle: when I move the arm just before pre-blocking, arms crossed in front, and then I pushed on the hip. So when I say that back to back, be careful, it’s not why I’m asking you we must not go backwards. But it must be more about staying there. In fact, you need about staying there and come put your leg in the back. Your back leg, zenkutsu Dachi, it will come crashing into the ground to be able to send energy in Jodan Age Uke before. I told you that the energy share of more center. So it’s been a system like this: energy hand and presses into the ground to come up. It is based in the ground to come up but I do not completely back. At my position, I told you zenkutsu Dachi, your weight is roughly a third of the position. You see that in fact my body weight does not shrink much. My center when I Jodan Age Uke in zenkutsu, recoiling leg my body was there and going on here. It is not going away. So, do well, pay attention to this: not to over backwards. Get the idea more down rather than retreat. I go down. I go down, I do not hang your head, I do not do it. I always stay with your back straight and go down. Come on, start. So I’m going to work at first with the left arm, and you, you’re with the right arm. Ichi NI San Shi Go Changing arm Ichi Ni San Shi Go We start again. Ichi Ni San Shi Go The other side. Ichi Ni San Shi Go Yame Blow a little bit. I’ll do it in the sense there for you to visualize a little better, but you remain face. So there is a clarification I wanted to give you. I told you the arm, the forearm should rotate at the last moment and not turn back. As I told you when you rotate the arm like that, it will tend to lock you by the shoulder internal rotators there. And if you turn your arm too soon, if you force the lock too early, you will have the shoulder that will lock immediately and it will slow the rise of the arm. It does not take that rotation slows the rise of the arm. It must shoulder locks on the end. It only locks on the end. And there, we shake, we just add up the climb. So that’s what I told you with the rotation. Think about it, when working, when accelerating, not after a while, come with your arm that does that and goes. No. Remember to turn the arm well up from the beginning, before you ride. Come on, resumes. right arm for you, left arm for me. Ichi Ni San Shi Go arm is changed. Ichi Ni San Shi Go Yame Yasme So we just work Jodan Age Uke by advancing and retreating. We will now take what we did just now in the position hachiji Dachi and you try to feel a little: when backing example. When backing up, you press the back leg. We will try to do the same on hachiji Dachi. When I ride my arm, you must feel the support on the leg there. That does not mean that your weight here somewhere. It means that the force down here. The force down here, it passes through the body to come in the leg. You must feel your heel sinks into the ground. The heel there that dig into the ground. Lets’ go. I begin with the right arm by you and the left arm. Ichi Ni San Shi Go Roku We start again. One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Yame I told you: you have the power to leave the stomach, it is a vibration of the hips. And from there, the vibration hand up and down to the ground. It does not tend leg but relied on the floor at the same time you climb. I hope that all these exercises have you liked and you have brought something. Come back to review the Jodan Age Uke, for details and to work. Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this video and give you an appointment for the next video karate-blog.net on the crystal clear Karate. Thank you and well the next time. Goodbye.

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  1. le karaté est clair et net! ce qui n'est pas le cas de l'image sur cette vidéo XD
    Mais j'adore toujours vos vidéos, sensei Bandelier! 😉

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