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  1. Well said. I took it many years ago and would encourage everyone to give it a try. It can help you see things you're missing.

  2. Nancy! You led my Advanced Course in SF at the Wharf Sheraton March '93 with Rebecca Jahorik. Thank you. Never will I forget. Like has been incredible since.

  3. I did the LMF at a huge crossroads in my life – I was a grumpy 19 year old who had a ton of resentment. I can so clearly see the trajectory my life was on. I know for sure that I would have stayed in my hometown and spent my life dreaming about moving away, but never actually had the courage to pick up and go. I probably would have married someone I went to college with, gotten a normal job, had 2.5 kids, and driven a minivan. That is totally great if that's an expression of who you are – I don't want to knock it. It's wonderful if that's your thing. It wasn't my thing. My thing was to travel, to be nomadic, to explore. I left home and went to grad school in Los Angeles, moved to London, NYC, and 20 years after my first Landmark course, I'm living in Spain, with an awesome travel partner, and our three year old babygirl. I know without a doubt, that would not have happened if it wouldn't have been for Landmark. I just applied to have more pages added to my passport – I have too many stamps, and I'm running out of space! Every day I look out at the view from our home in Andalucia, and I pinch myself because this is my life. I may come back home someday soon as my daughter starts school, and raise here where I grew up, but it will be coming back out of choice, not because I was forced to stay there out of my own fears. The Landmark Forum isn't for everybody – but if you're feeling like there's just more to life than what you're currently living … there likely is, and you would likely benefit from seeing some of your blind spots that you don't even know are holding you back. Happy to answer any questions anyone has about this amazing course.

  4. No necessary for all people in their life but i thought this is only for people who had growth in negative environment, Most are essential facts… If you don't join this forum,your life still good … learn more another necessary course in your life for right now ..
    Read the Buddha's Book (How to live with good habits and attitude) … you can learn more than their landmak course.

  5. Just recently did the Landmark Forum and can honestly say, I was severely underwhelmed. They use shady tactics to create an environment that makes you more susceptible to their teachings (i.e. sleep deprivation, hunger, and mental exhaustion). They provide water and two vending machines on a separate floor but you're not allowed to eat in the room. You spend 13 hours in a windowless room with a bunch of hyper emotional strangers (because trust me, they will convince you that those childhood traumas you made peace with? You didn't really make peace with them. You just buried them out of sight, out of mind), you're exhausted because you don't get out until 10pm, then you have homework (which usually involves you having to make a PHONE CALL to someone THAT NIGHT (so we'll call that at least a 30 minute phone conversation) or at least in the morning before 9am, because GUESS WHAT! You're back in that room at 9am. You're tired, you're hungry, and emotionally (and physically) exhausted. Then there's the sales pitch. I don't have $625+ dollars to lay down (my mother in law paid for me) not to mention the hotel (because I live 2 hours away, so my MIL paid for that as well) and then food because you don't have the time to make food, sleep enough, travel, and do the forum all at the same time. They don't give you the rules at the beginning or all at once. They give you the rules in pieces spread out over the first two days. Which further cements the belief that you are wrong and they are right. They literally play on people's vulnerabilities to convince them that they need this forum. It's overpriced and overhyped.

  6. I'm sorry for those who went and got negative out of it. I'm sorry you've limited yourself to a smaller environment.
    I was one of those skeptical ones. I've heard the stories of change but I didn't believe it until one day I found hell on earth.
    I was stuck at a crossroad in life just losing My Momma. I took the leap of faith and took the course. 3 years after the course I live a better life, better mentality, better mind set. what I got out of it was truly priceless.

  7. I see what people got out of it was this.
    you're mad at the sun and moon for when they rise and when they set.
    you dont realize, we have no control over that.
    landmark teaches us how to deal with it, open our mindset and create our environment.
    if you already went into the forum with a set mind set that it's bad or its a scam. you have already failed before the class began. be vulnerable.

  8. What is landmark forum? It is a live-saver! I cannot stop talking about this course since I was introduced to it. A year ago I was considering divorce with my wife. We mutually decided to do the forum and encountered a whole new version of ourselves. I had no idea she was this creative, stunning and intelligent. During the advance course we got closer and discussed our problems without any hesitation. We enjoyed this way too much because there were no judgments. We would meet for dinners, get drunk, laugh & cry, go out for picnics, visit the old age homes. It was the dating stage all over again. We are planning kids now and have realized each other’s values. Our coach played the most important role in our relationship and I can’t thank him enough.

