Learn SEO Tutorial: How HubSpot Uses Blogging to Rank #1 on Google

how HubSpot builds topical relevance in
the last few years at HubSpot we’ve evolved our approach to content creation
on the HubSpot blog a long wind the evolution in search we use to create
content only around specific keywords but now we create around broad topics to
build topical relevance in fact in several cases we’ve built topical
relevance around topics we didn’t have a product for you
but we knew we would in the future that’s the story on topical relevance
I’ll share with you today more than a year before HubSpot ever had a customer
service product we started building topical relevance around the topic of
customer service we weren’t ranking for anything related to customer service at
the time but we knew we’d eventually want to be known for that topic and it
would take time to build relevance when we started we were ranking lower than
position 500 for all our target topics took several months for us to move the
needle on our search ranking but by using blogging to build topical
relevance we were able to capture a spot on the first page of Google for 5 out of
our 10 target topics we also saw a massive spike in beta requests for our
customer service software as a result here’s an overview of what we did to
make this happen our very first step was to identify which topics we wanted to be
known for that we weren’t already known for to find these topics we started by
identifying topics that were closest to the bottom of the funnel and then moved
our way up bottom another funnel topics for us were things like customer
feedback software and help desk software topics that had high purchase intent we
started here because at the end of the day we wanted to Center our strategy
around getting people to sign up for our software product from there we expanded
with more middle and top of the funnel topics like customer feedback customer
satisfaction surveys and NPS once we had a list of topics we prioritize which of
these topics wanted to rank for where we
wanted to rank and by when like I said when we started we weren’t ranking for
anything not even in the top 500 let’s take the topic customer feedback
software as an example this is one of the bottom of the funnel topics that we
wanted to rank for the first thing we did was build a product page for our
upcoming customer service software which we said was coming soon and provided an
email field where someone could sign up to be notified when the product was
ready that way by the time the product launch the signup page was already
gained search Authority next we wrote a long canonical piece of content which we
call a pillar page on the related topic customer feedback we hosted this on a
site page titled customer feedback strategy the only guide you’ll ever need
and linked it to our product page to give it some SEO juice a next step was
to break down the topic of customer feedback into questions that our target
customers might ask about that topic here are a few questions we came up with
how should I go about asking for feedback from customers how can I
improve my customer feedback survey how do I measure customer satisfaction and
what should I do with the customer feedback I get on
social media then we turned every one of these questions into blog posts we
prioritize which ones to write first according to search volume and we linked
every one of these blog posts back to that pillar page to help build topical
relevance and boost that page of search or thorry and our product pages search
authority to make our blog posts more attractive for others to link to we
added what we call linkable hooks to these posts linkable hooks are things
like original charts and images unique data and research quotes from industry
experts and pro’s and con’s tables which we find people like to link to next we
prepared an outreach strategy help build links to these posts we
identify blogs and communities relevant to our topic and reached out to them
using link building tactics like offering to write a guest post on their
blog when it came to actually doing the outreach we found it was easier to get
backlinks from companies that were tan gently’ related to our target topic like
survey tool companies for example rather than businesses that were borderline
competitors after just a few months our product page is ranking in the number 3
spot on page 1 of Google for a target topic
customer feedback software before the product had even came out our pillar
page on customer feedback was also ranking in the number-two spot for
customer feedback so they have it this process is effective straightforward and
most importantly repeatable we’ve done it for other products and tools and I’ve
seen great results too the key to success with this approach is the move
past short-term thinking and put a lot of work into building a thoughtful
strategy key relationships that will help you build links and create great
content with linkable books you

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