Kendrick Lamar Attacked By Blogger | BOSSIP REPORT

Kendrick Lamar Attacked By Blogger | BOSSIP REPORT

Peace and blessings my sisters and brothers. It’s Janee from Bossip I want to talk to you guys about something that
happened over the weekend there’s a woman on Facebook who goes by the name of
Rashida Marie Strober she happens to run a Facebook page
called dark skin is beautiful now there’s absolutely nothing wrong
with that we love our brothers and sisters of all shades however she seems to have a
problem with Kendrick Lamar now you may have heard Kendrick recently
confirmed he is engaged to his high school sweetheart Whitney Alford. Whitney happens to be of the lighterskinned variety and Rashida has a problem with it. she took to her Facebook page in an angry rant and says well well well well would you lookie here
another fake conscious mutha fucka exposed I will never support him nor his music
was one dime of my money and encourage all dark skin women not to
either well the good news is there’s not a lot of
people who agree with Rashida. They see the ignorance of her comments and are
saying things like why do we care who he sleeps with, why do we care who he marries as long as he’s happy about it a lot of people say really nice things
about Kendrick he said stuff like people loyal to the soil he wants to stay true to his girl who’s been down him from day one before he had any money and a lot of people
applaud him for not just hopping on the latest video vixen Instagram hottie or what have you she post up another post this time saying I
see calling out and exposing self-hating fake black men who speak
about consciousness but date and marrying non dark skinned women brought you haters to my page well share this
mother fuckin post these type of fake coons are the
worst the worst. Dark skinned is the essence the true blackness
and if these fakers were really and truly conscious they would marry dark skin
women you pissed? Good. so as you can see Rashida seems to be getting more and more angry. Do you think she’s
justified in her anger or is the woman just looney bin Make sure to leave a comment here and for
more news like this log on to

59 thoughts on “Kendrick Lamar Attacked By Blogger | BOSSIP REPORT

  1. She's just jealous. For some reason black women dont like seeing the black brothas dating light/white skin.

    I seen this first hand with the homies


  3. I'm dark skinned I don't care who he is marring especially if she was there in the beginning don't lump all people together like we have one brain.

  4.  I think she's a disguising, angry women who is in a position to shape minds in a positive way but instead is racist to her own, she needs to hand over her Facebook page so someone more responsible and less small minded. Black is beautiful regardless of what shade of it is. I love to see people who are empowered to uplift their race even in a small way, but there's a very big difference to empowering and uplifting and causing separation and hatred for our own and other races. I personally couldn't care less what Kendricks fierce is, they are happy and have been together for the longest that's cute af!    

  5. No she is not justified in her anger. Whether his girl is light skin or dark skin, I applaud him for sticking by a woman who has been by his side from the onset. I applaud him for his actions!

  6. She is entitled to her opinion no matter how ignorant it may be. But my question is why does she care? How does him marrying someone affect her life?

  7. She doesn't need to be so worried about who kendrick lamar is dating ,I think she's ignorant and racist and needs to put her efforts towards something more positive and put down that glass of haterade she's drinking

  8. She's just a bitter, insecure bitch. At least Kendrick's fiance has been with him since high school and before the fame and fortune, he didn't dump her for no video ho or some Instagram model so this Rashida chick should be grateful of that. I doubt she even have a man herself because of her insecurity and bitterness.

  9. She's beyond ignorant. She obviously thinks she's fighting the good fight against colorism, which is truly sad.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many dark-skinned black women think they are the only victims of colorism, while constantly spouting ignorant statements suggesting that light-skinned black women aren't "really" black. Hypocrisy and stupidity are not a winning combination.

  10. The female sounds bitter and she was very tacky in her post rant. Much blessings to Kendrick and his fiance! If the idiot did her research she would know that we as melanated ppl come in different shades and styles. We are unique. Everyone isn't black as chimney smoke or light as khaki but are still melanated if they came from parents of African decent. Tell that bitter bitch to fall back and sleep.

