Late Night Tumblr Posts “The One With The Lost Skyrim Shout”

Late Night Tumblr Posts “The One With The Lost Skyrim Shout”

Hey, you want to hear a sentence that you either have no idea what it means or you’ll hate me for making me remind you Of it Draw a circle. That’s the earth my god What have you done? Really excited to go up to the mountain lose my dad to sacrifice a lab Looks like you forgot to bring the sacrifice, but I’m just happy to take a walk with him. Hey, Op any updates? Hey, Op? masterpost of fish names I really like Delta smelt Boops sweetlip Emperor. Wahoo! And Slippery dick. Well, I could say it’s a fish. heart reflection Kingfisher Jesus I thought those were its legs. making my way downtown Honestly, the concept of doppelgangers is scary. But if I saw myself I probably wouldn’t be that terrified Like I know she can’t run for more than three minutes straight. I know she can’t do basic maths. She’s not gonna do anything She doesn’t even know what day it is Ha-ha Ha ha.. Self-depreciating humor at its finest. Get yourself some Hambelper Herger. #I’m high and this killed me, dude This knocked me back into a high just to kill me Reblog if your URL represents who you really are “I am really Putin’s girlfriend.” “Then we have a problem.” “I can explain it” when I was 12 my sister told me that Greek people went extinct and that’s why we learn about Greek mythology in school and I was like “But there’s a Greek boy in my class” and she told me that he didn’t exist. She’s not wrong Ok fun fact: the word “panic” is actually from the Gweek (owo) Gweek.. *facepalm* The word “panic” is actually from the Greek word panic O’s which is referring to the Greek god Pan who apparently Shouted people who are alone in the woods and freaked them out. Oh snap. Those are career goals Don’t look at me in that tone of voice What? Biology tells you you’re 70% water Chemistry tells you you’re 60% oxygen. Physics tells you you’re ninety. Nine point nine. Nine. Nine. Nine. Nine nine nine nine Nine, nine nine nine nine percent empty space and I tell you you’re 100% A Cutie :3 Daat.. was lame OK BUT WHAT IF- Homie we went over this like a hundred times yesterday, and we totally resolved it Yeah, but I like looked at it from a new angle and there’s like 20 more reasons why you should be warned about it ..Go on Big Bang Theory is awful for obvious reasons, but honestly shout out to them for inventing bazinga So I have a word I can drop to any conversation for one-hit-kill Bazinga and everypony are the closest we’ll ever get to real dragon shouts. Carve this into your mind Hewwo Everypony Bazinga now shouts *inhale* HEWWO EVERYPONY BAZINGA! Reminder that my roommate once painted Alexander Hamilton as ham Well now I’m just sitting here imagining Helpless But she’s holding Ham-Hamilton the entire time Total Drama was way ahead of its time It really was Okay campers. I heard from an anonymous source that somebody told the government We’re going to storm area 51. not cool, dudes Paladin: when you’re kind of feeling cleric, but also want to stab Sorcerer: when you want to be a caster, but you don’t want to be a nerd Bard: when you’ve never made a decision in your life, and you don’t intend to start now Warlock: when you’re not quite ready to admit you’re into cryptids *like that* Druid: when honestly you’d rather be on the floor petting the dm’s cat but they made you play and this is the best thing.. you guess Fighter: with all the weird puzzles Shoot bores the snow interview and you’d rather stack dice till the fighting part gets here. Rogue: When you’ve never solved the problem in your life, and in fact have caused many and you’re just fine with that honestly me, circa early 1800s, paying a stableboy a few coppers to ride overnight to deliver you an urgent letter with a thick wax seal That after you struggled to break. It just says, “bitch” in tiny little writing no no, no No, you don’t understand the true level of spiteful here The sender of a letter didn’t pay for the post in 1800 the receiver Did you just made your enemy pay for the privilege of being insulted? I’m starting to see why messengers were getting shot writers always know exactly where they’re going with their work Are you sure no writer does anything by mistake? It’s so very strategic Are you sure that you symbolism and everything for example, a simple sentence symbolizes directness? Say are you sure the best moments in writing is when you discover you did something absolutely genius by complete accident Honestly minecraft is a good game and I’ll never forgive the internet for making people feel bad about liking the game about Mining a building houses. You know, what good post OB remember to drink water babes? No, then become the dirt I walk on every post like this hits me so hard because Opie always swings back with a new type of bat and I’m never prepared for it. This is obviously a misunderstanding You’ve knocked a cyclist off his bike with a pool noodle. No, I didn’t. Yes you did you

