Kihon : enchainement n°1 []

Kihon : enchainement n°1 []

Hello and welcome. I’m Bruno Bandelier, Professor of Karate of the net. And today, I’ll do a little Kihon. A really easy to Kihon … you will work this week. I’ll try to do regularly, once a week. I know there are many commands on the Kihon. I’ll try to give you an example of Kihon. So it may be no videos … Since it will stay in fairly short videos, I think. Maybe it will not complete the course. But now, it will be examples. I will give you some advice, and then after it will be: you work for yourself. So a little basic Kihon. That simple ! You do, you chain: defense technology and Oi Zuki. Okay ? So a defense technique. So Hidari Kamae, one warns. A defense technique, we will start with Gedan Barai. Gedan Barai, Oi Zuki. OK ? I turn around. Gedan Barai, Oi Zuki. You see ? Very simple. You make as much return as you want, you can work it for five minutes, for example. Then you make Jodan Age Uke, Oi Zuki. Jodan Age Uke, Oi Zuki. Jodan Age Uke, Oi Zuki. OK ? So important, in the first Gedan Barai, Oi Zuki, there, there was not too much concern because: like my arm was tense, I have my préblocage, I already did. I Gedan Barai. Okay ? Oi Zuki. Here ! Because Gedan Barai, that’s it. In the second: Jodan Age Uke, So there after Oi Zuki, my arm there, it must rise above. Because Jodan Age Uke, it is not just that, that’s it. … Okay ? So there must be mounted arm … voila! OK ? So, like, you are five minutes: Jodan Age Uke, Oi Zuki, Jodan Age Uke, Oi Zuki. Okay ? Being careful with your préblocage, you do not interfere, but do not just do this … and this. Okay ? It really is… Once you have made your Oi Zuki, you must raise the arm. Okay ? Mount the arm to strike. Then third exercise, you do Uchi Uke, Oi Zuki. So in the same way: we advance Uchi Uke, Oi Zuki. Uchi Uke, Oi Zuki, advancing. So there Uchi Uke, right. Okay ? You must reach out, take your arm here, turn, tender, turn, tender, turn. Once we did Oi Zuki, your arm is already tense, so there are no worries. By cons, you can open the hand, that is even better. You open hand, your arm comes here, Uchi Uke, Oi Zuki. Is opened, it is the préblocage Uchi Uke. everything is opened by taking the hand to the belt, Uchi Uke. OK ? So, like, you do five minutes. And then, suddenly, you have worked for fifteen minutes. So remember to do your warm-ups. So to make your warm-ups, I invite you Download the guide of overheating: “The ABCs of overheating” which is a mnemonic method so you can warm up very easily. And then, at the end of your session, you can also do some stretching. So by downloading “The ABCs of overheating” I also send you “guide successful stretch.” I will leave it there, you can click it. In both cases, I will send you both … You leave me your email and I send you both. Listen! I hope this short video you enjoyed. I hope this short video, a video a day and then … If I make a small Kihon once a week, I hope you like it, it will allow you to progress. I’ll see if I can put them on the blog, I’ll try. But then, that’s a lot of writing, it’s … I try, but it’s not easy. But for now, here is the YouTube channel. So if you want to receive a video a day, the better it is to sign up for the chain, and I send you a video every day for breakfast, in your mailbox. And if not, as usual, I need your feedback, So click “like” if you liked this video. Leave me comments. If you think this video a friend … you should see it, well, you share it, you send him and then he will be content to receive this video in his mailbox. Or on Facebook, on Twitter … Here, you share what you want. I say “very soon” on and Karate3G. Bye !

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  1. vous pouvez faire une video par kihon avec plastron pour l'examen de passage de grade de la ceinture noire 1 dan
    s'il vous plaît

  2. Bonnes vidéos mais pourquoi n'en faites vous plus ? C'est dommage !
    Il faudrait juste que vous fassiez un petit montage pour une vidéo de meilleure qualité, et ca serait parfait !

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