Learn Real English from a Newspaper

Learn Real English from a Newspaper

It’s early morning my hair is still a mess but I have my coffee now I just need one more thing let’s go get it Is there something you like to drink for breakfast coffee, tea or orange juice and is there something else you like here it is, the newspaper the newspaper that I get here is called the Denver Post. It is the biggest newspaper in our area what is the newspaper that you get in the paper, they have things what they call the local news they talk about things in Colorado it’s gonna have sports a lot of different ads this is advertising, business real estate which means it deals with homes and you can see some of the advertising here with cars and trucks and different things. Here are some more ads for sporting goods. Here’s a part called the perspective that means do give your opinion and people will tell their opinion about major issues here we have Arts and Culture so if I wanted to find a movie in the Denver area, I could just go here and they list all of the movies. This section is the weather so it looks like the weather is going to be 83 for a high 58 for a low tomorrow is going to be 85 and 57 so that’s how I like to start my morning with a little coffee and a newspaper how do you start your morning and how do you get your newspaper delivered do they still deliver newspapers where you live what is the major newspaper from where you live do you use an Ipad, smart phone or laptop to get your news or do you watch the news or just listen to other people give me your comments put it in the comments section below and practice your English and let me know so thanks so much for your time please subscribe if it has helped you and hit those like buttons. Take care and bye bye

25 thoughts on “Learn Real English from a Newspaper

  1. It's not common to see people reading newspaper in Brazil, we usually watch on TV, but I rather read the news with my smartphone than watch on TV

  2. Hi FlicsMan, Thanks for the comment. It's happening that way in America too. Most young people use computers and smartphones and the older people still hang onto their newspapers. Although, my 80-year old father reads one of his newspapers online. So everything is changing. Take care, David. Bye the way, have you seen my video on "The Best of Brazil?"

  3. I like reading newspaper, but only on Sundays. In the other days of the week I get the News from TV, while I'm having my breakfast. I can not have breakfast and read a newspaper at the same time.

  4. My morning get starting washing hands and face. there are no newspaper and coffee. in my home. I hardly read news paper on the paper. PC and phone id replaced it. I usally watch a newspaer on the way to work or before start work.

  5. Hi David. First to all I appreciate your efforts to improve the english for people specially people as us from other country.

    In my case I like always read the sports newspaper more popular in my country here in Costa Rica " Al Dia". Always at morning when I to my job I like to read it.
    Rest of the day I like read news from special sites like BBC, CNN and another sports sites worldwide.

    But the most important thing in my breakfast is my coffee, it is my addiction, if I do no drink coffee at mornig my day is not started.

    I hope I have written well.

  6. hello david , i thank you so mush >>>> i want to improv my ability in english >>
     i really benefited alot  from you 
    i am from yemen (( arab country))  
    but when i try to read newspaper in english i can not >> coz i found a lot of words is difficult therefore i get some boring and i cannot continue to read the rest of newspaper >>>
    even bbc radio i can not understand
    what do you recommend ????
    i am from yemen (( arab country))

  7. I am from India . I also start my morning with newspaper Time of India . Your video help me a lot for improving my English. Thank you very much for such videos.

  8. Hello sir,
    I don't have a habit of reading a newspaper.There are numerous papers delivered in my area like the Hindu, Times of India, the economic times and many more. Well I forgot to tell you that I am from India and I live in gaya, bihar. You might have heard this name before as it is a world heritage site.I am talking about 'bodhgaya',where gautam budha got enlightenment.
    If you ever plan to visit this place,give me an opportunity to show you how beautiful my country is.

    Contact me at fb/mr.prakashsinha

  9. Why don't you use any capital letters or punctuation in your subtitles? You want to teach English, but you can't even write it correctly. By the way….the parts of a newspaper are called sections. You don't make that clear. When we talk about temperature, we say 75 degrees? I don't like this video. What is the purpose of your video?

  10. Each of the things inside a newspaper is called a "section." Telling your opinion in a newspaper is called an "editorial." The word "advertisement" is stressed on the second syllable (although the verb "advertise" is stressed on the first). Your subtitles are supposed to have a capital for the first letter of each sentence and a punctuation mark (usually a full stop, but occasionally an exclamation mark) at the end.

  11. thanks for your videos, I´m learning a lot, I like the way you speak English, it is not easy to find that.

  12. They still deliver newspapers in Korea, and there are several newspapers. They might offer you a good deal. When you subscribe their newspaper, they give a gift cards or toys or discounts etc.

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