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    draw a circle that's the earth draw a circle that's the earth I am hetalia

  2. 2:38 Here's an enchanted staff that will scream "Hewwo, Everypony, Bazinga"…

    Sadly i couldn't make it into a shout.

    also I really thank ya'll for reminding me of this-
    Also its been 2 Hetalia references now…2 HETALIA REFERENCES FROM SEYMOUR

    No just kidding
    Please take a rest and have the greatest day of your life despite being invaded yes or not
    The most important thing is that you enjoy this day :3
    Have fun!

  4. Draw the circle, that's the earth! Draw the circle, that's the earth! Draw a circle, that's the earth!

    w e a r e H E T A L I A

  5. Battlecrazed-axe-mage forgot the barbarian who is a fighter but is honestly whom ever played him probably is a stick

  6. Someone mod 2:33 into skyrim and I just wanna see what it looks like seeing the Dragonborn shout that to kill something

  7. At 4:54, I thought that OP ment a billiards que instead of a pool noodle. That was the only comprehensible item in my brain that could have worked for "pool noodle". But, then I remembered the styrofam pool noodles and now, I believe I am …..
    drum roll

  8. I wanted the soundbite… I wanted it so bad so I could go up to my bf and just play this while jumping out and watch his confused face, trying to figure out what exactly it said, I so desperately wanted this…. but there is one problem… I went to download it and TOO MANY PEOPLE HAS DOWNLOADED THE SOUNDBITE. I have to wait 24 hours to see if I can get it, if not… I might not be able to get it…

  9. That Unrelenting Frenzy shout actually kinda makes sense:
    Hewwo for shock (and to get everyone's attention), Everypony for anger, and Bazinga for confusion.

  10. Ok so I screeched at him talking about helpless and Hamilton, but then the last one with zane made me snort because I could see that happening and I just can't.

  11. "Don't look at me in that tone of voice."
    Oh my God my father does this all the time and we'll just be walking in Walmart when he says it and I immediately try to make the goofiest expression I can without being looked at strangely by the nice old lady down the isle.

  12. Okay I feel called out at the dnd part.
    I had a fighter character and I would actually stack my dice while my dm described the puzzle.

  13. I’m still in the Hetalia fandom, and I bring great news. The ship wars are over. The fandom has finally calmed down.

    if i spelled it wrong i dont care

  15. Say no to This with the painting:

    pig in the streets, ham in the sheets
    peggy in the streets, Maria in the sheets

    You're welcome childe.

  16. Who wants to hear a sentence that you’ll also either not understand or hate/love me for reminding you of it

    Magic metal pipe of pain! ^J^

  17. 1:29
    Fun fact: the wowd "panic" is actuawwy fwom the gweek wowd "panikos" which is wefewwing to the gweek god pan who appawentwy shout at peopwe who wewe awone in the woods and fweak them out.

  18. Fun fact:
    Somewhere in the US in 2019, about 25 marines made a minecraft server and played on it together while on leave.
    My brother and his group started the server, and honestly it's so wholesome. They also play on the server with my little brother.
    Have fun knowing grow ass men that can kill you are playing minecraft.

  19. 4:15 : A wild mood appears. Someone help me i just need questions for the interview part of this scp file please ive been trying to come up with some for days

  20. 2:31 Skyrim Shout
    2:40 thumbnail and I made it. Please notice me, Mr. Seymour. Link here ——->






  22. Are you fucking kidding me? How can you hate hetalia? Italy is adorable and precious and he's the most recent spiderman meme of the hetalia world
    It's hilarious and I love it it's too precious for this world

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