Landmark Forum Review

Landmark Forum Review

– So I’ve just done the Landmark Forum and finished my Tuesday
evening graduation recently. I want to give you a bit
of a Landmark Forum review so that you can get a
feel of what’s involved and what type of people get
something out of Landmark Forum, what type of people don’t get something out of Landmark Forum, and really get a feel for if it’s for you if you’re thinking of doing it or you’ve heard people talking
about it and what’s involved. Because Landmark Forum is
definitely not for everyone, not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s kind of like the same thing that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Not everyone’s cut out
to be an entrepreneur, and that’s fine. There’s no right or wrong,
everyone’s different. So the important thing
is if you’re thinking about doing Landmark Forum, get crystal clear about why
you’re looking to do it. What’s your intention? What are you looking to get out of it? Then hopefully this review will give you a bit of an idea of whether
there are other people who are in a similar position as you, who have got something out of it. If you don’t relate at all or if you resonate more
with the people that, I’ll give you my experience, who didn’t get anything out of it. If you resonate more with that side, then of course, again, that’s fine. You may decide that it’s not for you. Either is absolutely cool. Now type of people that I observed throughout the main three day event who were really getting it and actually making serious
transformational shifts were people like, say,
successful business owner, very goal-oriented, over-achiever mindset, always crushing one
goal, one goal, one goal after the other, after the
other, after the other. But just feeling there
is never quite enough. There was always like a
little something missing, just couldn’t put your
finger on it though. But just a feeling there was
always something missing. That was me. So my intention coming
into Landmark Forum was that I wanted to find
happiness and fulfilment in what I was doing, rather than just setting
the next revenue goal for the sake of it, the next scale goal for the sake of it, or the next travel goal
just for the sake of it. My intention going into
Landmark was to find purpose and meaning and fulfilment in my life. There’s also people who were looking to improve relationships in their life, so whether with their
partner, their husband wife, or their parents, their
children, their brothers, their sisters, their close friends. So certain people who wanted to improve their
relationships with people. They’d have communication breakdowns and weren’t speaking with people
who were important to them. They were people who got
a lot out of Landmark to really rebuild some serious bridges and in the process, kind
of find themselves again. That was really inspirational to see. There were people as well who were looking to start business. So people who are feeling
trapped in corporate careers that had gone stale, or they weren’t satisfied in
the jobs that they were doing. They knew that they wanted to do more, but they just weren’t able to figure out how to make that step,
how to overcome the fear, how to transition from where they were to where they wanted to get to. Those type of people got
massive, massive value as well. Also people who had experienced
trauma in their past. By the way, trauma doesn’t have to mean terrible, terrible,
terrible things happening. It can just be events
that you found traumatic. So for me, a few of the
sort of my things in my past that formed stories were
mum and dad splitting up when I was seven and
being bullied in school. One was even getting shot
down by a girl in school that I liked and when I asked her out and told her that I
liked her, I got rejected and I remembered that
for a very long time. So if you have stories in your past that are defining you
and shaping the actions that you’re taking now, which actually every single one of us do. Like public speaking,
fear of public speaking. If you have a fear of public speaking, why do you have a fear of public speaking? Well it’s because of a past experience that’s defined, that you remember, where maybe you put your hand up in school and you shouted at the answer and the teacher picked you
and you got the answer wrong and everyone laughed at you. From that moment forward you decided I’m never gonna speak in public again. That now defines your future. Your future is defined by
the events in your past that have happened. That means the future is very limited. You’re not actually
living into your future. You’re living into your past. So if you have things in your past that you feel influence what you do now. If you think twice about doing things. If you’re like, “I would start a business, “but it’s too risky.” That’s a story of the past. So that’s the kind of stuff that Landmark helps people get out of the way. Another one was people
looking for love, for example. They were single and
were looking for forming a great relationship with a
new person in their lives, but they’re carrying all
this baggage from their past, all this trauma from past breakups, all these stories. They’re bringing it all
with them into their future and then wondering why
they keep breaking up with people again and again. Or keep finding the same sort
of person again and again. It’s all the past. That’s what Landmark’s about. Landmark is about uncovering all the stuff that is holding us back. Uncovering the baggage
that we don’t even know is there half the time. Then just removing it,
just wiping it clean so that we can move
forwards and actually create a new future for ourselves, without being defined by the past. So one of the biggest breakthroughs
that I personally had. So I fit into the first of
these descriptions by the way. Successful business owner,
ticked off a lot of goals, did the world travelling
thing for 15 months while building a scaling companies online. Been hitting revenue goal, revenue goal, revenue goal, revenue goal. Building out teams, scaling,
but it kind of got to the point where recently a lot of what I was doing just felt quite transactional. It’s all about doing
more of the same stuff. Well why? I’m always striving for something else, but never quite feeling
