Karate : Kihon avec Mae Geri [karate-blog.net]

Karate : Kihon avec Mae Geri [karate-blog.net]

Hello and welcome. I’m Bruno Bandelier, the Karate teacher on the net. And today we’ll make a Kihon with Mae Geri. So we will work much legs. Many Mae Geri, So you may be a little sore thighs. If you did not heated, well, go warm up using “ABC overheating”. And for that matter, try to warm up the legs, heat the iliopsoas and stuff good for you, place your mallets. Here. And then you come back on the video and attack. So Mae Geri, I will still remember quickly. Well, this video there, it will be especially designed for brown belts. So here, Mae Geri, logically, you know how. But I still prefer to talk about it a little bit, I redo you a small point quickly. And then we work and makes Kihon. So Mae Geri. It should, if I put my face like that, you go up. So many people tell us, “we must lift the knee.” Do not think so much knee lift. The problem of knee lift is that we tend to do that: lifting and tilting immediately his hip. What’s needed, that is shed in fact, Unload for you … must be grouped as much as possible, this joint one, to be able, once you’re there, to be able to make this rotation … swing Mae Geri. Okay ? So then, you do, here for example, when I have the leg behind, I’ll come here and then switch. Okay ? Well, it is almost the same time, but it takes is: as soon as possible, together. Gather as soon as possible to balance the Mae Geri, for, once you’re there … So it raises the knee automatically. Lifts his knee, but … how I can tell you? Do not think: “I get the knee immediately,” because we do this: we tend to want to lift the knee, and after that, the course of the hip, the tilting of the hip: it’s too late, it’s done. It must be, once you’re there, we do it together. We do it together and hip we advance together, to send the Mae Geri. So your level: brown belt, we’ve already started to push a little further. When we are … Beginners are taught that, in general, we learn: I get up, I rock, I hit, I bring back, I ask. You are going to really hit, and go before. Okay ? Do not stay too … You hit and you really engage your body, without letting go. Do not fall, do not fall especially, but cons, you really commit his hip. You really must go, we must not … we do not pretend. Someone knocked. Okay ? So, we will get in Yoi. We’ll do a few sets of Mae Geri simple: I ask before. And then we will make a series of Geri Mae: I ask before, I put on the side, we will do many things like that. Come on! It starts Hidari Kamae. Ichi. So we advance Mae Geri. So I go up and knock. Do not go too fast in the beginning, this is not an obligation. There are no speed requirement. Even if you are brown belt, as I told you: to place your first Dan, it is the first rank. It is a grade where we will ask you basic techniques. Kihon is the basic techniques. We do not ask you to be super fast. By cons, it is necessary that each technique, when I hit, it is necessary that the examiner he says: “I would not have wanted to take.” Okay ? If you arrive and then that … the examiner, he laughs. Okay ? But if you get like that and … I will soon, but in the end, there is nothing at the end, well it’s the same: he laughs. Okay ? So you must have this awareness that this is the Kihon. The Kihon is the basic work. We do not ask you to go fast, but we request that each technique is put, really, like it: as if your life depended on it. OK ? Come on! Let’s go ! Mae Geri front leg, before I ask. Ichi, Ni Mae Geri Chudan you for now. Ichi, Ni. Mawate! Ichi, Ni. Ichi. Mawate! I’ll put a little bit in that direction for you to see a little in that direction. Come on! Ichi, Ni, San. Mawate! Ichi, Ni, San. Mawate! As you see, I do not let myself be carried away by my technique. I do not do it. I did not fall. Okay ? I hit and I just put my leg. I can hit and lay there. Okay ? I can hit the back and overtype. You see ? I can hit, but I back right away and I am in balance. Well, when I know I’m going to ask before, I have the body slightly forward, but I’m not leaving it. I still have my body, up, bust should always be on your pelvis. Okay ? So when you go, your pelvis will be forward, but the bust, it should not be there. It should not be like that. Always flat. I always say the bust, we must set it on the basin, ask her joints one over the other, her vertebrae one on the other. The bust, as you would imagine a statue that stands on its base, that there will be the basin. Okay ? All the seat of the body. And you really need to always keep the bust above the basin. This is the pool that you move when you travel, but the bust him it stays on. So even when you hit, but there are times when I Mae Geri, I lean slightly back to me, it’s just because my center of gravity, as I send leg there, my center of gravity, if I want him to stay above the bust, I am forced to lean back slightly, but I do not particularly do that. Okay ?
