Kristin Reads Her Old Diary Entries • Ladylike

Kristin Reads Her Old Diary Entries • Ladylike

– Are you ready to hear about boys? (whimsical music) – Today Kristin and I are
entertaining Fred and Jen with our old journal entries, because why are we doing this? – Um, because– – Content. – Why not? – So I’ve kept journals on and off from the time that I was five years old, so I have like really,
really silly journal entries. – The fact that you still
have them is pretty cool. – When I was kid, I did it for fun, and then when I became
a teenager, I was like, I must keep notes for
my novel about my life, which is of course very
interesting to others. – I think it’s interesting. – I think it’s so interesting. You have so many funny stories. – Get ready to read about boys
I don’t care about anymore. – I’m ready. – So wait, I have a question though. You’ve moved to different
cities, you just take it, you take all of them with you each time? – I have a box full of like memorabilia from like my life that comes
along with me wherever I go. – It’s like a time capsule of Kristin. – It is, which is very special, but also is as you’re about to see– – I want to see, I want to see! – Very, very stupid! This is the first journal I ever had. This is from, I wanna say 1991. – Wow. – I’m like five or six years old. I’m reading off my phone
because this is a photo. Okay, diary, today I think
I’ll tell you about hmm, Rocky. Rocky and Bullwinkle, uh huh, my first crush
on a cartoon character. – And had the self-awareness to know! – Yes! – You were so… – Smart. – You were so smart as a little kid. – Wow! And then in (laughing) and then in parentheses, duh. – But you know, parentheticals. – I mean really, does that matter? – Does what matter, the crush? – It doesn’t matter that
he’s a cartoon character. (laughing) – I would have (beeping)
that cartoon character. – I’m going to bed with my pretend friend in parentheticals Rocky, so we’re clear. – Bullwinkle’s out of the picture. You guys all need to know that it’s Rocky. (laughing) – I feel like I knew you,
like I do know you now, but I also feel like I
knew you as a little kid. – [Kristin] This is my second
diary, I’m seven years old. – Wait, can we see what the sticker says? – So it says hands off! Kristin Chirico owns this! (laughing) This is March 22, 1992,
so I’m seven years old. – Okay. – Dear diary, I need a life! (gasping) Birdwatching is not me! (laughing) I am a girl, not a watcher. (laughing) – Wait, keep going,
keep going, I need more. – What am I going to do? Number one, stop birdwatching! Number two, get a boyfriend. (laughing) – That’s unrelated! – Number three, get popular,
but that does not help. What am I going to do? (laughing) – I’m a girl, not a watcher! – Why was birdwatching even an option? – I don’t know. – Who was making you do this? – I don’t. (laughing) – I’d rather imagine little baby Kristin being like I’m gonna be a
birdwatcher, god (beeping). – Seven is when I start musing about love. I think Peter is the
cutest boy I have seen. How I would like to be his
friend, I am very pleased. Love, and then in parenthesis,
it seems like a nightmare. (laughing) – Wait. You were so wise. – So wise. – This is my journal I
kep the year I was 13. – Good, yes. Look at those stickers. – Lisa Frank. – Look at all these stickers. – Kristin’s journal, keep
out, for her eyes only. (laughing) – Stickers. So actually this is a very
dramatic time of my life. – It is for everyone.
– Lots of it’s going on in my friend group, I’m
changing all the names. So if I know you, this is not you. I am so confused, I can’t decide whether I like Kevin or Steve better. Kevin is like my confidant,
my friend, while Steve and I like a lot of the same things. – Here comes the pros and cons list. – Yeah. (laughing) – Steve isn’t exactly “cute” however, it doesn’t really matter though. I’ve been thinking a lot
about inner beauty and stuff. (gasping) It is very important. – Yeah! – Yeah it is. – It is though. – Kevin unfortunately has a girlfriend. Lauren is okay I guess,
but she is completely right about how we’d make a cute couple. Steve doesn’t, but I know
that girls have liked him. Okay, weird girls, like Rachel. – Oh my god, we do not give
a (beeping) about Rachel. (laughing) – Actually no, I knew someone
named Rachel in middle school, that’s not, I’m not talking about you. Kevin is contemporary yet still angelic. – Like, what does that mean? Contemporary, he’s a modern man. – A lot of this is me talking about what it would be like to kiss him. – No, you gotta read that. You have to read that! (laughing) Read it! – Kissing him would feel, I don’t know even, almost unearthly. I would want to keep that
