Lesbian Blogger Hoax(es)

Lesbian Blogger Hoax(es)

and through another bunch of men throughout
the world to coz as lesbian blockers and i think i don’t understand him uh… you know ike hardly understand no one has a around i could be a lesbian
product attached no seriously if you are getting
off online a getting other rosa malayali al you have some of the in front of a another but these guys really serious
fees are local lesbian activist bloggers when they were
straight and right straight man and activist bloggers just like you said
shank and of course the one that out was the most famous was that the one who blogged under amina are off uh… a gig
role in damascus right now and it turned out to be a male was indicated on the
mask a standoff nor was it in damascus yeah okay so as a dorm room you know people got worked up about
what’s happening to her because of the conflict this area we find that it’s not true he was on our website called let’s get real which is very clever
clever they always thinkin and so that all the
something sort of a rally for let’s get real it turns out was there really is an
evil as and it’s certainly not read at yet so i had the person who actually
runs let’s get real is approved by a man by the name of bill grabber and and he belonged to under just before
unit terrible mistake handy blood and apollo brooks right and you know people are questioning his
website that i can is less than a real really a outlets
receiver mhm penang you know if you win on a new way
to like provide this fake i_d_ and apollo products in you know he even had an when people
would call the number he would pretend like colin this is the father of paula
brooks but in reality it was then film grabber let’s say like all i got a
disease as illustrated book time problems on my bonus mind and wall
street army right and they’re like that that is obviously i have it in the fall
brook’s dad basis so it wasn’t and you know was there here but it turns out it sent so i want to thank you she wasn’t quite that providers and
there was a good block yet you have a mass at the u_s_ lives we love it right part of for lesbian community were all
about that in mind on many different levels but why why why would you do it i don’t
know parallel and really at on the stand what’s going on behind it he claims that
he has uh… a lesbian couple that he’s really good friends with and he solved
the discrimination they went through so he wanted to create this plot to kinda
get the word out but you know do you know i a male straight
male activist who is in favor of the gay community new blog about that but you genuine and sincere but really are now i’m gone he got off on yeah i hate to do it i hate to do it in
this email was a good long in somebody’s gonna head over to somebody else to run that’s a good thing et cetera but that
you’ve string beans don’t run blogs preventing the lesbian women alas you know is that we can pick you
know what i’m saying you know if there’s there’s something up
and and these two started talking to each other to stray cat eyes will
pretend to be lesbians and then they start on a lot of other right ami that but that’s the right there
that’s the internet okay stereotypes the cake it’s not who you
think it’s going to whoever you are going on in that in that first is uh… is unlike some random all dude
in ohio whose pretending to be whatever it is
right but what’s my favorite is that they’re both protect like the one of the together that would
be that would be like that and let me check in does the can they you know why i believe there are no
lesbians on that site agreements all treatment doing beautifully

91 thoughts on “Lesbian Blogger Hoax(es)

  1. Lez get real is owned by Bill Grabher? This is getting ridiculous. Nobody tried to use a domain search to see who owns the damn thing?

  2. No no. Cenk is right.

    That guy got off on it. Nothing fancy; he just enjoyed reading about other girl's "REAL" thoughts on eating pussy.

    And for the record: Pussy is nice and tangy. It's amazing.

  3. Wrong again, Cenk. It's all very well to say that straight men can be activists for gay rights (and they obviously can) but consider this: how many times has Michael Moore been accused of hypocrisy because he is rich and yet he has the audacity to speak out about improving the lives of the poor in America? People are suspicious when you care about something that doesn't directly affect you. Look at your reaction to these guys; you concluded that they just wanted hot lesbian action.

  4. Nobody on the internet is who they say they are? But I'm on the internet right now… so I'm not me? Then who the hell am I?! Oh god… sense of self imploding… identity dissolving… sanity collapsing… sdgfkjshdfhkshdfkd

  5. @xTheDynastQueenx where's that from? LOL. I remember hearing that before. Was it from Family Guy or American Dad?

  6. "I believe there are no lesbians on that site. I believe its all straight men pretending to be lesbians!" -Cenk


  7. I dunno… rather than suspect the worst, I'd like to think he *was* doing it for an activist purpose. If you portray yourself as a straight male activist for lesbianism, I reckon people are much more likely to see you as a guy who just wants to get off on lesbianism, which would be a bit setback in terms of the credibility department. Rather than going to all the effort of proving your sincerity and overcoming that stigma… might just be easier to pretend to be a lesbian yourself =P

  8. @ForcedAllegiance Indeed. Nobody would read that blog, of course.

    A better question might be why wasn't his blog called Gay GUY in Damascus? My answer would be that women generally make more sympathetic figures. Either that or he was hoping to capitalize on the many, many, many Google searches involving the word "lesbian".

  9. He pretended to be a lesbian because no one would have paid attention if he was just another guy.

    What's important is that he was doing it for a good cause and I highly doubt that he'd get off on it.