  9. I did EST(Erhard Seminar Training) 1980; EST eventually evolved into what now has beennamed "Landmark Forum"(under the umbrella of Landmark Education. Graduating fr. ESTwas the single most 'TRANSFORMATIONAL' awakening event in my life( bar none). From then on– the world I used to 'know' conceptually gradually & suddenly has never been the same. Life –since then has been more experiencial, more being in the now than in the thought, blissfull or joyful for no reason & many a time unable to put word or language what's so; so much freedom to be; more often than not—simply being keenly & fully aware without being reactive to things outside of my own mind-body. Mostly, beyond words!

  10. I was interning in this fashion firm but wanted to get a job in the fashion world. I was trying my luck since years now but I got nothing. The landmark forum gave me the confidence to keep going. I took classes and got a decent job. I saw a change in my life within two years and its amazing! I owe it all to the forum and my beloved coach.

  11. I was recommended this course by a family friend and story. After attending the introduction course I agreed to do it but had no concerns. I believed that my life was perfect & liked to keep the emotions aside. I was very money minded, practical person. After the forum, I got re-united with my college friends. It was an incredible experience & now I am preparing for the advanced course soon. I enjoy this emotional touch in my life now.

  12. Isn't life supposed to be about happiness and laughter and fun? Well, mine was filled with workload, deadlines & stress. I live with my old parents, am single and have been the studious guy all my life. After school I got into IIT, now have a stable job, old parents, a handful of friends (mostly married) & the only people who love me are my parents and my boss. I hate my life. I was a bookworm all my life and felt like a loser. Although I obeyed every rule, my life wasn't as happening. I had extreme anxiety and stage fear, so my boss presented all my work and took the fame. I never had a girlfriend because my mum wanted me to herself. I was too busy to make time for entertainment. During my weekends I helped my mum in gardening and discussed politics with dad over evening tea. I did join a swimming class once but barely made it twice. I desperately needed the landmark forum in my life. I am now the employee of the year and a team leader. I am also getting married in 6 weeks to this amazing lady I ran into at my school alumni. I bought a car and a new house. All of this within 2 years. Most importantly I am a swimmer and got a tattoo on my back. I also hit the gym thrice a week with my fiancé. Lastly, I will be leaving for my bachelorette trip with my handful friends and cousins this weekend. Landmark forum is an incredible personality development course & I hope after reading my story you will go ahead and do it without any hesitation.

  13. I am a media person and an unnecessary workaholic. I loved my job and since y teens worked and worked to get where I am; without realizing that I lost most of my life getting nowhere. I lost my family and friends because I always prioritized work over them and never had the time! I never even got the chance to actually start a family. This led me to the landmark forum! During the course, I realized that I was after something I already achieved years ago and have been missing out on so much, so I called my close ones and tried to make things right. Now although its just been a month or so I feel relaxed and liberated every day. Thank you landmark!

  14. I am a certified psychologist and have been facing many fears of my own. The landmark forum gave me the determination to start my own consulting office and have my clients visit me here. Since I was a kid, my parents always had strict rules around the house. I had no late nights or hangouts after school or friends. I was the nerd in the group and was bullied for years. Psychology sounded like a field wherein I could connect to my clients, having gone through similar pain. But college kinda got difficult for me after a while, that's when I did the forum. I felt determined to complete my studies and achieve all my goals! I have been recommending this course to many ones of which is my cousin who went through an extremely bad break up recently. She is well recovered now and has become more enthusiastic than ever. I see her bonding with her family again and it makes me very happy. The landmark forum and advance course have never let me down and I have signed my parents up for the next course. I hope they take back the same kind of strength and determination as everyone else.

  15. I had no idea what is it like to have a assaulted childhood. I loved my girlfriend and wanted to marry her but she kept pushing it away for more than a year. She said she loved me but there was something that held her back emotionally. I was aware of her threatened childhood and major assaults by her stepfather but couldn't see the reason why she won't marry me. I broke up with her after our 6-year relationship and it killed me! Within 4 months I started to smoke again, lost my apartment and my job. Nothing was right so my best friend took me to the landmark forum. It was an AMAZING experience. I hadn't felt that alive in months. So finally on the second day, I decided to call her but she didn't answer so I dropped by her place at around 12. We had a conversation till 4, we cried and talked a lot. She spoke her heart out about all those horrifying days and was comfortable enough to share her entire life with me. Now we are getting married in 3 weeks and I can't be more thankful to the forum and my coach as well as my friend. Hopefully, my wife will do the forum soon too and get over the past!

  16. My favorite part of the forum was the second day when everyone received their breakthroughs. I got rid f various rackets and learned more about believing in others. I was a self-dependent person and took all the responsibilities on my shoulders, this got really frustrating for others, especially my husband. I never gave anyone the opportunity to take responsibilities like organizing parties or even paying the bills. The landmark forum gave me the sense to spread the work and trust others, even if they go wrong. Now I am at peace with myself and others.

