Layering Stamp Tips – Altenew Build-A-Flower: Lavender Release Blog Hop + Giveaway

Layering Stamp Tips – Altenew Build-A-Flower: Lavender Release Blog Hop + Giveaway

hi everyone welcome to hedgehog hollow so
today we’re super excited because it’s all too new release day which means
there’s a blog heart there’s a giveaway there’s all sorts of fun things going on
and of course I have a tutorial for you and I’m using this build a flower
lavender stamp set and if you haven’t seen the new style of ultra new stamp
sets then this is what they look like inside you get this awesome insert that
gives you card fronts you can just mount up it gives you ideas you gives you all
the colors they’ve used and gives you layering guide yeah absolutely
everything you need and what I really love is they’ve also shown you this one
here which if you look has used I am like the greys I think that’s really
pretty too so lots and lots of options for you there is of course a
coordinating die available with this builder flower as well so go check all
of those things out once you’re done with this tutorial I’ve already stamped
one out as my practice here so you can see what we’re going to be building up
but I can give you some tips for building build a flower stamp set so any
layering stack sets really there are lots of different ways you can use them
I have pre-cut myself here a piece of cardstock I’m actually going to use like
an ivory off-white just for a change and I’m going to start off just kind of
creating an arrangement but I thought also would look really nice of course is
you could take maybe like an alcohol inked background something like that and
you could create some really pretty silhouettes just with that die wouldn’t
it look gorgeous just on the black they’re really clean and simple lots and
lots of options to I just kind of saw that die cut and it inspired me and as
we were testing things out so let’s grab a few different colors I’m going to use
this color family right here and we also need some greens and use these yes so
let’s go on have a go so I’m going to start off with my wisteria and of course
you can use Misty’s and line them up and things but one thing I really like with
layering stamps is they do allow for a little bit of wiggle room and room
for error and I’m going to stamp myself out just a little bit of a scene no
masking just some super cute stamping so you’re going to notice that some are
going to be separate like this some are going to overlap a little bit like this
but if you have them in your garden of course there aren’t they are going to
overlap so I’m gonna do one down here and then I’m gonna do one final one kind
of somewhere like this so you can see really really easy it’s done pink
nothing difficult then we’re gonna move into our lavender fields again just pop
it on your acrylic block dab it with your ink so what I want to show you here
so you can make quick and easy cards and I just love working with this so again
I’m going to just eyeball it’s much easier if you put your head kind of like
you’re right over the top which I know would block one of the camera shots but
you will find it’s much much easier to do if you do it that way and so I’ll do
a couple like this and the other great thing about build a flower sets is if
you make a little mistake so say for instance you have a little bit of a
piece there like I had that wasn’t perfect and you don’t have to worry
about it because you’re going to build extra layers on top and you’re going to
cover all of that in which is another reason I love Gilda flower for quick
little note lits quick and easy cards and if you don’t do
not have to be perfect you can also just do a couple of the base layers and then
use it as a really cute background so if you wanted to you could leave it like
this and then use this as a background paper that works really really well too
so now I’m gonna take this one off and I’m moving to a hydrangea it’s a little bit more down here again
if you put your head over the top you just find it easier to line up but
if you’re a little bit off and say you’re not gonna notice a huge
difference and I’m always a fan of something that is super simple and I
know there are people who kind of sit there and they line it all up perfectly
with their misty’s and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but
if you are looking for quick and simple ways to use layered stamps making an
arrangement that’s not masked or anything like this is a really really
easy way to go this is gonna be a simple one layer car where they can add a
sentiment on and we’re gonna have a gorgeous card ready to go so whether
that’s room birthday or any of those things and then you can go check out
that giveaway link be sure to hit subscribe of course while you’re here
give the video a thumbs up if you are enjoying and listening and following
along we also have our perks program where we give you early access to some
of our content and we send out all of these cars that we make as a birthday
cards too so you can go in there plus our members get access to exclusive
coupons so lots of the brand’s we work with give our members special coupons
for being a hedgehog holo perks member now of course you could very up and do
you know couple different shades of purple if you wanted to but again I’m
going really simple and you can just do layering stamps with one impact so if
you’re new to something you don’t have to have all of these different colors I
have videos on how you can do that too so you can see this is coming together
this last layer always fine it’s add so much to your stamp you kind of see it
and it’s like okay this is great but then you add that final then it’s like
wow all of a sudden I have all that detail in there so you can see how my
flowers are coming together now we want to add some foliage on there just so it
really build into that scene so we’re gonna start off course solid
I’m gonna go bamboo I think is the lightest this is the great thing of
course grab yourself a piece of cardstock yeah so our bamboo and you
could shade that up to with just a brush and some of these inks and blend them in
there again really really simple way to do that lots and lots of options I’m
going to overlap slightly you see what you’ll notice is my green is going to
open up slightly into my plant because if you ever look at a plant the green
doesn’t stop right at the plant so if you want to have more realistic things