  10. the lesbian blogger that they mentioned to do with demaskus. Was really a scottish guy who was using a london womans picture. She says she is now going to sue him

  11. I don't think he got off on it sexually, but thats not say he didn't get a kick out of it. It's like guys on MMOs who play as woman. They get a kick out of pretending to be women, not because they want to be woman, but they like the sense of power they get from deceiving others. It's not necessarily malicious.

  12. @Riselikethetide Maybe that's why they did it. They don't know what LGBT people go through, but they wanted to speak out so they pretended they were lesbians, to sort of increase their credibility. In which case i think they just made an unfortunate decision with good intentions.

  13. Does anyone see good in this?
    Guys helping the lesbian/bisexual community in particular.
    OH S***T, they want to see girls kissing.

  14. @superhatermagnet If white people are discriminated against knock yourself, but since you're characterizing it as "the 'woe is me' angle" I bet you'll be the sought that'll cry and complain whether or not whites are discriminated against. You seem to have that disdain for speaking out against discrimination that goes hand in hand with hypocrisy.

  15. @Riselikethetide "They probs want fame/book deal"

    That's not obvious at all, it's speculation, there's nothing to suggest it was finicially motivated.

    "step aside butch, i'll show you how it's done'.

    Right, white western men are just screaming to do the work of the LGBT for them.

    "Give them a voice, don't steal the mic from them."

    It's not like there's only room for two lesbian eastern bloggers and these guys stole it. I'm not defending the deceit, but i think the intentions were pure.

  16. I don't understand this straight male obsession with lesbians; shit, even I'm obsessed!

    It's certainly not sexual, but I am interested in lesbian sexuality. And "lesbian culture" if there is such a thing. It's weird; maybe its because some heterosexual men see lesbians as expressing an alternate version of male sexuality, which is at the same time feminine.

  17. @ForcedAllegiance I'm still not convinced. Given that it can't have been that obvious from the blog itself that he was a pervy wanker or he would have been discovered long before now, at the end of the day it comes down to Cenk's word against his. In this case, I think Cenk is projecting on to the guy. At the end of the day, the only reason the blog got any attention is because of the dire situation in Syria.

  18. Watch the movie Catfish to give you an idea what the anonymity of the internet produces. I won't tell you how it ends, but let's just say, you never really know who you are talking to on the internet, even if pictures are provided.

  19. Well I am a lesbian transsexual so the 1st thing that came to mind was these guys may have some more soul searching to do 😉

  20. Of course who would better know the suffering of lesbians then a middle age white guy. Makes perfect scene to me. Next can we here from a 80 year old house wife on the suffering of the teen gay community.

  21. This is a stupid attempt to get liberals and socialists (in Europe) on board to bombing Syria. It is a slight of hand to distract from the fact the Syrian opposition is full of Islamis and Taliban types who libs won't support. Much like the Libyan opposition. Now Al Qaeda and Islamis are the good guys. Liberal war with Al Qaeda, how postmodern.

  22. @TheNarfhead rule 1, addendum: there are women on the internet, its just that vast majority of them are in porn…

  23. ive been impersonating a contentious asshole on the internet for years. but actually im a pretty nice guy.

    we have a support group. its called youtube comments section.

  24. omigosh! pple have the right to say anything on the interwebs?? :O and some of what is said may not be true?? holy shitforbrains Batman!

  25. On the other hand, it seems like a lot of girls are pretending to be guys online… On some sites it's just easier to pretend to be a guy so you get accepted easier and don't get all the guys hitting on you. xD;

  26. there was a joke video about something similar years ago, it was 2 guys IMing eachother as lezzies and it just showed there faces and what they were typing

  27. All these guys pretending to be girls in video games. It was bound to spread to rest of the internet. 18 year old girl = 45 year old creepy old guy

  28. Damn skippy, am a hot blond from mars….i have the body of kim kardashia and the face of agelina jolie-pitt….am also a father of 4 😀
    trust and believe everything i say, i will never lie to you, cus even when i lie, i tell the truth 😉

  29. @EdgarD8387 When i read your response, i came to the conslusion that there's a bridge you're supposed to be occupying. Go crawl back under it troll.


  31. Well said and true "jordanbutler75". lol Lots of phony creeps out there, and if they say "bi girl" they're almost DEFINITELY some old dude.

  32. LMAO "And ya know what? I believe there are no lesbians on that site! I believe they are all straight men pretending to be lesbians!"

  33. He might've gotten off on it but he might've just really took an interest in the issue. Yeah, a straight man can complain online about the stigma lesbians face but context matters and a spokesperson matters. If making up a character was what he felt like doing to draw attention to this issue… there are worse things he could have done. There are people pretending to be someone else on the internet doing much worse things on the internet, and some of them also do it for political reasons.

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