  11. I kind of agree with Rashida but I think the Kendrick Lamar situation is a little different than lets say a Kevin Hart. Kendrick has been with this woman for 10 years since high school, its not like he dated a dark/brown skinned woman then when he got famous decided to date a light bright.
    But a overwhelmingly majority of rich, successful, black men dont date full black women women let alone a dark skin woman! If most black men had money and were successful their would be a lot more single black women than their already is. So I feel Rashida, she has a valid point and a lot of black women feel the same way.
    And lm tired of black people trying to claim every light skinned person as black, yall are insecure and just happy black men are not getting with white women as much anymore (at least she's not white, look like she has some black in her.) This is a screwed up way of thinking as if you've surrendered to light supremacy. Look in the media, the whole entire case of Empire is light skinned, the main black woman in Scandal is light skinned, Beyonce is praised because she is light skinned. You dark skinned sisters don't see whats going on!? And you're just sitting back and accepting it!

    Mark my word in the near future these light skinned and half breeds will gain full white acceptance and they will join white supremacy to oppress the dark skinned just like the Irish and Italians did. And most of these light skinned women dont even claim to be black, at least not publicly but black women continue to say their black, I bet if you ask them what race they are I bet they won't say black only.

  12. An upper class educated dark skin woman is more like to get with a white man than a black man, because black men don't like them, which I find sad.

  13. In black movies who's always the main love interest? The light bright half breeds. Come on my dark/brown women stop settling and stand up for yourselves. Team Rashida!

  14. THERE IS NO BLACK RACE WITHOUT DARK SKINNED BLACKS. Rashida Strober you are a true warrior of our race in a day and age where our enemies are systematically calling for our extermination. The true solution for the problems that race us as a race IS BLACK EMPOWERMENT through the building, sustenance and proliferation of a BLACK ECONOMY that will must must exist SOLELY for the well being of BLACK PEOPLE. Thus there can not be a strong prideful black race with THOSE who possess the true blood of our great race devoid of pride in that blood and unwilling to proliferate it into further generation. THUS why I give my unending support to this warrior of the race just, everyday our enemies through their media are perpetuating the idea of blackness consisting of every half breed abomination born of a non-black parent (white, asian, hispanic or otherwise) with a black traitor. It's time to define and clarify who is truly of our race with the descendants of our blood whose own lineage has been compromised via the Maafa following those whose blood is true and with all half breeds, bi-racials and those whose percentage of black blood is even lower than fore mentioned persons, CAST OUT. It's time to thin the herd, gather the willing and proud and cull the unworthy.

  15. Hello my name well not important to you Miss. Janee' Bolden and Bossip. I am a supporter of my long time friend Miss. Rashida. She has not ever said in any of her post that she hates light skinned people. She said that white and lighter skinned is put on a higher pedestal then darker skin people do. And light skinned people are only consider (like Kendrick's girlfriend complexion) to be black cause ya'll are darker then white and its cause of the one drop rule that you are. Am sorry but you wouldn't be consider black beauty cause you are too light brown or light. So before you spread that she has complexion issue read up and look at her page and video. Plus, Mr. Lamar has a song called Fuck Your Ethnicity. How dare he make such a song but he don't care just doing what sells sells. He's a young man who don't know no better. I am with her on not buying his music omw. What my girl is saying is that she can't stand Black men saying they love black women or dark skin women are beautiful but don't marry or date one that;s kind of twisted. Oh please she didn't attack him. She showed him up, on him on front street and better yet. She DISSED HIM BAD. Ya'll hate her for that but thank you. You made her feel good by making this Nationally known. Oh if you wanted to know more about her good friend making this comment. Just write me. I love to hear what you have to say.

  16. So how dark is dark enough for her?  I don't feel she's justified in her anger.  If he dated outside his race it would be a "problem" she's his race and its still a "problem"? GTFOH…Congrats K Dot!

  17. I'm darked skin. And i don't care who dates who. This is stupid. So don't be making comments about dark skin girl hate lights. This girl just has a issue with her self.

  18. If Kendrick was Not Successful,she would Not care,he is a Short ok looking man,nothing special about him….It's not like he's Omari Hardwick now that man is Fine and his chick is Unattractive and White,but that doesn't make me like him any less…..Martin Luther King wife was light skinned does that make him not down with the cause,because his wife was Light…..Dark skinned women like this woman,keep giving Dark Skinned women a Complex about their look….You will never see a Dark Skinned beautiful woman like Kenya Moore complaining about nonsense like this….It always Unattractive women complaining,nothing to do with being Dark it's about Low Self esteem….

  19. Y is he so fake? You like what you like. His high school sweetheart ……he must be crazy. So you can't be socially conscious and be with a light skin woman. ? sounds like the old light skin dark skin prejudice. Take 2 steps forward but our ignorance makes us take 1 step back.
    1 more thing.
    Who gives a fuck who he marries….he dosen't pay any of my bills or yours. Or does he?

