20 thoughts on “Landmark Forum Leader David Cunningham

  1. I have a mantra that I got out of the Landmark Forum: this is life "lifing". The whole idea of travel not being your life is so funny and yet we all do it. This video really brings that home.

  2. Great illustration of the distiction between "what happened" and "what meaning we add to what happened".

  3. what a bulshiittt…he is teaching control…even the flight…ask and you shall receive…we do not have that much power…we are interdependent on many circumstances and people in our lives….wow that is scary…

  4. Sad that you see yourself as that dis-empowered. Everyone absolutely has control over your responses and how you choose to react and interact. I hope you find your way to that much self empowerment: Take it from an A-Type personality… that kind of empowerment is truly is the best gift you can give yourself.

  5. when you are waiting for a plane that is not there….being the rational person that you are…please ask for other arrangements..however..you need to learn how to let go of control..if they are not possible to be achieved….sit down..relax…read a book..listen to music…its not being dis-empowered to live in reality of interconnection with others…:)

  6. Landmark's primary and over-riding goal is to make money and to use the participants in their seminaries to enroll family members and friends into taking course..you pay hundreds of $ and then are expected to act as minions for Landmark…frankly you would have to be stupid not to see this organization for what it is.

  7. Critical Thinking(ones ability to contextualize) is the Landmark Forum's version of Original Sin. "Salvation" only comes when you surrender your sense of sense and let Landmark do your thinking for you.

  8. Thanks David! The Forum works! My life is stress free because I don't collapse the distinctions between what happened and my story about what happened! Fabulous life long value out of the Forum! Keep sharing on mainstream, maybe then they will get it too!!

  9. Been around people in this stuff. The act SUPER peaceful on the surface and rage out when they are dealing with others in the cult when they think the public isnt watching. Spooky wierdos.

  10. Having travel anxiety is very common. He is right about keeping yourself motivated and doing things you love on the trip. Be positive at all times.

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