that I’ve got happiness now. I realised that one of the
things that I was doing, which a lot of us do, is I was setting all of my goals and living in the present
from a perspective of wanting to have things. So what I mean by that
is in the present moment, I’m like I want to have
more revenue in my business or I want to have more
impacts and help more people. I’m like focusing on the having and what I’m saying to myself is if in the past I have
been acting a certain way, i.e. working hard to have
in the present moment more revenue, create more
impact, help more people, then in my future that
will mean I will be happy, fulfilled, or whatever, right? So I’m saying if I act a
certain way in my past, I’m gonna have a certain thing. I’m working to have a
certain thing in my present. That will mean I will be a
certain thing in my future. Now the problem with that, and I didn’t realise this, but the problem with
that is we only ever live in the present moment, right? We can’t time travel. We only ever live in now. I mean, have you ever been in next Monday? Doesn’t happen, right? We live in the moment. If we live in the moment
and that’s all we’ve got, then all we’re ever doing
is focusing on having and all we’re ever saying
in the present moment is that when I have more,
then I will be happy. But you’ll never be happy if being happy always
exists in the future. That was me. I’m always saying that when we achieve this result in the business,
then I’ll be happy, then I’ll feel this way,
then I’ll feel this way. But the problem is if you’re goal-oriented and you’re success
driven, you’re motivated, you ain’t gonna be happy
for more than 24 hours, sitting still without
working towards new goals. That’s kind of the blessing
and the curse of that, is that as human beings, particularly if you’re
really success driven, you see yourself as successful, you’re gonna constantly want growth. If you run the model of if
you do things in your past by acting a certain
way, like working hard, then you’re gonna have certain
things in your present, which means you’re gonna be
certain things in your future, then you will never be what you’re saying you want to be, which
is happy or fulfilled. That was what was missing for me. Landmark helped me flip that on its head and realise where I was going wrong. The way that I’m looking at it now, is that if I set an intention, right? If I set an intention to be a certain way, like I want to be happy or be
fulfilled or whatever it is, and then I act in the present moment in lying with that being,
I start doing the things or acting the way that
I would act or would be if I was happy or fulfilled, suddenly I start to feel
happy and fulfilled. Then the result comes after. Everything that we want, we will achieve if we start being the person we need to be to achieve those results. But traditional thinking,
whatever you want to call it, if you do it that way round, where you want to have something
before you can be someone, doesn’t work like that. It’s like saying, “I want
to have six pack abs, “before I’m willing to be the person “who goes to the gym five times per week.” The funny thing is that
I talk about this stuff on these videos all the time. I know this, but there’s
just something missing, just something wasn’t
clicking into place for me. Landmark was just this final epiphany and they go through
this thing on day three, which is like the conclusion of everything that you’re going through
and all the transformation that these people are experiencing,
everyone’s experiencing. Then it comes to day three and
you get this final epiphany of how we’re looking at life
and looking at the world and then when you get it, and
not everyone does by the way, a lot of people in the room
didn’t make that connection. Some people were like,
“No, this is no way. “This can’t be true, this is not for me.” But if you do get it, you realise that all the stress we feel, the anxiety that we fear in life, anything about not being happy, not being fulfilled, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah, whatever. It’s all completely self created. We do it to ourselves and we don’t even realise
that we’re doing it. I was doing it to myself, I didn’t even realise I’m doing it. We can choose to just let all of that go. Let all of that baggage, all of the stories of our
past that are defining us, we can let that go. We can literally be free
to be whoever we want to be in the present moment. That’s the shift. So I think the key is if
you’re thinking of doing it, if you do want to do it, well don’t do it if you’re not willing to go into it with an open mind. It’s probably better not even
to do it in the first place. Save your money. So like the people who are going into it, they want transformation in their lives, they want to make a difference, but they’re not willing
to transform themselves. They’re not open to the
possibility of change. Those are the people that are
not going to make a change, ’cause you can’t change your result if you’re not willing to change yourself. I should say transform instead of change. So I think the point is, decide why you’re thinking of doing it, what’s your intention for going into it, and just be willing to accept
that if you’re not achieving that intention in your life already, well it’s probably something
that you don’t know that you don’t know. All right? So be open to the possibility of actually accepting new ideas and accepting that perhaps we
don’t have it all figured out. If you already think
you got it figured out and your cup’s already full, then you ain’t gonna change,
you ain’t gonna transform. Go into it with the right intentions. I hope this perspective helps. That was just my experience. Again, it doesn’t mean
Landmark is for everyone, it’s definitely not. Also, by the way, if you
have done Landmark yourself, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it too so pop in the comments below
if you’ve done Landmark. Share your experience. I’d love to hear it, whether good or bad. No right or wrong, let’s just share a true
account of our experience of Landmark and whether it helped us. All right, thanks very much for watching. Hope this helps and
I’ll speak to you soon. Bye for now.

