Language Appropriation for Tutorials/Blogging

Language Appropriation for Tutorials/Blogging

Hello everyone! My name is Devin Hasty My name sign is Devin I wanted to express my concern by doing this vlog about language and cultural appropriation doing tutorials or blogging Bloggers are those who post blogs that includes tutorials, tips, recommendations and reviews on any products and so forth. Now, when bloggers receive a lot of likes or followers, they can make money through ads or even work with other companies to help advertise their products That’s what bloggers typically do. I love makeup and I enjoy watching a variety of tutorials. One day, I was looking through Instagram and happened to saw a makeup tutorial in ASL. So I went ahead and watched it. I decided to research more about that specific person who created the tutorial after I watched it. I came to found out she’s a hearing beauty/makeup blogger. So here’s the video of her tutorial she created. Ok? Go ahead and watch it. So I decided to do more extensive research about this beauty blogger Wow! I came to found out she is now featured in several articles such as Life & Style Magazine,, Today. com and so forth. In one of the article, Life & Style Magazine, she stated “As I am hearing, I am advocating for Communicative Resources in the media we see and I hope you will help advocate for it as well!” Interesting. Not only that, one make up company called Wet N’ Wild picked this beauty blogger to work with them on their Campaign, Breaking Beauty. She agreed and she’s very thrilled to start working with them. Also, she stated she’s an ASL II student and wants to continue to learn more sign to incorporate more signs in her future tutorials. Now, I want to point out one good similar example of how this situation is not cultural appropriation. Past October, Allure posted an article about one vlogger who was accused of inappropriate use of straw curls, which is popular by black women and she is white herself This situation led to a lot of objection from a lot of people due to cultural appropriation. Now a hearing person using ASL inappropriately in their tutorials and earn profit as well? This is a big NO-NO So, I decided to contact her to explain to her about her signs as she made several mistakes and recommend her to have more Deaf people involved in her success. Not only that, I also explained to her about language appropriation and why it’s not a good idea to use our language to help her succeed unless she do something in return for the Deaf community. Why not have a Deaf person to WORK with her? AHEM! Again, as Mara Ladines, a Deaf owner of her apparel company. I will go ahead and add the link of her video she created a while back. She went through similar experience that I have seen. I need your support as well When you see any bloggers who are using our language for their own benefit, Please, I suggest you to step up HOW? Address/contact them and educate them about language appropriation doing tutorials or blogging. If they are hearing and using ASL in their all of their tutorials Please CLICK DISLIKE. Add/Post a COMMENT about LANGUAGE APPROPRIATION. If a hearing individual is working with a Deaf person That’s GREAT! Go ahead and CLICK LIKE and COMMENT by THANKING THEM FOR RESPECTING OUR LANGUAGE We need to work together, cherish and protect our language. I KNOW you can do that with me. Thank you so much for watching my video! Bye! Love you all.

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  1. She've said everything that I've been feeling bothered by many hearing people who used our language in their entertainment media for their own personal gain to success and fame. Thank you so much for bringing this serious issue to our attention.

    Not too long time ago, as a Deaf animation student who want to become a successful cartoonist, I contacted Polyarc (Gaming Company) about their character, Quill, a signing mouse, urging them to have Deaf ASL people consulting with them about their character for the language accuracy and being cultural respectful to us. Even tho, they were being very friendly, I have a funny feeling that they probably did not 100% take me seriously seeing that I'm most likely the only one person who have contacted them, but it is worth trying it out. I am not going to lie, I am a little nervous and excited about the day when they release Moss, a VR game.

  2. Hi hate to bug you that your sign for appropriation is wrong… please see this:

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