Keychain Junk Journal Flip Through And A Look At My Gnome Home

Keychain Junk Journal Flip Through And A Look  At My Gnome Home

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Where the
Gnomes Live. Today I’m gonna do a video for you that’s a little bit different
than I normally do here on this channel. I recently started making junk
journals and I’m gonna do a flip through of a junk journal but it’s not gonna be
either of these two. These are two that I just made recently. I’m actually gonna
flip through a journal that fits inside this match box, (and) of course because
we’d love miniatures here at Where the Gnomes Live, right! So if you don’t know
what a junk journal is you can look on YouTube and just type it in, there’s
thousands of videos out there and tutorials. So I’m going to do that flip
through for you but if you’re here from the Facebook group, Junk Journal Junkies, I will quickly show you my dollhouse that I keep talking about and
then you’ll see where this is going to end up. And then we’ll get to the flip
through. So there’s the monsterous house that I keep referring to and my posts, the
gnome stump house. This started in 2014 I have it’s in constant progress. I keep
adding rooms. Just when I think I’m done I’ll add another room. There is a video
tour here on YouTube. I have a couple, actually, the latest one I did was last
year so I’ll put that one in the comments and you can have a look there.
There is 16 to 18 rooms now, so, since that tour it has changed some. And you’ll
notice that in that video it’s furnished downstairs but I have since changed the
downstairs. But go and have a look, and, I just wanted to show you the library or
the personal reading room I should say with all the books in it. I’ve made
everything in this house myself, the books included. I have a thing for
miniature books. I just absolutely love them. So this miniature junk journal, that
I just did, is making my heart feel a little bit bursty (laughs) Okay, so let’s get to
that flip thru, shall we! You can see this little journal is just
bursting at the seams. I don’t think I could fit anything else
in here and I just love that. It’s one signature sewn together and a fabric
cover. Forgive me if I get the terms wrong as we go along. I’m new to junk
journaling so I might misuse the terms. There’s a tuck spot with a journaling
card. And the word, thinking. I got these words that you see all throughout the
journal, I got them all from a Charles Dickens book. And a pocket that I hand
sewed myself and did a very messy job at that. And a little letter I wrote
when I was just a little girl, resized it, and put it in there. And a clear
pocket this has been glued to lace. I don’t know what this material is. It was
just in my stash. It glued nicely so I just made clear pockets. A little
journaling card .. All my pull-outs will have this little piece of fabric glued on top
and that’s to make it easier to grab and pull out. They were disappearing before I did that. Disappearing inside the pockets. And a postage stamp with a
fox on it. And these tags are just adorable. I love tags anyway but these
miniature ones are just the cutest! This one opens up and uI put the word dream in
there. Another pocket. Postage stamp with a strawberries on it. Fabric collage from pieces from my trash
can (laughs). And the more of that clear paper glued over scrap paper. I just cut out a
beautiful image of a butterfly, stuck it in there. And another tuck spot with an
image I printed off online. Just a variety of mushrooms I printed it off on
coffee stained paper, roughed up the edges to make it look a bit older. And
another pocket. I tried to pass this one to the sewing machine and failed
miserably because it’s just too tiny. And another pullout. And this one has the
word Church on it. I chose the word Church because my mom is actually in
this book, and when she was a little girl she loved Church so I thought
the two go together. I’ll show you my mom she’s up here a couple pages ahead. Oh
and this here is a flip out and this idea for this type of flip out I got
from Amity Bloom here on YouTube and she has the same type of thing in her
journal, a few of her journals, with this color on the outside and then this
colored pocket that matches on the inside there. I just thought that was a
brilliant thing so I had to include it. And inside is a little letter that I
resized, printed it off, and (stai..) glued it to coffee stained paper. And you can
actually read that with a magnifying glass. I wrote that when I was 9 years
old to one of my aunts! Another pocket pull out. And here’s my little mom! That’s a
piece of lace glued over scrap paper and the cutest little tag made from a real
photo of my mom when she was just three years old. And on the back I put three
words that made me think of her. Goodness, patient, and love. Definitely all three
things could describe my mom very well. I’ll keep it safe, tuck it in there
Another flip out. Inside is just different things, the word connection and a
tip-in. I believe that’s what they call it. I tipped it in with a piece of scotch
tape. and a fabric flip out. (I’ll show how to punch out words inside shapes towards the end) oh and here’s another flip I would I
glued that to that clear paper again. So you can see the image on the other side.And
last one, a flip out made of a collage I made. And the end! So there you go, my
first junk journal flip through. I absolutely am, head over heels, in love
with this little thing. Um… a couple ideas for you. You could make it into a keychain for
yourself, or a journal lover in your life. What a fun little gift to open, I think. I
would absolutely love it if someone made me something like that. Or it could also
be used as a charm on the life sized journal. This one actually matches, I used
the same material for both. Um, yea ,as a charm, or, make it for your dollhouse
library like I’ve done. I know my gnomes are just gonna absolutely love e that and
I can’t wait to see what they put in there. So I’m going to show you one more
thing before I go. Those words in there, umm, there was a heart, there’s a couple hearts with words inside and I’ll show you how I got those. So
what I do to get that little heart shape to punch out the word, because
you can’t see it if you do this, right? You can’t see it. Turn it over and it
becomes like a little window and you can isolate the words that you want. There’s
a word on here I want to get actually. It’s the word friend but it’s too high
for my punch right now because it it’s just too high up in the page. I’m just
gonna trim this . So where is that word? So you just isolate it, there it is, friend. So those of you who like to pay
attention to little details like that, there’s an idea for you. So thank you so
much for watching I hope you enjoyed that flip through. I’ll see you soon!

50 thoughts on “Keychain Junk Journal Flip Through And A Look At My Gnome Home

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