  17. "It is impossible to believe that a person who was suicidal and was cutting her wrist every fortnight is now an entrepreneur and the #1 student of her university.
    My sister who was going through some issues soon after our parent's divorce did the forum with me. We did feel very stabilized and strong after the forum but she got very determined and started to work very hard. Within a few years, I saw her get into college and get a scholarship. I wanted to settle down after 4 years of the forum and started believing in marriages when my high school boyfriend proposed to me. At that time my sister worked hardcore and studied well. Today she is well settled has her own business and is an inspiration for many. She is not only successful but also very down to earth and knows how to take good care of herself and everyone else! The landmark forum changed a person who was filled with self-pity and gave her a better perspective. It was that positive vision that brought her up from those tough emotional days. Thanks to the forum and all the coaches that helped us grow in some way or the other.
    Now we recommend this course to everyone that comes our way. We know the value and the result of doing a single weekend course and want as many people to benefit as possible."

  18. My question is, if this is about life caching, what is the success rate, documented of course, of people turning their lives around and getting the careers they want, business they started, or moving up at their current jobs to better positions, upper management,making six figure salaries… see life coaching for me is like a Nick Saban and his process, you follow it to the letter and you see results, hard work, sacrifice, willingness to take two steps back to go 8 steps forward and then you are free to go live your life and use or apply those lessons you learned, you don't keep on giving money, actually you never pay money, you work hard and smart, you listen and are honest with yourself… you basically graduate, in a sense to life and stay the course. Does landmark take years to learn and you have to pay massive amounts of money to get to different levels? If that's the case, yuck. Get a good life coach, learn how Nick Saban applies the process and be brutally honest with yourself… you reach your own levels at your place and you don't spook your family and friends… hard and smart work, with being honest with your self and a life coach that doesn't want you to be a forever client… like a momma bird…

  19. The landmark forum has made a great impact in my family’s life. I was very young when I came across the forum because a friend took me to this introductory class, at that time I wasn’t going through any trouble but I still did the forum, later to realize that I had so much going on. I was a perfectionist, but everyday I would just ask myself this same question – What are you doing?
    My father an artist never wanted me to choose any sort of art as a career, he went through the struggles and knew how difficult it is to make money. I studied commerce got a job in a bank. The forum opened my eyes to various possibilities in my life. After the forum I was flying to Thailand for a cousins wedding and I did some candid photography there and everyone loved it so much. That gave me the confidence to start photography after work or during the weekends. I was so impressed by what the course did to me that I signed my parents and then my sister and now my girlfriend up for the forum. My father and I though have continued with the courses and finished the self-expression and leadership program. Honestly, everyone should give it a shot.

  20. I did the landmark forum long back when I was 20 and now I am 40. During the course of time there were many times when I needed help and I always looked back at the landmark forum. I have done all the courses and repeated the advance and self-expression programs. The last two gave me the peace I needed in life. This was that one place I would always turn to when in trouble. I have taken these courses in different countries because I am a flight attendant and cabin crew for a well known airlines. Staying away from home always gave me anxiety but flying around the world was my only passion. I grew up in a broken family and when I was 29 I came out as gay to my mum and dad. All this while the only support system I had was the landmark forum, my coaches and friends I made there. I have a boyfriend now and fee very comfortable in life only because of the forum and other courses. It is an essential part of my life and my parents have done it. Hopefully my boyfriend will do it soon as well. I hope I do assist them more as I get time. Do the landmark forum, although it offers the value for money. It is a one stop solution to all your problems and life issues. It is an amazing program and I recommend it to people around me.

  21. The landmark forum was not only fun but also the best time of my life. Our batch was such a close when that after the forum many of us took a trip around India. I did the advance course soon after coming back and opened a restaurant to fulfill my life long dream. The self-expression and leadership program cleansed my soul. I never really looked outside my circles, never really contribute anything but then I started hiring poor people and train them for free. I have grateful employees now, around 10 of them. The forum brought out the best in me, so soon and so well. I saw how I excel in everything I put my mind to and have no burdens in life. I have everything planned and secure for the next ten years and that’s how I always wanted it to be. It feels like I have this power of my own to make things happen just like I want them to. The landmark forum and the advance course also made me a better man. I got more serious with my life and gave so much love care respect to people around me. Everything I do now, the first thing I think of is, does it going to hurt or harm anybody. This attitude has evolved because of the forum. I would surely want my child to do the landmark forum and learn whatever I did and even more.