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  1. Have you been to Landmark Forum? What were your biggest takeaways and how has your life changed since attending it? Would love to hear your experiences. Comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

  2. Thanks for this review Dan, it helped me form my thoughts on my ideal self and the possible challenges I face, I can hardly wait for the September Landmark Forum 🙂

  3. Thanks for making this video – I've done the forum and doing the advanced course this sept. My girlfriend has also done the forum, the advanced course and the Introduction Leadership Program (ILP) What I can say regarding intimate relationships is that with this work, when we have breakdowns (which well all still do at times) we're able to much more quickly see things for what IS as opposed to being stuck in an argument or upset for any longer than we have to. This relationship was good before we both had this work but its phenomenal with it.

  4. Great video! Landmark's courses basically teach you how to make certain distinctions in your life around things that are there, but that you are not aware of. (As you said, you don't know what you don't know.) Some of them seem so obvious that when you get them, you want to face-palm yourself.

    The one that made the biggest impression on YOU seems to be distinguishing the past — as you discovered, until that happens, you can get stuck in the vicious circle you described, with the past in your future and you're trying to live into THAT instead of something more inspiring. So now you can BE HAPPY in the PRESENT and live into a future that's given by whatever you SAY, instead of what used to be given by your past. BooYAH! 🙂

    But there were at least a dozen other distinctions presented that you may not immediately recall. That's why Landmark offers a 10-session follow-up seminar for free, as a means of refreshing things that were taught so they're not totally lost. Because conversations disappear.

    So by memorializing your experience in this video of the biggest thing you got out of your Forum, that will help keep that conversation alive for you. After attending your Forum In Action Seminar, I invite you to make additional videos about the difference the other distinctions made for you that you may not remember right now. And I wholeheartedly encourage you to commit to taking the entire Curriculum for Living. You'll be very happy you did!

  5. Did est and then landmark and continually participated for 44 years. The best thing in my life for giving me a life I never imagined. I’ve had probably 100 friends and family so the forum. Thanks for great video.

  6. Love your review, well said. I did the Forum for Teens back in 1993 and since have done the Forum, Advance Course and SELP. These days I love the assisting program and love being on production teams putting on courses.

  7. Great video!

    I was with you in the Landmark Forum too – reviewing it after i've done it in 2016 already.
    And I really love how clear and straight you put what Landmark is all about – nothing more, but nothing less too! 😀

    Greetings from Germany

  8. Hey Dan,
    Love to hear about your experience! I saw you on Tuesday eve, haven't identified why you looked so familiar until now!😂
    As a person who's also have done the Curriculum for Living and still is with Landmark, I can certainly say its a once in a lifetime experience that has shifted my reality on many levels. Its a different way of living that gives people freedom, authenticity and authority to accomplish anything they want!

  9. Great video! Day2's epiphany clicked in for me on day2, ever since I'm already on the advanced course, just creating with an empty future.