If I go back bluntly, this is called: “Nige”. I already made you videos on it: on the principle of Nige, having a body part leaky, a body part which is contrary to the art. Come on! We take back. Ichi, Ni, San. Mawate! You will also notice that my feet do not move. Look ! Finally, do not move, I understand myself. Ichi, Ni. You do not need to have the foot that does this: the back foot that rises like that. The back foot, the one in front at the start, then, when I leave, it will turn slightly because this is just a matter of motion of the ankle. He turns slightly, but you hit, you push with your leg and you push. I always say: you push on your heels, because if I do not say that, people do that. But in reality, actually pushed, on the foot arch. It really pushes the full distance. It grows on the full foot to cash, so that if one strikes, energy comes back into the ground, come in the leg. OK ? Come on! We continue. Ichi, Ni, San. Mawate! Turn right hip when you hire Mae Geri. There, at the start, I push. I push into the ground. When I push the fact floor, it allows me to, that is, sending technology. It allows me to send it. Come on! I sent the technique and once I’m there, I’ll switch my hip and send my hip forward. Send out your hip forward. Come on! Ichi, Ni, San. Mawate! Small clarification on my arms: my arms do not do that. Okay ? It can, we can do that if we decide to do so, for time to give a little more strength to send the body. It can strike. When one hits a Mae Geri Kekomi example. But in most cases, it is not good to do that, because there really is discovered. The… You do not know ? Here is Bob, I know it’s wrong … because he is kind, Bob, with me. But usually it’s not Bob’s in front of you. It’s not a bag. Okay ? When you swing a Mae Geri, you’re not sure it will happen. You are not sure, he will not stick you in a. OK ? So you have to hit, but “I’m still here, I’m here.” Okay ? Your arms, they must always be there. Similarly, you need to hit, and as I said just now, to bring the foot, it is also for that. This is because if I hit, I let tense, it will steer him with my leg. Okay ? It should not be … Do this: knock it back right away, and to arm you always have. Your arms should do that: they just change. You change of guard, but they are always there, always ready. Ichi, Ni, San. Mawate! Ichi, Ni, San. Mawate! Well, we’ll put in the sense there. Now I do it on purpose, I’m on a line. What is needed is your feet, they always hit the same place. If you have an opponent in front of you, it is not once there, once there. Do not do that. Well, the brown belts, in general, do not. But now, the time when one is Kihon, some people, If you do not see an opponent in front of you, some people tend to think only of the technique, and they are there. He does … OK ! This is Mae Geri. Except that there’s nothing in it. He breaks free, it hits here. Greenhouse is here is tightened when it strikes, it really puts the force between the legs, and shot from the center. A person is vulnerable in its axis. If you hit him in the arms, legs, it’ll hurt him. It will be if, when you do a bend here in the legs after, we will be much less beautiful in combat. I agree. But she’s really vulnerable is: in the shaft. Okay ? So there we will begin and you hit every time in the axis. Always the same place. Imagine your opponent and hit you in the axis. OK ? Mawate! Come on! Ichi, Ni, San. Mawate! Ichi, Ni, San. Yame. Yasme. It blows a little, you can drink a small blow. I’ll also enjoy to drink a little bit. Besides, you will see on my YouTube channel. I made a little video on hydration. So go see her, I will explain why you should drink. Why it’s absurd not to drink throughout a course. That, my course does not last very long, but when you’re in the club, an hour and a half is a long time. Avoid staying half past one without drinking. If your professor requires you, that’s all. At that time, you moisturize well before school. Huh? OK ? Check out this video where I explain things a little. So now we will work on site. It really is… the basic stuff. It goes like this, and now we will make Mae Geri, and I rest behind. Okay ? Come on! Mae Geri, I put behind. Ichi, Ni, San. Whenever I do, I’ll be times when I’m a little