  22. I am a 28-year-old man and it was during my landmark's course that I came out as gay. I come from an orthodox family and they did not accept me. I was heartbroken, but I decided to continue doing the landmark courses. After the advance course, I found the courage to stand up for myself and own up to my sexuality. Soon I saw that my personality and self-expression were growing. I became responsible, understanding an mature. Although I do visit my family every now and then, I have a house, a great job, and a boyfriend now. Thankyou landmark for empowering me and giving me the necessary support.

  23. The Landmark forum is all about – How to live your life better! I learned so many things out here. Before entering that huge hall of curious participants, I had just gone through a break up wherein my fiance decided to marry my best friend instead, a week before my wedding. I was heartbroken, I quit my job because I hated it anyway and I was completely lost. As complicated as it sounds, I felt like a huge mess. The landmark forum saved me when I was contemplating suicide. I was looking forward to ending my life. My family did not want to see me ruin my life like that, my sister and mum were particularly concerned. During the forum, I made many friends and beautiful memories. I am now a travel photographer and love my job. I have become bold, fierce and independent. Firstly I am glad I did the forum and secondly, I took time out to spread the word. Because these courses are so widely available in different cities when ever I come across anyone who is going through an emotional phase send them to the forum which acts like a time lapse. I hope people reading this and contemplating will go ahead and do it. Because these courses change lives!

  24. The landmark forum is a weekend long course, although I wish it lasted longer. I had so much fun and made friends that have accompanied me to the advance course and the self-expression and leadership program. My distinction was to become independent. Since I was little, I was always dependent on my parents and then I forced my boyfriend to move in with me at my parents because I couldn’t do without him or them. When that relationship broke off after 3 years, I did not know what to do or where to go. I was thinking about ending my life, and now I look back just to laugh about it. After the forum I took the first step towards independence and flew to a nearby country for a trip on my own. Those 15 days were the most liberating. Later once I got back I did the advance course and self-expression and leadership program. Now I have a husband and a house close to work. I am so glad this change happened to me and I grew stronger as the courses passed by. Now I have signed my husband to do the landmark forum because he has been facing a few challenges at work; hope he finds his way out!

  25. I had a few very serious problems with my husband but was very skeptical of sharing those with him because I always feared that he might walk away from me. I did this forum with my sister-in-law who in fact is my very good college friend. As the forum went on I didn't raise my hand or take any initiative to talk about what bothered me. Soon the coach noticed my hesitation and asked me to become coachable. It took me two days but on the last day, I talked about all my insecurities, problems, doubts and fears. I know my husband is a great man but he gets angry easily and loses his mind often. I was asked to talk to him about these things and his behavior that bothered me a lot. As I sat down to talk, he open-mindedly heard me.

    And at the end very patiently, asked for forgiveness. He said to me that, I am the most important person in his life and he needs me to be happy. Although it took us some time to get into smooth terms after that course. We had misunderstandings and arguments like before but at least now I was saying what I felt. But everything was perfect within 6 months of the landmark forum. Now we have a child and I teach dumb kids how to paint and my hubby helps me with it.

  26. Isn't life supposed to be about happiness and laughter and fun? Well, mine was filled with workload, deadlines & stress. I live with my old parents, am single and have been the studious guy all my life. After school I got into IIT, now have a stable job, old parents, a handful of friends (mostly married) & the only people who love me are my parents and my boss. I hate my life. I was a bookworm all my life and felt like a loser. Although I obeyed every rule, my life wasn't as happening. I had extreme anxiety and stage fear, so my boss presented all my work and took the fame. I never had a girlfriend because my mum wanted me to herself. I was too busy to make time for entertainment. During my weekends I helped my mum in gardening and discussed politics with dad over evening tea. I did join a swimming class once but barely made it twice. I desperately needed the landmark forum in my life. I am now the employee of the year and a team leader. I am also getting married in 6 weeks to this amazing lady I ran into at my school alumni. I bought a car and a new house. All of this within 2 years. Most importantly I am a swimmer and got a tattoo on my back. I also hit the gym thrice a week with my fiancé. Lastly, I will be leaving for my bachelorette trip with my handful friends and cousins this weekend. Landmark forum is an incredible personality development course & I hope after reading my story you will go ahead and do it without any hesitation.

