Kollegah & Farid Bang ✖️ 4 BLOGS: DIE JBG ESSENZ ✖️ [ JBG3 ] 1. DEZEMBER 2017

Kollegah & Farid Bang ✖️ 4 BLOGS: DIE JBG ESSENZ ✖️ [ JBG3 ] 1. DEZEMBER 2017

I think it’s too fast, a bit too fast Yea, i guess it’s too fast to flow on it.. Too fast, yea… too fast Yes (both) No, too gangster, i think too gangster. You can’t give emotions. Yea that’s all shit. Next please. Oh Sorry, does not belong there. – Wait, wait, hold on please.
– Sorry, sorry. – No, sorry, the wrong one.
– NO bro, play the current one! Are u sure? – Pretty nice. Yea?
– Something emotional is growing inside me. Ah, now the opening.. It reminds me of my ex girlfriend. Just beautiful Thats it!
Hope the drums do good! For me, theoretically the first single. Oaah.. That’s it, bro ! Finally! Finally we got the set phrase for JBG. Bro, where did u get that beat from? I have to write some bars instantIy. You got pen and paper? Yeah, Kollegah the Boss JBG 3 – We’re back, time has come
– Yea time has come bro. Yes, time has come. Too many wars at the world.. Its not about peace, it’s always about the money, then they only love the cash. They steal the animals’ fur Hard shit bro.. I never thought u can give me this feelings. No homo. … can humanity can get even worser? Bro, thats the shit! You heard that bro? This is JBG 2017, you know what i mean? That’s what im fckin talking about! It has a lot of attention, everyone will listen to it and when we have a positive message at least.. The fans will definitely hype it. Yea i think they do, yea they’ll hype it. They’re getting older too. I mean they grew up with us. Do you really think, they want to see .. stupid comparisons or this fast style. Ah bro stop it, they all grew up, they won’t listen to it anymore. This doubletime parts.. yea all shit bro. Doesn’t matter like technique and shit. That are statements bro. Statements! In the year 2017. Which shatter the earth. Yea. I knew from your pain from the beginning and i think about our first kiss every day. You’re like the oxygen i need to live.. because 20 years ago i gave you a kiss.. Damn bro.. What do you mean? I can tell you one thing. It will destroy everything, it goes straight to the top. Uhm..but the actual concept for the album? and the sound? You know we got 2017, not 2009! We have to go with the time, and we matured too. Well..okay.. Your decision, guys. I think about changing my name into Farid Ben for the album. Farid Ben hmm? Not bad at all? The Bang has always disturbed me, it was way too agressive. Beef and so on.. Ben also my uhh… My favourite singers’ name was Ben. Ah the one with the hat! Of course Ben! Angels..don’t cry. Was a beautiful song, wasn’t it? So Farid Ben. I think Kollegah is a bit agressive too. No it’s actual…maybe.. Maybe.. the friend? The friend. friend? friend. Farid Ben and Friend. And we also displace the ‘Brutal’ in JBG? Yea and i think the ‘Good-looking’ is a bit too arrogant. Young? We’re not young anymore. Older? Motivated? Or maybe friendlier? Older, mature.. Older, mature.. Old, mature, positive. Old, mature, perfect. ALV! ALV. OH ARV! ARV, exactly. Ok guys.. I go and get some food I have another great idea bro. i rap something about oil For the americans, you know. Oh wait a second.. Judy? I want some food too, bring me a grill plate please. For me too please. I give you the money okay? I give you the money back okay? What the heck are you doing, i thought you skipped this shit. Bro i didnt see this for 3 or 4 years. How did it get in my bag? Is it what i think what it is? Look at it, i guess so. No way bro, no way! Ah its just for one person anyway, too bad you don’t have a second one. Let me check if there is another one. Do you remember the old times? Hm, was a heating time. like a bomb back then.. Only one time. When was the last time you took this? One time for the good old times? Ok go. I’m a bit tired anyway at the moment. Ok my friend, show me your arm. That are.. Seven mililitre. In the past we used 10. Oh bro.. Who actually wrote this shit right here? Farid Ben and Friend? Hah? Did Mark Forster write this or what? Damn bro, stop it.. I typed the same shit here.. Holy crap.. What are we doing? I’m feeling strange.. Bro? Stop it. I think it was cheap stuff? The stuff from now? Yea i guess shit.. Where are we by the way? Looks like the Royal Bunker. Haha, i see. Look at the nice dress he wears.. You can’t shut your mouth right? -MOMENT- First at all, i speak Where are we right now? Thats what i wanted to tell now.. Yea, but i speak first. He’s first. And i don’t have a lot of time, i have an appointment at the red light district. So hurry up. You’re not in the position to talk like this. Ok. Make an point dude, like me, when i cum on an indian girl’s face. Just keep it short like Sido, while he faps. Whats up? Not bad bro. Maybe we could use this, write it up. JBG won’t release as long as i live. Uhh we can manage that. Why not? Some other rappers dont want that.. Ok i dont have any nerves to sit here anymore. We take a walk out of this cave and get something to eat. Im hungry now. And how do u want to manage that? Here, your shoelaces. Ah right, JBG3.. well.. Wo-Wo-Wooh slowly! You aren’t in the JBG mode anyway! Why? Cause you guys agree with everyone. Hm, he’s right. I got something, that could help you. What is it? C’mon let’s shoot this guy. The cave has many traps. But if you let me live, i swear i’ll lead you outside alive. Get out dude! That’s the point, right? We completely forgot about that. This is the final boss. I’ll deal with him and you with the rest, okay? You got some Zac+ ? Wait, i take my shirt off for the camera. Its enough! Im too massive to dodge! Dude, just let it out, what the heck are you doing? Time has come.. For your special move. Yo bro, whats up? My legs. My legs are shaking too, but we almost got it. Its the end of the forest, just a few meters… I cant walk anymore ! Pretty tough day right? Ah you still dont know whats in the chest? No, show me! Show me that thing. Ah that’s the key.

100 thoughts on “Kollegah & Farid Bang ✖️ 4 BLOGS: DIE JBG ESSENZ ✖️ [ JBG3 ] 1. DEZEMBER 2017

  1. Nicht mer Kollegah &Farid Bang sondern Farid Ben &Frend Ficken die zene Zec+ Beste Zubreit zum ausweichen ??? Und Testo immer noch nicht genommen

  2. "..die Fans werden übelfeiern" genau deshalb macht an Musik ………..komm hier aus dem lachen nicht mehr raus^^

  3. Yeah gestern vor einem Jahr, gensu an meinem Geburtstag bekam ich dieses wundervolle Artefakt dieser glorreichen lebenden Legenden von meinen Eltern geschenkt – die geilste Box ever!??????

  4. Alizée hat auch einen Song rausgebracht der J.B.G. heißt!
    ….da wurde wohl jemand sehr von dem Boß & Banger inspierert!

  5. Hands down Juh-der ist der beste Producer in ganz deutschland nicht diese Sommer Hit spacken wie jugglerz the cratez miksu
    Young mesh ist zum Beispiel einer der gut ist selbst kd beatz ist heftiger

  6. Kollegah: "Bruder es ist Zeit für deine super Spezial Atacke."
    Farid: "Okay Kollegah hier kommt die arabische Nackenschelle der Verdammnis."
    Beste Stelle?

  7. Ob dieser Zettel auch bei Pulp Fiction in dieser Goldenen Kiste drin war? Mann munkelt herum….aber sicher ist es wohl nicht.

  8. Neues Album von Friend und Farid Ben Alt Reif Positiv ARP ???????oder ARV Alt Reif Vorbildlich auch nicht schlecht ?????

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