unbalanced, or I put myself too far back. It does not matter. What is needed is to progressively and we progress and improve. Okay ? It does not matter if you do not do many times, if you say, “this is not good, yet it is a Mae Geri, I am a brown belt and I should know to do this right. ” Oh ! No ! Master Funakoshi, his Zukis, he began to say, “I feel my Zukis”. It was, that he had more than 80 years. So we have time. OK ? Come on! Mae Geri. Ichi, I put behind. Neither, therefore, there is rather a Mae Geri Kekomi. I’ll get up, hit, so my leg comes here, I look up and there I pushed like: I came in a tube, I ressortais. As if my foot, he comes in a tube, it appears. A bit like a Zuki. Okay ? My foot goes here and there, I just go in and out. OK ? Come on! Ichi, Ni, San. Ichi. We change. Ichi, Ni, San. Ichi. We change. Ichi, Ni, San. We change. Ichi, Ni, San. Imagine your foot falls that spring. As if it is a spear. I come not to do: and it falls. I just go in and out. And go out. I knock, I come. OK ? One enters it spring. So, Now we will do our Mae Geri leg forward and put behind. So it’s like that. Okay ? You are like that, and you go … there it is: lift your leg, it slightly comes crashing down on the leg there, to hoist one. One up, one strikes. Okay ? One shot back is pulled. So there, we just put his weight on it, knock and we set forth. OK ? So there I am like that, I just hit and I put back. So I just hit and I put back. Come on! Let’s go ! Ichi. We will do it backwards with one foot, one after the other. A Kihon upside finally retreating. Come on! Ichi, OR, San. Ichi. So what you should not do, then I did the second, I did a little. That’s it: come set foot there to hit the wall. It’s not that it’s bad. It’s there, it’s not what I asked you. What I ask you is to feel your weight just slightly behind, but as little as possible. And then, once you’ve hit, pretend you lean, as if you push and you pull your hip back. Come on!
Mawate! Ichi, Ni, San. Ichi. Mawate! We should see me there. Now… Now what we will do: I start like that and I’m going to hit, turn my hips and put on the side. Okay ? I knock, I turn my hips, I put on the side. Come on! Knocking back leg. So here you can not do that and fall. You have to hit and keep her leg, to be able to hit, back. Part I back my hips, well, it’s a bit like we did there, be smitten and brought order to bring his leg behind. Okay ? So, I’m going to hit as far as possible, and bring my hips to take him to the side. Come on, I began right leg I left front leg, I hit right leg and I just lay on my right. Come on! Ichi, and I ask. Ni, and I ask. San, and I ask. Feel good this hip that pulls and rotates. Look, I have to hit, bring my hip and then back the other way. My hip doing it. It toggles there. When I do that, it rocks. She goes forward to kick, and it goes back to not that I balance myself out there, and rotates in that direction. OK ? I was like that. Ichi, Ni, San. Yame. side is changed. One breath. We see that it’s summer. It’s hot in here. Come on! I knock, I bring back, I turn. So here I am right leg in front, I kick with my left foot, I bring, I turn, I ask. OK ? So I remind you: I’ll switch my hip. So here, once I pulled my foot, I switch my hip and I send it forward, I find myself back in balance. Then my hip, I send no longer there, but I turn it like that and I put behind. We need really, the level of your hips, you must be … that’s it, that. Your hips: never blocked. They are… You lock the moment of impact behind. So all technical, once I hit, Once I hit my hip there, I must hold to be able to draw back. Come on! Ichi, Ni, San. Ichi, Ni. I wanted to shoot. See that? This is quite a typical thing, when in Kihon. There, I stop to talk to you about, but it does not matter. It should be in your head, you said: “OK, then I made a mistake, the next move, I will not do it again.” That’s what’s important. Kihon he used to teach. Except when you pass the exam, it is sure that it no longer serves to learn, but it is a consideration. But Kihon you do, you is to learn. So doing, and repeat, and repeat to become unconsciously competent in the area that you are still learning. Come on! Ichi, Ni, San. Ichi, Ni, San. Yame. Yasme. So now, let’s mix some stuff. So we will