  27. The landmark forum helped me become strong and get my life together. I had a realistic dream of becoming a model but had this intense fear of rejection. During my college I did participate in a few modeling and fashion related competitions and managed to win a few but never had the courage to take it seriously as a career. It took me many assignments and two back to back courses of the landmark forum to actually get a portfolio done and do some background shoots in an advertisement. The landmark forum at first made me realize that modeling is the only thing I actually wanted to do and I was wasting my time by pushing that away and continuing with my boring job and studies. During the advance course I talked to my mum and took some inspiration from her as well to join these modeling lessons. That helped me a lot seeing my goal clearly and being excited to attempt it and learn how to be an actual model. I learned makeup and ramp walking and posing in different angles. I was so excited and happy to actually be doing something I always wanted to do. After the advance course I did the landmark forum’s self expression and leadership program. That actually was the turning point of my career and after that course I was dedicated and extremely serious about modeling. I have given it all I have, practiced everyday, not missed the gym and attempted on doing every modeling offer I get. Honestly if it wasn’t for the landmark forum, I would have been doing my old boring job and only dreaming of becoming an actual model. I am so glad I gave in and did the course so after the amazing results, I asked my younger sister to do it as well. She was going through some work related issues and wasn't sure how to solve them. I took her to the introduction and she was impressed by the positive changes in the lives of various participants. She got the courage to talk to her boss about the various issues she was going through and just a few weeks after the forum, all her problems were solved. It is amazing that she received immediate results. Now we are dedicated towards our career and have seen appreciated and encouraged. The landmark forum is amazing and everyone should at least attend the free informative sessions about the course.

  28. My wife and I did the forum together. We have two children and have been separated. Our counselor suggested the forum because of our complicated emotional condition. We wanted to have another child with each other but want to remain separate. This sounds very complex but isn't, we have two children together already. My wife wanted another child but I am happy its with me instead of some man I don’t know about. Naturally our counselor suggested that we get married but I don’t think either of us want that. During the forum when we brought this up, firstly we had many discussions going on but on the second day we got a chance to have a personal talk with the coach. He suggested that we think this through before going through with it. Maintaining some basic ground rules will help and talking it through with the children, something we totally chose to ignore. After the course it took us a good months to discuss this and come up with a decision but until then we attended the landmark forum in action. We also did the advance course to be sure about everything and saw that it made one hell of a difference in our lives. That course not only solved our problems but also helped us with our personal life issues. We have decided to go for the child and reconsider our marriage. Something that our 3 year counseling sessions couldn’t do these weekend course solved so well. We did not expect things to go this well thanks to the landmark course I finally see things falling into place. Most importantly our kids are very happy as well. The forum has helped our friends as well and they have not started a joint venture which has been very profitable for them. We hope this comment encouraged you to go ahead and take the landmark forum. I have seen many positive reviews of the forum, and advance as well as the self expression and leadership program.

  29. The landmark forum changed my life in true sense. I was facing a tonne of gender discrimination at work. I was dedicated to my company for 7 years and received minimum promotions as compared to the men in the same job level as mine. I tried to take a stand against it for a really long time and I also took this topic over to the Human resources and my seniors but nothing seemed to change. I did the forum to get rid of the frustration. During te forum I saw the difference between complaining and actually working towards change. The landmark forum motivated me and proved to be a very strong emotional support as well. It was a long weekend because I learned so much about myself. (Most of it I wasn’t even fondly aware of). After the forum I gained he necessary confidence to quit the job and lookout for a better organization. But whilst applying for various companies they did not approve of my reason to change and pre judged me or rejected me. Some organizations that did take my interview asked me to voice down about my opinions which was unacceptable to me. Soon I did the advance course, and thought to myself that if I really want to do something the time is now. This course was much more intense than the previous one. So I finally gave in to the idea of a start up and now I have more than clients and I have an advertising firm of my own. I trying to reach the level of my previous firm and many others that were bias. And my firm isn’t just or women or doesn't prioritize women because that will be against my values. I work for gender equality and I standby it so at my firm everyone is treated purely on the basis of their talent and work. I also did the self expression and leadership program eventually and it has played the most important role in getting me where I am today. Thanks to landmark forum for being the inspiration behind my success today.

  30. The landmark forum is a course for adults where in they discuss about the problems in life and find a solution. When I did the forum, I was going through some issues in my relationship with my wife. I did the course just when I was contemplating our divorce, I did not want to let it break. We got married within a few months after we met but I knew she was the only one I wanted to be with. Her presence itself made everything right in my life but two years later we started to fight. My coach helped me figure ways out to communicate well. Instead of arguing now I held myself back and heard her for once. I sincerely tried to work on the relationship and asked her to do the landmark forum as well. We communicated a lot and we discussed about our feelings. We also did the advance course and this time together and it changed our relationship forever. We have grown very mature about life and our priorities. The landmarks self expression and leadership program helped me become very open and expressive about myself. I saw a positive change and progress at work as well as in my relationship with family members. The different changes in my life have only been possible due to the landmark forum and its courses. I took away a perfect marriage and a lot of friends and good values back home from the forum. Lastly I would also like to mention that it is a very easy and friendly course and I recommend it to everyone.

