Lavender Collective | Episode 205| “Tumblr Drama”

Lavender Collective | Episode 205| “Tumblr Drama”

CHLOE: Ugh NATALIE: I could hear you typing in my sleep. CHLOE: Sorry, babe. It’s just these people. They just piss me off so much. NATALIE: Let me guess, you’re on Tumblr again? CHLOE: Yeah. NATALIE: Put the computer away. CHLOE: Wait, let me just finish proving this person wrong. NATALIE: Put it away, Chloe. It’s for your own good. CHLOE: But they’re not making any sense. They’re saying that lesbians are a privileged group. NATALIE: And I’m sure you have a lot to say about that, but babe, it’s like 8 o’clock in the morning. CHLOE: But– NATALIE: Tell me your new year’s resolution again? CHLOE: Not to get into anymore fights on Tumblr. NATALIE: Yes. NATALIE: Good. Now let’s go back to sleep. CHLOE: I sleep a lot better when you hold me. NATALIE: Come here, then. [ Peaceful music plays] CHLOE: I should honestly just quit Tumblr. -This morning, I read a post that said “unlike bisexuals, gay people never have their sexualities questioned.” Erika: Yeah, someone should tell my father that. – He still asks me when I’m going to stop with this “woman foolishness” and settle down with a real man. CHLOE: Seriously, it’s like, what planet are these people on? They seem so far-removed from reality. RAIN: That’s why I don’t get involved with any arguments. All I do on Tumblr is repost pictures of cats. JO: Now that’s my kind of blog. NATALIE: I never joined Tumblr because it seems like there’s so much unnecessary drama all over the place. CHLOE: Nah, babe. You never joined because you have no idea how to use it. NATALIE: I DO know how to use it. I just choose not to. ERIKA: Yeah? Is that why you asked me how I got the pictures on my blog to move? NATALIE: That was like a year ago. There’s no need to bring up my shameful past. ERIKA: It’s what good friends do… You’re welcome. CHLOE: I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna delete my blog. NATALIE: Babe, you say that like once a week and you never do it. CHLOE: Done ERIKA: Oh shit, she actually did it. NATALIE: Whaaat? CHLOE: And I’m gonna make another new year’s resolution. JO: It’s March. CHLOE: So what? Is there some kind of rule that says you can’t make one after February? JO: No… not technically. NATALIE: Well, let’s hear it then. CHLOE: This year, I’m gonna make a website just for lesbians. – And it’s gonna be the first one that doesn’t totally suck. ERIKA: Well it’s about damn time.

3 thoughts on “Lavender Collective | Episode 205| “Tumblr Drama”

  1. I Love this show!! 😀 It's amazing! Finally something that gives us real representativity and visibility! I loved all the scenes but the one in the elevator is just so cute ^^ But I also really dig Chloe's attitude, how she keeps problematizing some important issues! Btw, the title is awesome! Keep up! 🙂

  2. I'm in Essex, England. I really loved the scene where they were discussing 'have you ever slept with a man' and Natalie was talking about her journey toward self-acceptance. I strive to have as much pride in my gayness as she does. Coming from a very homophobic school, this series really cheers me up and gives me confidence <3

  3. The first scene in the first video, where you are at a women's meeting being told to 'get that d'k'…Saskatchewan

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