(kpop journal with me) ✧ *:・゚happy taehyung day | blankyishtae

(kpop journal with me) ✧ *:・゚happy taehyung day | blankyishtae

*eats breadsticks* oh why hello guys i’m doing the captions for this vid
like last time *flips hair* and if you’re wondering (probably not),
yes, i did get my dorritos baccck ahh fern the succulent is here to join us its taetae’s birthdayyy aite aite aite *plays papillon* oh sorry oops wrong fandom wOw this is so aesthetic although i feel like falling asleep
due to the music, ellie *snores* ever heard of a asian dad snore? it’s a freaking earthquake you
barely survive from i’ve been waiting almost a MINUTE for the washis that are in my
line of vision -_- USE THEM *eats breadsticks* yumm aww i purple you too

26 thoughts on “(kpop journal with me) ✧ *:・゚happy taehyung day | blankyishtae

  1. i just found your channel and it's sooooooooo aesthetic!!!!!
    and hope your hand is alright, i kinda got worried when i saw it ;-;

  2. the captions make me feel so comfortable. and usually i don't dig spreads like cryxsori (idk?) theme because i feel like the parchment and newspaper underneath and such don't go. but you actually found a way to convince me to do it. not that i don't like cryxsori (i still dk) i love her theory things

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