  31. I did the forum a year ago. I was just a budding photographer back then. The forum helped me set my career right and I did the photography and editing course and interned in as well as decided during the course. I forgot about the forum for almost 2 years and kept working hard and applying for internship and learning as much as I can. Recently I realized that I was not getting jobs because of my talking skills. I did not get through a few interviews just because I was not expressive enough and because I was a newbie my work couldn’t speak for me as yet. I then decided on doing the advance course which helped me gain the confidence to represent myself and it made me feel strong as well. Immediately after that I did the landmark’s self expression and leadership program. That course was truly amazing and gave the boost I needed to kick start my career. I also had a few issues with my dad as well and not being able to converse with him or even sit in the same room was getting in the way of creating happiness in my life. So I went ahead and tried to sort things out with him but at first we did end up in a few arguments. I did not give up that easy and so we did end up talking for a while and sorted things out between ourselves. It was not easy but I feel better now that we are in talking terms wit each other. MY career as well has been doing quite good and I do not hesitate at work any more. My parents have been very proud of my success and keep boosting me to achieve better things in life. The forum has taught me to be expressive, calm and down to earth.

  32. Me and my husband were well-qualified and at the peak of our careers and we worked even on weekends. Our life had no vacations, no time for each other and absolutely zero entertainment. We never celebrated on occasions and I hadn't seen my parents in two long years. Somehow even after taking so much efforts and working so hard, we never had time for ourselves. I realized that our relationship was turning materialistic and all we did was work. Both our parents saw this and asked us to get pregnant but we were scared that it will just ruin our careers. We did plan to have a family but somehow got stuck at work. My husbands father took us to the forum and we spared a weekend for that course and it helped us a lot. I had a few rackets from my childhood and honestly somewhere we were both trying to prove that we can be successful hence affecting our health and lifestyle. I guess at one point we were just being greedy for appreciation. We realized that and decided to slow down a bit. We used to go out on weekends and talk about our future. I also gifted him a trip on our 5thanniversary and we decided that we were ready for a family. I have a daughter now and I work part time at the same place. We have enough money and time for each other. I am so happy and no longer feel lonely! Life can actually be a blend of both and this has only been possible because of the landmark forum. We honestly talked to each other and came clean about how we were being affected by it. I remember missing him and feeling lonely but we had our priorities set wrong. Thanks to the landmark forum and the advance course.

  33. I have a son and am expecting another now. Around 5 years back I and one of my best friends were going out and I was skeptical about marriage. My parents and elder sister both had a failed marriage and I couldn’t see myself going through all that mess. My boyfriend wanted to celebrate our love and have children.
    At this time our relationship was on the verge of breaking but he took me to the landmark forum. This 3 day course brought back all my confidence in our bond and made me want to plan a wedding. He proposed to me on the last day of the forum in front of all the participants. That was a long time ago and here I am today; happy to be in a very successful and romantic marriage!

  34. I was a straight up loser in life before the forum. I always blamed it on my luck but it was just me being lazy. After the forum, I got extremely inspired and pumped up to pursue my career as a fitness trainer. I also learnt kick-boxing and have a studio today to teach and practice. I haven't felt this productive and proud ever. Thanks to the forum and the other participants who have been very supportive throughout this journey!

  35. I am a 50 year old man and have been facing insomnia for a couple of months. I did the landmark forum to sort this issue out and I realized that my life has been a mess since the past few years and it forbids me to sleep well at night. During the course I opened my heart about my recent divorce and how things have been nothing but a downfall in my life so the coach asked me to talk to her. It took me weeks to just dial her number but during the advance course I made it a point to Skype her and we talked for hours. Although she was very upset with me, she heard me out and gave her point of view as well. This helped me get closure and I finally felt relieved. I am so thankful to the forum and my coach who have helped me get better sleep.

  36. This course doesn't tell you what to think. It gives you the right tools to be able to see yourself and others more clearly than you have ever been able to. This can be upsetting or even extremely painful for some people. It can be extremely liberating for others. Coming to a conviction within yourself leaves you with a choice to keep limiting beliefs and ideas or to change your life by realizing what has been keeping you from making better choices for yourself. It lifts the veil you made and you instantly recognize and remember every single thread.
    For people who want tools to change their lives for the better this is an incredible and powerful thing. I think most people fit that description.

    After I took this course I had a dream. All these people were going around thinking that their thoughts and feelings were hidden but everyone could see their thoughts and feelings presented right through their body. It manifested in everything they said and did outwardly. There was no hiding. Hiding was a game you play. Your thoughts make most of what happens to you. Knowing that was the most powerful thing of all. Many people were being freed from the enslavement of blaming everything else. They KNEW it was themselves. Knowing that made them express a joy that you could actually see.

