Learn PowerShell – Video & Blog Series

Learn PowerShell –  Video & Blog Series

Hello tech world, this is TechThoughts,
and welcome to this introduction to the learn PowerShell video and blog series.
So, why PowerShell? Because learning one open-source scripting language can
empower you to automate on nearly any technology platform and operating system today. That’s really empowering for you, and your career. This series is going to
go beyond PowerShell theory and syntax. You’ll start using PowerShell in the
first episode, and by learning just three commands you’ll be able to begin
leveraging it. We’ll spend some time getting your workstation set up for
easy PowerShell development. You’ll also be introduced to some of the PowerShell
community members, and I’ll provide a brief history lesson on where PowerShell
has been, and where is headed in the future. Each and every episode is going
to provide you with real-world examples. After establishing some fundamentals
we’ll start building tools on various technology platforms, and by the time
your done with this series you’ll be more than a PowerShell developer, you’ll
be a problem solver and a tool builder. There’s never been a better time to
learn PowerShell. So go ahead and check out episode 1 today. Have questions? Feel free to reach out and enjoy learning PowerShell!

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