  10. Thanks for sharing Dan.
    I’m glad to hear that you found what you were looking for. Also I realised as well that many times we know things at a conscious level, but we don’t really understand it. And then all of a sudden we do and it changes the way we look at life.
    I realised that I have some sort of fear towards getting what I’m asking for. Because as soon as I started getting some traction, I stopped. I needed to refocus and realign so I can realise what I was actually doing. I know that’s my subconscious trying to keep me in my comfort zone. I’m working on overcoming that.
    Any advices with that? Other than just go for it. 😅

  11. Your 'SHARE' here was posted on Facebook's "Landmark Legends" page and I was so inspired, I have joined SFM thanks to you. Enjoy the Landmark adventure and be my guest ONLINE at my Wisdom Course Weekend 3 Social Gathering, where graduates and NON-GRADUATES over 15 years old are welcome to jump online through the ZOOM Platform and inquire into what you like about your life! My experience of The Landmark Forum is shown at and the August Invite and Zoom Link is on noting it STARTS 3PM Sydney, Australia time. SIX FIGURE MENTORS ROCK!!!!! Your new team player Charles Crawshaw #WORLDPEACEBY2020#PASSITON#YOUREIT#WP2020#SHARETHEDREAM#OCEANSHORESTV #BADGEMEUP#CHARLESCRAWSHAW#CAUSINGCAUSING#LANDMARKWORLDWIDE#WISDOMCOURSE#RABBITS1963#birminghamcg22 #Birmingham2022 See

  12. Your 'SHARE' here was posted on Facebook's "Landmark Legends" page and I was so inspired, I have joined SFM thanks to you. Enjoy the Landmark adventure and be my guest ONLINE at my Wisdom Course Weekend 3 Social Gathering, where graduates and NON-GRADUATES over 15 years old are welcome to jump online through the ZOOM Platform and inquire into what you like about your life! My experience of The Landmark Forum is shown at and the August Invite and Zoom Link is on noting it STARTS 3PM Sydney, Australia time. SIX FIGURE MENTORS ROCK!!!!! Your new team player Charles Crawshaw #WORLDPEACEBY2020#PASSITON#YOUREIT#WP2020#SHARETHEDREAM#OCEANSHORESTV #BADGEMEUP#CHARLESCRAWSHAW#CAUSINGCAUSING#LANDMARKWORLDWIDE#WISDOMCOURSE#RABBITS1963#birminghamcg22 #Birmingham2022 See

  13. Sorry – but Landmark Education is Scientology-lite – not a cult, but money money money, buy this course, oh, we have a new tech…and I volunteered for the Forum and was treated like a slave.

  14. Gidday mate, I did the forum and other landmark programs in Auckland nz over 10 years ago and had powerful experiences while doing the forum and follow on programs, just want to give my opinion about doing the forum, I think if your a human being then you can get a lot from the experience, but if your an alien then mayb not, I found the aliens very closed down and full of excuses, so we’re bored, tired or felt ripped off for paying for something that wasted their time, just wonder if they are like that in their day to day lives, anyway one of the breakthroughs I got was how we are only ever two ways of being LOVE or FEAR, unfortunately we live mostly out of fear, how powerful would it be if we could all live from LOVE

  15. Landmark is a self-development program that has helped me allot to improve my personal growth. My friends love it. We have received huge benefits from the landmark forum seminars and workshops. The teachings developed the confidence to pursue my career and healthy relationships. During the break time, we have encouraged people by calling them and sharing the breakthroughs with them. Overall, Landmark Forum is a great experience for lifetime.

  16. Absolutely spot on. The Landmark Forum is not for everyone. Nor is skydiving, marathon running or parenting. All of them are rewarding for some people and not likely a good idea for others. I found the Landmark Forum to be a very positive experience

  17. Landmark is a result driven program helped to understand myself which I was acting throughout my life. Reconnected and reestablished with the relationships with my family and friends. Landmark helped me to gain incredible confidence which was never imagined. It’s more fun with people to get and the landmark program has given me multiple opportunities to develop myself and continue life.

  18. I think the Landmark Forum can be for everyone except for people that require theraphy. Wherever you are in your life, even by merely learning the distinctions of the LF, to realize how your past is in your future and affects your present, learning about the world of possibilities and essentially learning about Landmark technology to get completed in conversations for example, can really benefit everyone. That is partly why Landmark says that 98% of participants benefit from it.