just kind of do that I mean sometimes we take flowers apart
and we have a look at how they’re put together lots and lots of things you can
do there the alter new markers of course coordinate perfectly too so if you ever
need to fill in a gap or you’ve made a boo-boo you can sort that out too in the
same way but you see how my foliage is overlapping nicely as well and it’s kind
of creating that nice piece down the bottom there and this one came out a
little bit blotchy but again I’m not worried because I know and I’ll be
adding lots and lots of layers on through that so I’m going to be building
up that scene and the viewers eye also fills in a lot too you don’t kind of
realize that your eye is always filling things in for you so again not something
I tend to worry about now we’re going to move to our next one that my one so now
we’re going in with our next level of detail and don’t be afraid if you wanted
to you could of course always leave a step out if you wanted to if you want
you to kind of give different textures to different pieces lots and lots of
different things you can do I’m just lining these up and also with the leaves
if they’re slightly off it kind of makes them look a little bit more like you’ve
got you know more foliage down there so I’m not spending lots of time just thickening these up the extra
detail again and then we are final one which is the olive so that’s our darkest
and I just provide this an extra one of the purple we can go back and add that
and there is another shade of the purple there’s an amethyst so we can add that
in super simple too so here’s our lightest will go with olive again you
can see how quickly I’m building it so in less than 10 minutes so far I’ve
pretty much stamped myself an entire scene I mean how easy is this and you
can see how well this is coming together absolutely love it it just looks
realistic you might want to ink blend some in there you could add something
like flicks and things to add some leaves if you’re taking our alcohol
marker challenge you’ll know all about how to do that and you can check that
out at the craft challenge com2 so we tell you what about how to kind of add
those extra little details really really simply and I’m just going to go in I’m
gonna add those centers looks like they line up yes there we up really simple
but I noticed now how much more depth my plant has and it draws your eye inward
so it’s just kind of leading your eye to the right place line up and that one’s a
little bit harder but again if I don’t have it slightly off it’s not the end of
the world I’m going to just line up some of the centers because I know that that
viewers eye is going to fill in those gaps
so final one here yeah there we go so that is our card front and doesn’t it
just look gorgeous it looks like a real kind of 3d floral scene really easy
really simple and we just now of course need a sentiment and there’s great
sentiment in this set we’ve got best wishes congratulations thinking of you
sending her thanks a bunch so I’m gonna do
congratulations because I’m sure I’ll be sending this out as a birthday card to
one of our hedgehog Hollow members so I’m just gonna pop that on there and I’m
gonna use jet black now this is my trick so I will first of all try to stamp it
on here if you guys horribly wrong I’ll stomp it on a piece of cardstock and
then I’ll just pop it over the top so I kind of get two bites doing this but
that one went really well I mean how easy is that I mean you saw
me do it I just lined it up I balled it and it looks fab I mean absolutely if
you want to do with the Misti go for it try it out and it’ll go really well you
could also add maybe a little bit of Nouveau drops there’s a little bit of
extra you know if you want to add some sparkle and those kinds of things gonna
give it a quick blast with my heat gun because the last thing I want to do is
smudge this and it would be the first time I’ve smudged
my sentiment quick blast and now we get to stick it
on so I’m just going to a clean piece of my work surface because I did lots of
stamping off the edge there this is a piece of black velvet cardstock I always
matte on black it just it will offset your cards beautifully it gives them a
really really pretty I’m kind of edge and it really does give them a more
professional kind of finish to them and then I already have my card base ready
again if you want all of these tips and tricks we do have a full course
available and I will link all these things in the description and of course
you can check out the blog as well but there we go that is I’ll finish build a
flower card really simple I mean you saw how easy that was you watch me do
everything nothing was pre prepared for me so I hope you’re gonna try that our
home go check out the blog Hut go in some prizes and grab yourself that plus
builder flowers now available on your subscription which will save you money
as well and I’ll see you again in the next video happy crafting everyone bye

21 thoughts on “Layering Stamp Tips – Altenew Build-A-Flower: Lavender Release Blog Hop + Giveaway

  1. Love this type of stamping!! I am new to stamping but everyday I learn a new technique. Thank you Hedgehog for all your tips and tricks!!

  2. Hi Alexandra. Really learned a lot from this video tutorial. I have a hard time trying to layer with multiple layering stamp. I see that if I practice maybe I will get more confident. Thank you. ~ Katz

  3. I love the layering stamps, but I have found they take some practice to get them right. Good inks make a difference, too.

  4. The first 3 stampings of the flowers looked like winter fir trees aka Christmas trees. If you did these with 3 different colors of green, it could look like a lovely tree.

  5. For those of you that have been following this channel – doesn’t Alexandra look Fab…. Beautiful card as always. I’m more of a perfectionist, need the Misti to do my stamping. Creativity vs Perfection, not usually a good combination.

  6. I love the idea of layering stamps and this card is lovely. My problem is that you need too many sets of colours which I don't have. Shame .

  7. i really like this stamp set, and i'm finding i really like any layering stamp. the first and second stage of the flower would make super great background trees where the trees are soft from fog, winter, or distance. also, not using the stamping tool thing makes it more organic, imho, because every flower is not the exact same.

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