  37. I am writing this to share my story about my life after the landmark forum. I was have some work related issues. I always wanted to act and I was working as a radio jockey. My life was upset because I was not satisfied with work. So during the forum I shared my problem and realized that I wasn’t ready for challenges in life. I have always played safe and wanted to stick to that. I was not ready for new judgments and was really scared of rejection. After the landmark forum and landmark forum in action I got the guts to leave my job and actually pursue life as n actor. S I started auditioning for plays and got a few roles here and there. This has made me so happy that I am planning to do my landmark forum advance course as well as the self expression and leadership program to actually be able to alter my life completely and shape my career just the way I wanted it to be. Lastly, I also wanted to thank my coach who made me realize that life is all about taking risks and making the most of opportunities. I have seen a new version of me after the program and I love it. I never expected it to be so amazing and outgoing but landmark forum has made this possible. I would like all of you to take up this course and make your life better as well.

  38. I did the landmark forum because of my issues with my parents. I felt like my childhood was a prison and it affected my relationships with friends and my siblings a lot. My parents fought though out my childhood and I lost trust on marriage. My father left us for almost 4 years and my mum took care of us. My elder brother was forced to act mature and we lost our love as well. During my forum years later I realized that most of my behavioral restraints was because of my issues in early life. I felt like I was stuck in life but I finally moved on after the forum and landmark forum in action. I realized that more than me it has stained my mum’s life. I took her to the course and saw a huge difference in her attitude and behaviour. She has now become positive, energetic and looks like a breath of fresh air. I love the change in her personality and the charisma. After the course she has become more social and started working again. She did the advance as well as self expression and leadership program. I have never seen her achieve so much so soon and I feel extremely proud of her. She has been my support and I am glad that I can give it back to her through this amazing course. I also could not imagine these new things life has been showering on her like great offers and opportunities to improve her lifestyle and personality. I am going to do my advance course as well as the SELP soon. I also have recommended this course to many other people and have only heard good feed backs and thank yous.

  39. I and my husband were trying to conceive for 5 eras now and we finally decided to adopt after we did the forum together. Our lives felt complete and we had a gift to cherish. After a few years, as our child realized he was adopted things got disturbing. He wasn't ready to adjust or accept us as his parents. That's when we sent our 12-year-old to the landmark forum for kids. He came back happy and was thankful that we gave him love and shelter. Now, my family is happy and complete.

  40. I was a house wife and after the forum have now started my very own family. I have bee extremely successful because of my efforts and the forum’s knowledge as well as support. I did the forum almost 3 years ago. I had a good family, amazing husband and good in laws as well. I never felt the need to ask for anything because everything I would ever need was right there in my house. My husband loved pampering himself as well as shower me with gifts and holidays and what not. But I did the forum because I felt like something is just incomplete in my life. After the forum and landmark forum in action I took up a job in a restraunt as a manager. I loved it and enjoyed thoroughly but this did not really solve my issue, just kept me busy so I did not have any time to think about it. I did my landmark advance course and nothing! T this point my mother and husband were really worried of what is bothering me so much. The truth is, since we got married people were pressuring us to make babies. They wanted us to settle and have a happy complete family but I just kept pushing it. I took pills and argued with my husband and what not! I was just too scared to have a child because of my past. As a child I remember my parents fighting and my mum breaking this, my father picking on her. I hated my family then but when I was 6 my mother took a divorce and married a better person! I felt so amazing and I knew I really loved him, he is truly a great man. After my course I told these things to my husband and he was just shocked. He helped me get through it and we have twins now. They are newborn and I am more than happy to have there angels in my life so I took time out to write this and share my amazing experience with you lot. I have also read some real great stories which are inspiring, good work forum!

  41. The landmark forum is an amazing course and it has helped me throughout my life. I was really upset because I had family issues which affected my mindset, behaviour as well as health. I was very sick for a while and my wife introduced me to the landmark forum. I was more worried about my family and talked about my problems openly during the forum. My brother and I ran a family business but he was getting very territorial about it. Before the forum he made sure I am out of the business. During the forum I realized that I should have not trusted him with the accounts. After the forum although I was very upset I knew I had to get going and make some money for my family. I had many contacts around the business that I was handling and many of them were ready to offer me a good job. Soon I started my own business. My daughters were both very very supportive and helped me with a lot of work. I did not expect the forum to give me the motivation and support, which has now enlarged my business and has helped me forget the past. I have recommended this course to family and a few friends. Just after a few mnths of my forum, my family could see real changes and hence pushed my wife to do it. She had a few issues in her life that related to her past. Due to the early death of her father she could not cope up with life well. She has been the strongest pillar of our house but seeing her upset break all of our hearts. She is an amazing lady, very understanding and supportive but she needed to clear off her mind to live a healthy and happy life. The forum helped her a lot with major part of the past. She had accepted that her father passed away and moved on with it. But most important was the advance course wherein she renewed her relationship with her mum. Her past haunted her sometimes as she was into depression for three years and was bullied at school. She led a very tough life but we have tried to make it as better as we can. I really appreciate and enjoy the forum and should probably go on to doing the advance course. Any way, this was my way to create awareness regarding the forum and ring it to your attention, how important and effective these courses are, thanks.

