KNOW YOUR NEWSPAPER | आपलं वृतपत्र जाणून घ्या

KNOW YOUR NEWSPAPER  | आपलं वृतपत्र जाणून घ्या

Do you get newspapers at your place?
– Yes Who all read the newspaper at home?
– Dad and Me Who reads at your place Sakshi?
– Me and my mother But why should we read newspaper?
– Because it has a lot of information Right. That means we get a lot of news and information from newspaper
– Yes I have names of a few newspapers with me. I’ll give it to you. You read it and then tell me afterwards. In today’s chapter, students go through the newspaper, understand the parts of a news I create an opportunity to understand beforehand how is newspaper a part of their daily experiences All these news items are printed in the newspaper Where are they printed?
– Newspaper And so, I’ll be giving a newspaper to each one of you. You all have to go through the contents of the newspaper and tell me, what all did you notice I distributed the same copy of the newspaper among all students And gave time for them to skim through it Thus I got to know what all did they notice in it and then brought their attention to the organisation of a specific news item. All of you have this newspaper?
– Yes Now we all have to closely observe the contents of this newspaper which means
what different information do you get from it, you have to tell me. Have you gone through the contents of the newspaper?
– Yes Nakul, what is the name of this newspaper?
– Sakal Absolutely correct, sit down Janhavi, this newspaper is of which day?
– Friday 31st March, 2017 Correct!
What do you see on this page? – Vehicle
Which vehicle is it? – HERO
It’s hero’s What do we call advertisement in Marathi?
– Advertisement Which page is it? – Advertisement page
What is this advertisement about? Information and advertisment What is this advertisement about?
– Vehicle Right! It is an advertisement of a motorcycle So do we have only one such advertisement in this newspaper?
– No Did you all read the subsequent pages?
– Yes Are there a lot of advertisements?
– Yes Okay, can you see SAKAL on this page?
So SAKAL is the title name of this newspaper On this page, we get to see and read all the
important news and information . See this is a very important news and
that’s why it’s written in bold letters Can you see the bold letters here?
Tell me what’s written in these bold letters? – Price rise of homes. Are the blue coloured words and black coloured
words of similar shape? – No
What difference do you see? – Blue coloured words are big whereas
Black coloured words are small But why did they do this?
– so that we know that this is of more importance What do you think Sharvil?
– This is probably the title of the news Now we are on the last page of the newspaper
Tell me what type of news do you see on the last page? – Virat Kohli Harshada, what do you see on this page?
– Pictures of match What match is it?
– Cricket Do we only have Cricket matches?
– Football
One minute, you tell. And?
– Hockey Yes, Hockey right ,and?
– badminton We get information about all these different matches you mentioned. Now think and tell me, what is this page about? – Sports What is written here, above?
– Maharashtra times What is Maharashtra times?
– Newspaper’s name I have got a news for you to read
from Maharashtra times Now we’ll read the headline of this news – Rahul’s presence of mind… What did Arya read just now?
– Headline Whose headline?
– News headline Read it.
– Dadar, date 29, reporter. Correct. Sit down
Where has this news happened? – Dadar
Okay what does “Da” mean? – Date of the Day
Correct. The same way as we have it in our books What’s the date of this incident?
– 29th To make them understand the structure of a news,
I gave them a sample news. Date, time, place, when, where, how, whom;
I discussed all of these aspects with students Then they took another news and identified different
aspects of the news themselves
thus, affirming their understanding. Now I am going to give a news to all of you. This news about a game and player you like. You have to read the news and answer the questions given at the back. Newspaper is a great tool to make children
aware about print medium In this lesson, students carefully observe the contents of a newspaper, they identify important parts in it and learn how newspaper is a collection of different types of news. The importance of doing this activity is that students get to know the importance of print And this activity helps students move towards reading the newspaper independently.

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