Kardashians Without the Internet

Kardashians Without the Internet

– Are you serious? I didn’t even know that could happen. Okay bye. – Who was that? – Mom, she said the internet is like gone. – Gone? The internet doesn’t just go. – Something about satellites
being down across the city. – What did you guys do to the internet? – We didn’t do anything
it’s down for everyone. – Fix it. – We can’t we just have to wait. – For how long? – We don’t know. Alexa, how long will the internet be down? Wait. Go fish. – We’re playing poker. – Guys. – What are you doing? – It’s a selfie. – Okay. – You have to leave a like or comment. – Cute. – Are you being sarcastic? – Always, I usually put a
heart emoji to cover it up. You really didn’t know that? – Blocked. – Seriously? – I’m blocking you. You don’t exist to me anymore. What about you Kourtney? – Here, send it to me. – Are you gonna repost it? (photo tearing) (telephone ringing) – Answer it. – No way, you answer it. – I don’t want to talk to people Kim. Are you crazy? – I literally just don’t have the time. – I only take emergency calls. (fax machine printing) What are you doing? – This is how we can text. – That’s a fax machine. – It’s the only way we can
communicate with people. – Whatever, anything’s
better than calling. – Let me send a message to Ye. – Keep it simple. Don’t make it long and stupid. – I love you. I hope you’re doing okay. I’m always thinking about you. – Now what? – We wait. – Did we seriously do
this before the internet? – No we had someone do it for us. – Now I know how blue collar workers feel. – I don’t know what that is. (computer fax printing) – He’s faxing back. (computer fax printing) – Jesus. – It’s done. – What’s his response? – He said K. – Wow. – Kanye’s just one of those people who speaks louder without words. – I don’t think so. What’s wrong with her? – Only five characters left, better start a thread. – She’s having a breakdown. – I’m not breaking down you
stupid bitch, send tweet. – There’s no twitter. – Don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot, I’ve got booty hoe pictures, send tweet. – Khloe there’s no tweet to send. – Unfollows Kim. – What? – Oh shut up, I’ll
follow you again tomorrow and blame it on a glitch
that doesn’t exist. – I wish I could livestream this demise. – I can’t do this anymore. – The internet will be back soon. – Says who Kim, the news? – [Kim] Well–
– We don’t have news anymore, send tweet. – Oh my god stop saying that. – How am I supposed to
be passive aggressive about a private matter in public now? – Why don’t you just tell us how you feel instead of tweeting it Khloe? – Ugh I can feel myself becoming irrelevant with every passing second. – You are such a baby. – [Khloe] I can’t feel
anything anymore, send tweet. (water splashing) (Khloe sputters) – Do you feel that? – Okay girls the internet
should be up and running now. Girls? Why are the lights off? Oh my god. (zombies groaning) Oh no. Girls look, the internet is back. All your social media,
thirst traps, it’s back! There, all better. (phone notification) – It’s about time. – You know it really wasn’t that bad. – I know right, I think everyone should
unplug at least once a month. (typing)
(notification beeps) (bass music) – [Kourtney] We’ve got some merch. Go buy our merch. Listen if you want to. ♪ SiM ♪ ♪ gM productions ♪ ♪ SiM ♪ ♪ gM productions ♪ ♪ SiM ♪ ♪ gM productions ♪ ♪ SiM ♪ ♪ gM productions ♪

100 thoughts on “Kardashians Without the Internet

  1. i think we can live without the internet once a month
    me:NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WE CANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

  2. When you asked alexa how long the internet would be down for my fricking Alexa responded very loudly. Keep in mind my alexa hasn’t been responding, it like broke. You guys FIXED MY ALEXA 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Kim :what about u kourntney?

    Kourntney: Here send it to me

    Kim: are u gonna repost it?

    Kourntney: RIPS IT


  4. What are you doing ?
    It’s a selfie
    You have to leave like or comment
    Are you sarcastic
    Always are usually put a heart emoji to cover it up BOOOOOM

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