  42. The landmark forum is a short program. Although I had higher expectations it was just fine. I needed some motivation/ boost to expand my career. I worked very hard but could not see as good results as my colleagues. There was no reason why. After doing the landmark forum I was told the reason is that you are happy with life the way it is so the day starts with a good effort but ends with the same routine. This meant that I was lazy but I did not know what to do about it. Then came the landmark forum in action where in they said I was lacking self expression, which means I cannot portray myself and thoughts well. After this I walked out thinking the landmark courses are crap. Almost a year later my neighbour happens to buy a new car and decides to move out to a bigger place; when asked he said its the landmark forum that helped him boost his confidence and get him to work harder. I was spellbound. So I decided to go and try the advance course. During the course I made sure I was open minded and listened as well as absorbed everything happening in the hall. It did give me a boost and some motivation, self expression tips but nothing more. I started focusing on my body, my work life improved but not as much as I was expecting. Everyone else took away huge life changes, new routines, new family etc and I was not able to gain as much. I decided to talk to my coach about it and he said you have not been coach able, which means – I have not been open minded and accepting the things that the coaches say, I have been resistant. When I got back home and came to think of it, that was very true. I do not want to do anymore courses and this was just my take on the experience I had after doing the landmark courses.

  43. I was looking for some information about the program because a close friend said some really good things about It so I came to "landmark".
    You should have titled the video "sales pitch for Landmark" not "Landmark forum: What is it". I'm a bit disappointed now because sales strategies like "bait and switch" could mean the program lacks integrity and complicit instructors are of questionable character. I still want to know what Landmark is so I'll check out the next video

  44. I took the forum and the advanced course after seeing amazing changes in a few friends who had taken it. I am completely confused by comments about this being a cult or negative in any way. This has been the single best thing I have ever done for myself, my family, relationships and my career. It opens up possibilities I didn't know existed in my life. 100% recommended.

  45. Once I went to the "New Warrior Training" by the "Mankind Project."

    Red flags went up, it felt like a cult, and this gives me similar feelings.

  46. I did the Landmark Forum in 2016. I wish I had done this 30 years earlier. It's given me the tools to face whatever life throws at me. I can get whatever I want. For every one person who complains about their "brutal" tactics, there are 999 of us quietly living our lives with power, thanks to landmark

  47. I have literally attended hundreds of introductory events over the decades where they try to 'upsell' you their course, and many of them employ rather sophisticated and aggressive methodologies to trick people into signing up to their premium courses. But not ONE has put pressure on me the way The Landmark Forum's lackeys have done!

    I went to their event yesterday evening and was persistently and relentlessly harassed by their "facilitators" again and again and again.

    They come up to with you a big grin on their faces and pretending to be friendly, yet their ONLY motivation is to suck you into paying many hundreds of pounds for their pricey course. It's all fake friendliness. There is not an iota of genuineness in them.

    I had over 15 separate facilitators harass me. When I tried to sit in the corner, even then a lady came over to try to sell the pricey course to me.

    Pity so many gullible people got tricked by the extremely sophisticated marketing and sales strategies employed in the evening and signed up.

    My head is splitting and I am literally in tears today as I've never been harassed so much in my entire life.

    Stay well away from this cult as many others have rightfully called it. The French and German governments consider this to be a cult.

    They are devious manipulators of the very highest order!

  48. I’ve heard a lot about Landmark and not all of it has been good. But this spells out clearly what they’re all about. I actually had the opportunity to take the forum and the reality is that it can really create a positive shift in one’s life. For me it was transformative – not every part of it is easy, but the end result was very positive for me.

  49. I’ve always liked lists and this video teaches you about Landmark in 5 easy-to-remember points. Landmark will help you: 1 relate better to others, 2 increase personal productivity, 3) improve confidence, 4 make the right choices and 5 live life more fully. I want to see more personal stories from people who have been through the Landmark program. That might convince me, but this is a good start.

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