3 thoughts on “LaFontaine-Baldwin Symposium | Stratford Festival Forum 2015

  1. I live in Calgary, and am very proud of our Mayor….and how our amazing city responded after the flood. We looked after each other…because IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!

  2. I love that we get a chance to see this. Mayor Nenshi is not from Crossfield, Alberta, but I am. And while we do have our own Mayor, we take great great pride in the fact that we shop, spend time in Calgary and enjoy the wisdom and intelligence of this kind and gracious man.

  3. Nenshi is a great leader because he articulates and story-tells so well. Challenging us to ask ourselves "to what do we aspire?".

    At the Q&A near the end he quotes from a 2010 speech that that hits it on the head:
    "Too often democracy is understood to be only about elections, momentary majorities. But effective governance is much more than that, what happens before and after elections. How are choices framed and explained? And how is decision making shared so that leaders of different backgrounds can interactively govern rather than small cliques rule autocratically."

    Although he teases Harper incessantly with his great humor, he advises that the key to reaching for our aspirations is to challenge all of the political parties.

    We're likely facing a year or two of minority government. Whoever ends up in the PM's chair I hope they can focus more on the job at-hand rather than partisan politics.

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