warmth by me forever. (laughing) – Yes. This is drama. This is movie. (laughing) – [Kristin] This is from
my journal when I’m 15. – Does it get racy? – It gets really stupid. In my mind, this was like an artifact that like, years later, literary scholars would find this and wonder my intentions when I filled this book with words, so this is what I wrote. – Yes, good. – To whom I bequeath this
book is not yet determined. – Bequeath. Wait. Oh we are in for a treat. – For its many volumes have not yet been spilled out onto its pages, but to those who are not assured that my words, meanings, and
intentions are not the purest of heart felt, do not
take my opening verses as your assurance, for their
eloquence cannot truly compare with the verses to follow,
in which the very core of my heart, no matter whom
it has been captured by is all that will ever matter in the end. – It’s so Shakespearean. (laughing) – Wow. – I’m impressed. – That’s so poetic and lovely. – So I was trying to explain
why this one is like a little bit harder to pick stuff from, because a lot of it sounds like this. Spent most of the day sleeping, I felt a peculiar brooding evil about me and did not want to torment it by arising. – Yeah. (laughing) – Kristin that was like
you were in Kingdom Hearts. (laughing) – Okay, I’m imagining you
in like one of those peasant like white, like nightgowns at a window. – Yeah. – A frock. (laughing) – I decided to write a YA novel about myself when I was 13. – Thank god. – Kristin Chirico lived at a quiet street in a quiet town that
was, well, very quiet. (laughing) She was an ordinary girl with
dark hair and brown eyes. Her only real claim to fame when it came to good looks were the blond
highlights in her hair. – Her claim to fame. – My claim to fame. Her way of thinking was often a handicap when it came to all the other things that so-called popular girls would do. – She’s not like other girls! (laughing) – I feel like I want to write a book called she’s exactly like other girls. – Yeah. – I had a friend named Stephanie
who was like very beautiful like got all the boys, and
I was very jealous of her. Stephanie was exactly
the opposite of Kristin in the way she thought, dressed, acted, or more or less saw the world. Stephanie had sunny blonde hair, blue eyes and a perfect complexion, perfect. (laughing) – Perfect. – Perfect is its own
line, and has a period. – Perfect. I probably thought
Stephanie was hot, honestly. I probably was just like, (growling). I was so gay, and I don’t
know what to do about it. – I’m ready for the coffee
table book of your journals. – It’s like very clear that you were like super intelligent, really perceptive, like a thoughtful kid,
and that makes sense considering who you are now, but it’s cool to see this, because it’s like you were creative back then, you were like
someone who had a lot to say back then, and you
were super expressive. And you were funny, whether or not you were trying to or not. – Yeah. – You weren’t like other girls. You were gayer. (laughing) – Wow that was beautiful. – Lady tested, lady contemporary, yet angelic. – Poet, lorate, of yeah, you– – The only way to follow that
up is to put somebody else under the magnifying glass, Devin. (dramatic music) – You handled childhood and teenage-hood, I do have my Tumblr, which
I kep all through college. It was a night of firsts. Spitted a little bit in my friend’s face. – I did see a lot of (beeping). – Okay this just shows how naive. (yelling) – Does anyone like Daughtry? (whimsical music)

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  1. I love Kristin when she become medieval lady haha omg so funny~ love you Kristin and all the girls, wish you all the best and laugh 😘😍❤️

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  4. Kristin's life advice sounds like an as seen on TV ad once she adds in her exaggerated voice. She most have written very well at 5. I can barely read my 5 year old handwriting! Mine wasnt clearly legible until 2nd grade!

  5. When Jen changes her voice at the end, when she says Devin’s name, she sounded EXACTLY like my favorite art teacher of all time…Who I miss.
    Said art teacher was also gay, like Jen!

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    This is the best way to say you were to last to get out of bed😂😂

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  11. “Spent most of the day sleeping…I felt a peculiar brooding even about me and did not want to disturb it by waking”
    AKA I didn’t want to get up

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