  19. Thanks for this video. I did the Landmark Forum 24 years ago as a grumpy 19 year old with more attitude than I knew what to do with. I grew up in Amish country, in Pennsylvania, and all I wanted to do was leave. My parents got divorced when I was 15, and I blamed them for the fact that I was still living at home, afraid to even move into my college dorm. My stepmom had done the Forum, and she encouraged my dad to have me do it. I went along with it because it was a day off school. So what did it do for me? My life trajectory was dramatically altered. The road I was going down led to me never ever leaving, getting married young, and being resentful. Probably taking a "safe" job that didn't fulfill me. Having a passport that didn't have any stamps in it. And constantly looking out at this life that I wanted, and never going for it. And blaming my parents and my circumstances for all of it. After Landmark I moved to Los Angeles where I got a great job. Then I had a chance to move to London. Then NYC. And Nashville. Then back to Los Angeles. Where I met my now-husband. Along the way my dad became my best friend, and we took a daddy-daughter road trip across the country, and we talk on the phone on the daily. And now I live in Andalucia, in Spain, where I write, have the longest continuously running indie history podcast, and model for my 6 year old daughter what it looks like to chase your dreams. (oh, and she's already been to New Zealand, Morocco, London, Iceland and Paris, and she's fluent in Spanish – we live a nomadic life filled with adventure and laughter, and next year when she's old enough for school in the US we will likely settle back down for her to be stable in school).

    And back in 2003 when my dad and I took our road trip, we talked about everything, and got complete in pretty much every area. Six months later he had heart surgery. When I sat by his hospital bed, holding his hand, I was thinking about what I still wanted to say to him, and there really was nothing there but love. Nothing that was unsaid between us. All that was there was the love. He just got diagnosed with cancer, and he's tough and fighting it, but he's also 78, so it's going to be a journey for him. When we talk now, again, there's nothing unsaid. Just love. And that's a wonderful feeling. I love the hell out of my dad, and he knows, and I know how much he loves me, and we just love each other. That alone is worth a thousand times the price of the Forum.

    So yeah, Landmark is good stuff. I've been an Introduction Leader, and I would hope that everybody in the world can have the sorts of relationships that me and my dad have, and have the life that I have now. Where even though I have challenges, I have the tools to turn them around and make things happen, and I am no longer a victim of my circumstances, but I'm more powerful than them.

    Oh, and I got a new passport in 2010, and I'm fairly certain that when it renews in 2020 I will have run out of pages. So yay.

    Thanks for making your video 🙂

  20. I was struggling and totally confused with my life. Landmark program enhanced my knowledge to get a sense of control over my life and relationships. While in conversation with my friends and colleagues I used to feel superior to everyone. Attending Landmark Forum on my friend’s suggestion and it is a groundbreaking moment for me. I’m glad I took the plunge and did the forum which brought a great difference in life.

  21. Landmark Forum during the late 90’s was somewhat beneficial to me; however, I decide to end after a few seminars. Prior to investigating the Landmark Forum, I was involved with a Gurdjieff / Spinoza Study Group in Santa Monica, Ca. If you find that Landmark Forum not meeting your spiritual and emotional needs, I recommend checking….

  22. Life would be different for sure if I missed to attend the forum. Program has transformed my life completely. Now I have enough power to deal with anything like personal, professional and relationships earlier it was not. After attending the eye opening landmark program which has given me strength to deal with life and relationships.

  23. Great review! I did it last weekend and can confirm it’s exactly as you said it is. Money well spent.

  24. Awesome presentation !
    Had the extraordinary privilege of doing 'EST' back in 1982, then 'The Forum' and updating to 'The Landmark Forum'. For me 'The Advanced Course' was the most fun. It was very reminiscent of 'The EST Training' back in 1982. Really hope the London Centre in Euston is still going strong. Many fond memories of being part of 'The Assisting Program' and being on several 'Production Teams'. Will take a good look at your YouTube Channel to see which content resonates best with me.

  25. I was interested in attending a seminar that isn’t a cult but has features of a cult. Would landmark be what I’m looking for?

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