do … I think. We will do… I knock before I ask. I hit back, I bring back. I knock, I return. Okay ? So back leg: I knock, I put in front. The same leg I hit, I put behind. The same leg knock, I put on the side. OK ? And then, well, we continue and running. Come on! Ichi, Ni, San. Ichi, Ni, San. Ichi, Ni, San. Ichi, Ni, San. Yame. side is changed. Come on! Ichi, Ni, San. Ichi. Excuse me, I start one. Ichi, Ni, San. Ichi, Ni, San. Ichi, Ni, San. Yame. Yasme. If you are fit, please continue to work in rotation to continue working on this Mae Geri. There, now, work is going to do … We do not talk about … If some reactions. How could I tell you? What I’ll tell you, that’s it. That is to say, I’ll tell you: front, rear or side. and when I tell you before, you must leave immediately, without thinking, and make me a Mae Geri. Okay ? When I tell you, back you go, you make me a Mae Geri. When I tell you, hand you blow up and you make a Mae Geri. In all three cases, you Mae Geri. Except you’re not going to ask the same place. Let me explain. When I tell you to … OK ? When I tell you, next … And when I say to you back, ask yourself behind. Okay ? The outbreak is the same. But only after you are gone, he will have to work with the hips to bring his body. To bring back his body and place. To bring back his body and put it behind. OK ? Lets’ go ! For me, it’ll be a little easier. As I say, and logically, I think at the same time, I guess. I guess it’s easier for me. Come on! You frankly, when you hear: before, do not expect me to say: Ichi. It was before we part. In front of… Back… So sometimes I tell you three times: back three times: side. Whatever. You do not know what I’ll say. And every time you put your leg, you do not ask questions, if it is, if you are that one or that one before. Each time, you go with the back leg. Okay ? Come on! In front, Ichi. In front, Ichi. Side Ichi. Rear, Ichi. In front, Ichi. In front of… I can not. Rear, Ichi. Rear, Ichi. Side Ichi. So every time, enjoy. There are some who ask me how do you … to train when you have no place. It does not matter. There, for example, I find myself shifted, I move a little bit and come back. Okay. Okay ? You shift and you start depending …
You shift and you start depending on: the table and chairs that you have around you in your home, and sometimes it is not obvious. Come on! We go and continue. I will make good … No, I’ll go on. Yeah, come on! Side Ichi. Side. Back. In front of. Side. Side. Back. Back. In front of. I turned. Side. Side. Back. In front of. In front of. Mawate! Yame. Yasme. So therefore there, what we must understand is that, when I tell you to call, to go to, or go … Finally, ask to ask or behind. In fact, you have to work the same way. That is to say that every time, you really need to be grouped to engage the hip, and it’s not because you’re going … This is not because I tell you before, need to knock away if I tell you behind. It should be that every time you, you well engagiez your hip, and knock. Even if I ask back, knock. I ask before I hit, but it’s not my leg that goes. It is not me… Finally, it’s my decision, not my leg. Okay ? It’s not my leg that starts and I’m going. OK ? I hit… So when you practice then, I tell you, train you, ask someone to … to say: front, back, side, front, back, side. And you, every time you try to have the same feeling, to have this feeling that you hit and you control your leg. You hit and you control, it’s yours. She just served to hit, a bit like when you put a punch, you do not do that. You strike is: I hit, I return. And there, like, your leg: I hit I return. OK ? Listen! I hope you like this video. And it will allow you to progress. Do not hesitate, finally, repeat it fairly regularly to work your Mae Geri. And now, you will progress to the As. I say “very soon” on karate-blog.net and Karate 3G. Bye !

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  1. Grâce à vos cours sur YouTube Bruno j'ai obtenu ma ceinture jaune en Mai 2019 en route pour la ceinture orange un grand merci.Je travail sur mon 3 et 4 kata un peu d'avance ne fait pas de mal pour mes prochaines ceintures.Vos cours nous aide énormément tres précis tres claire tres puissant.

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