  20. I can understand her anger, though I think it is misdirected and grown into something she can't and/or does not care to control. Look at the majority of famous African-American men and will see that they often date and marry fairer African-American women or outside of the race all together. As an African-American woman, I clock it, but I don't let it get me all hateful and twisted up because I am free to do the same. For me, the concern comes up when people date outside their race as a follower and perpetuation of stereotypes and manifestation of personal insecurities. But in this case with Kendrick, he has shown he is "loyal to the soil" (great saying!) and since they've been together for so long and through such formidable times is their life, it shows that they are together for all the right reasons. LOVE + LOYALTY. So looking at the big picture, we should commend Kendrick for being A GOOD MAN and not waste time getting caught up in a trivial details. I hope this woman can learn something from her hate and hurt and be a positive advocate for our people.

  21. let me answer another way ..if i'm a black man , and in all my raps or songs i let the people know that i'm conscious , always mentioning chocolate skin , the darker the merrier , always alluding to dark skin , and not once saying i love your light skinned tone ..wouldn't you say that i'm a fake if you find out I had a light skinned fiancee for 10 years ? my question to you is , why did I keep it a secret ? if i said dark skinned woman , i could as well say light skinned woman .if they are part of the spectrum ? why would i be silent ?.and if I had said it in a song like this wouldn't you mind ? :::: i love my light skinned sisters , they are the apple of my eyes , they gave me a reason to live , oh surely there must be a God somewhere …if there's nothing wrong , tell me who did something like this or closer ? and the song is loved by dark ones and light skinned ones alike without any friction..? let us be real ! that's why the dark sisters said he's a fake conscious artist ….not because of the fiancee per se .people love Beyonce , Faith , etc..and many others ..

  22. Isn't she defeating the point of it? Color shouldn't matter in love. Why is it because he's black that he has to date someone who's his shade.. can't it be that he wants her because that's what he emotionally wants?

  23. Willie Lynch syndrome.  What world have my people been in.  In case you haven't noticed all shades of black are being killed in this white supremacy system.  Wake my people (Hebrews), it is time to put these petty differences aside and come together.  Zephaniah 2:1 Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired;

  24. Besides last time I checked black people come in all shades. Dark , light, caramel, whatever, don't define your souls contents. I think the world could be a beautiful place w/o that dumb shit being added to the equation.

  25. This just fuels the in-fighting. Dance puppets, dance! Be happy she's black and move on with your life, black love is beautiful — but, more importantly, you have no business policing the romantic partners of black men or black women. The woman's a divisive fool.

  26. I hate when black women think black men is their property like u don't own these men there for they're free to do whatever they want!

  27. Hmmmmm….. I think she's hurt and offended. All shades of black are essential. My family is a mixture of the fairest to the darkest. I think she's upset due to his exposure of dark African American ladies in his video's (which I love), while his boo isn't dark. But, my question is, are you upset because she isn't dark (enough) or doesn't appear to be black?

  28. This Bytch stupid .ain't like he went n got him a white woman ….n what's wrong with that shyyyyt nowadays some of these white woman more "blk conscious" then some of these young. Sistahs. N at the end of the day treat a dude a lot lot better .I bet she has no man , I bet chu that

  29. So.
    If a black men does not date a black dark skinned gir they are fel hating?
    That literally makes no sense, AND This is his High School SWEETHEART
    they have known eachother for years .. lets drop her and date some random dark skinned girl. No.

  30. Some Dark skinned chicks are shooting themselves in the foot with this bullshit. You're not entitled to have a black man, or ANY man for that matter!! How pathetic is it when you have to shame a man to like you?!
    This reminds me of the episode when Dave Chapelle plays a "Black werewolf." He's upset because he feels no woman wants him because he's "Black" but in fact it was his shitty werewolf attitude that turned women off.

  31. She's nuts! I'd like to see her boyfriend or girlfriend and ask him/her to get with the programme and cover this girls mouth up!!

  32. She on that same shit Whitney Houston Shove up Bobby's Nose
    No disrespect to Whitney Houston she the Best
    R.I.P Whitney Houston

  33. Shes just a typical bitter bit_h. Im a dark skinned BW who happens to find WM very appealing regardless of backlash i received. I support interracial dating 1000%. If hes happy with Whitney good for him.

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