Karate – Taikyoku Nidan [Karate-Blog.net]

Karate – Taikyoku Nidan [Karate-Blog.net]

Hello everyone, and welcome to karate-blog.net, clear and net karate. So today, we’ll do our second Kata of the trilogy Taikyoku, So: Taikyoku Nidan, the number two. So what I suggest you do, if you do not know, is to go back to the video Taikyoku Shodan where there is really details the Kata by bit. There, we will see something today Taikyoku Nidan: it is exactly the same. So that’s why I suggest you go see the other because this is exactly the same. We will not review everything. The only difference are the Zuki that instead of being at Chudan, will be at Jodan. So there, we gonna try to see today, this is to be careful about Jodan Oi Zuki not having the shoulder that goes like this. Okay ? Not to do it and to have the shoulder remains locked down with contraction of back then sideways, down. Here. Down, the arm is pulled down and yet he rises above. So it’s easy to look like that, but it is often beginners, Here, they put a fist above. Something else also have to be careful, beginners tend to do that to me. Well, not to me, to do that. That, to do that, to put Zuki there, especially children because children, they see you put a Zuki at this height and they want to put the Zuki at that height. No, what is needed is that you put Zuki Jodan at your face you not the face of an opponent who is taller than you. When doing Kihon Kata or, you have to imagine the opponents of the same size as you. Okay ? So when you go, Jodan Oi Zuki. Jodan Oi Zuki you go and you hit at your face you. Okay, you hit at your face and not there. So that was just a small detail. I will like to Taikyoku Shodan, I’ll do the Kata face. Then I do the Kata back and then we will once gently. And then, I tell you, we will not go into details since it is the same as Taikyoku Shodan. So you come back … see you return Taikyoku Shodan. Go, therefore, I’m going to do the Kata face. Taikyoku Nidan! So you see? Exactly the same as Embusen Taikyoku Shodan: a large “I” short side in the straight, short side and then a return. This is exactly the same. I shall now make Taikyoku Nidan upside, like that you have it both ways on your video. Taikyoku Nidan! So, for Taikyoku Nidan. It is again once together gently, just to try to see some details. So what I’ll do, I put myself back to you, like that, you put yourself at your screen and working in the same direction. Here ! We salute. Taikyoku Nidan! So there may be imagined to pivot on the heel. the arms are grouped … it crosses his arms to come there and we turn the hips to come down. Then by that, we do Jodan Oi Zuki. Jodan to face. As Taikyoku Shodan, we will … it is on a small side, I turn over the shoulder and I Gedan Barai, Jodan Oi Zuki. Now I’m going in the direction of the straight. I turn over the shoulder, Gedan Barai, One : Zuki, two, three. There I am at the end of the straight line So, I stopped turning over my arm there, but I turn there. I come to group. That, I group and I turn. one two. I’m at the end of a short side. one two. After a short side, I’m there, I group. one two. one : Zuki, two: Zuki and three: Zuki. I’m at the end of the straight, I turn there, one, two: Zuki Jodan. one, two: Zuki Jodan. And I come back in the middle. I bring right foot, left foot, put me into Musubi Dachi. I greet and back, left foot, right foot. So, we’re not going to drag on it because I tell you it is the same Jodan Oi Zuki. Remember to take it to the shoulders. The shoulder down, like when you hit the face level. That’s it that’s all. Otherwise, go back to the other video for everything rotation since we had worked on rotations. Here, So, thank you having me still followed to this video Taikyoku Nidan. So we will soon Taikyoku Sandan, number three of Taikyoku. And then later, we’ll see the second trilogy, let’s say, of Taikyoku: those who were taken by Mr. Henri LEEP. The first three Taikyoku invented by Master Funakoshi. Here, then, we’ll see after the other. So now, there are two trilogies of Taikyoku. So, thank you and appointment gives you for an upcoming video karate-blog.net on the crystal clear karate. Thank you. Goodbye

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  1. Très bonne pédagogie.
    Après plusieurs années d'indisponibilité, je dois reprendre le karaté très bientôt et cela me permet de réviser mes katas et de comprendre certains détails que je n'avais pas saisi. Encore bravo pour vos vidéos !

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